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Tous au Jardin

On Friday 24th March Mougins School was represented at the Ecoparc in Mougins during the Floral Art exhibition called "Tous au Jardin".

This exceptional demonstration of floral creations, mini gardens and presentation of tables dressed for a meal using only natural elements, was organised by the Association líArt Floral de Mougins. As part of their ongoing work regarding re-cycling/upcycling, students made beautiful bird houses out of recuperated material.

The School will also have a stand at the Fête Eden, organised by the municipality of Mougins, which takes place at the Etang de Fontmerle on Saturday 20th May.

Tous au Jardin

Mougins School Thank you


Dear Sue

Please will you thank everyone for choosing Kenyan Kids and its Familia project to be the beneficiaries of your Red Nose Day event held at the end of March.

When we started this project two years ago, none of our ten young girls were in school and our aim then, as it is now, was to return them to school, keep them safe and provide them with a nurturing and caring environment.

As you can imagine, it is a challenging job to raise sufficient funds to ensure they have a roof over their head, there is enough food on the table, they have clothing, their medication needs are met plus their school fees are paid. I am stunned each time I remember - there is no free education (nor free health care) in Kenya!

Without the generosity of your donation, life for sure, could be taking a significantly different path for these ten ‘ex street’ girls. Such a significant donation helps them to stay in school providing each of them with a safe and secure ‘family’ environment to return to each evening. What must it be like for those girls to have been given their childhood back!

Our vision over this coming year is to find individual sponsors for each of these girls, not only financial sponsorship but to show them that people are willing to invest emotionally in helping them build their future lives.
I would love to visit Mougins again and give you a further update on exactly how your donation is working!

With warm thanks.

Julie Hellon
President and Founder


Red Nose Day - UPDATE

Red Nose Day

*** UPDATE ***

As a result of the sale of Red Noses to enthusiastic students we were able to send 1,200 euros to support Red Nose Day and 1,500 euros to the Kenyankids Association, which was raised by a very successful Cake Sale and the raffle of a beautiful cake, representing both Red Noses and the Kenyankids.

*** UPDATE ***

On 24th March students and staff of Mougins School will, once again, be supporting Comic Relief, by participating in Red Nose Day.

The campus will be awash with audacious hair styles, red outfits and, of course, this year's example of Red Noses. Together with the sale of the Noses, money will be raised with tasty bake sales, sponsored aerobics and other activities.

Enthusiastic participation always culminates in a very healthy donation to alleviate childhood suffering around the world.

Kenyan Kids

Having changed the design of their sports tee shirts, and as a heart-warming example of positive upcycling, Mougins School recently sent the remainder of their stock of original tee shirts to the Association Kenyankids which supports vulnerable girls, providing a safe home, school fees, clothing and food.

“Sue, here are my girls in some of the Mougins tee shirts - they loved them - even carro my house mum.”

Recycling and the Environment

Mougins School students will be attempting to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the longest chain to be made out of Nespresso capsules. As part of their work on recycling and the environment, the French department have been consuming vast quantities of coffee in order to collect a sufficient number of capsules to create the snake. These capsules are then emptied of coffee by a number of enthusiastic students and the coffee is used to fertilize the vegetable plot at school. Results of this challenge will follow.