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Budding novelists find their voice

It all began in November 2014 when students in Forms 6a and 6b were informed that they were going to be writing an extended story. Discussions began about genre, story structure etc. but finished with a simple idea put forward by the students themselves. Why not each write their own story and create a book. Having explained that this would take quite some time and involve a lot of work, which they would need to do in their own time, twelve children decided that they would like to achieve this goal

A main storyline was chosen and each child was given the freedom to write their own story, developing the storyline at the same time. The book is now being published and will be on sale to parents. It can be difficult for children to sustain a project, but they have worked with boundless enthusiasm, commitment and passion and their dedication and real enjoyment of this project has been admirable.

We all look forward to enjoying a story involving an Island, the creatures living on it and an evil character who changes them into Cyphers to become his minions – great holiday reading!