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Charity begins at School

The inauguration performance of ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ which was presented in the Performing Arts Hall of Mougins School on 25th September raised 2,950€
for educatingcambodia. This is one of the charities which the School is supporting this year, helping to bring education to children who are now being given the possibility of a future. On Friday 17th October students in the Primary School organised a pyjama day at School and raised a further 801.00€ and the School will continue with its efforts to improve conditions for the 1,080 children now being educated in the three schools which have been built in Pré Vang.

The School has also raised 1,000€ this month towards research into a cure for cystic fibrosis, an illness which has touched the child of one of our families.

There are many ways of bringing joy to those less fortunate than ourselves, including the elderly. Our Primary Choir brought a smile to the faces of the residents of the local senior citizen home, when they visited during the Harvest Festival in order to give a mini concert. At the same time our parents donated a wonderful selection of food which was given to a senior citizen home, run by nuns for people with no financial means of support.

At Christmas time we will be taking gifts to children who have to spend the festive season in the children’s hospital in Nice.

We consider that awareness of those less privileged than ourselves is an important part of our education and it is a lesson to which our students respond with enthusiasm and generosity.