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GCSE Course Guide

You have now probably reached the first decision-making point in your education. For the next two years you are going to study a number of subjects that will lead to qualifications known as (International) General Certificate of Secondary Education – (I)GCSE.

Firstly, there are subjects that you have to study. These are:

English Language
Science (Double Award or 2 GCSEs)
Physical Education (non-examinable)

This will give you five 5 (I)GCSEs. A number of students also take English Literature as well as English Language. This is not decided until Form 11.

An additional three subjects will be taken from the list below. These are called “Options”.

Business Studies
Computer Studies
Physical Education
Science (Triple Option)

Course Change Requests
Early in Form 10 and up to 4 weeks, you may wish to change courses. The procedure to do this is as follows:

  • Speak to your tutor about your desire to change a course
  • Speak to your parents
  • Speak to the subject co-ordinators of:

  1. the subject you want to change from, and
  2. the subject you want to put in it’s place

The final decision will be made by the Headmaster in consultation with the staff mentioned above. No student is allowed to change courses without following this procedure.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

In September 2016, you will start your new courses. We hope you enjoy them and that after two years you will have worked hard enough to obtain a “string” of top grades.