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Art plays an integral part in the academic programme at Mougins School. The Art Department at Mougins School is passionate about providing young people with an Art education that enables them to appreciate and understand the power and impact Art has on society and culture. Not only do we deliver projects in the classroom that build students’ technical skills but also their creative and critical thinking. We believe Art should not only be about aesthetic quality but a platform for communicating ideas to do with personal, cultural and political issues.

Your child will build confidence in observational drawing through a range of drawing techniques and will explore, play and experiment with a range of two dimensional and three dimensional media.

They will learn to understand what formal elements are and how they can be used and to what effect. Students will respond to themes, artists, designers and crafts makers that will develop their conceptual and contextual understanding. At GCSE our students study Edexcel Fine Art and at A-Level have the opportunity to carry on with Edexcel Art, Craft and Design.

On a visit to the school you will discover students’ artwork displayed throughout the school and can judge for yourself the creativity and strength of our students’ work!
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You can see more @artmisskench

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Momentum statue by Michael Speller which dominates the campus of Mougins School.
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Hanging Coat by Prof. Gabriele Henkel – originally in the lobby of the Hotel Rafael in Munich before being donated to Mougins School.
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