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Red Nose Day - UPDATE

Red Nose Day

*** UPDATE ***

As a result of the sale of Red Noses to enthusiastic students we were able to send 1,200 euros to support Red Nose Day and 1,500 euros to the Kenyankids Association, which was raised by a very successful Cake Sale and the raffle of a beautiful cake, representing both Red Noses and the Kenyankids.

*** UPDATE ***

On 24th March students and staff of Mougins School will, once again, be supporting Comic Relief, by participating in Red Nose Day.

The campus will be awash with audacious hair styles, red outfits and, of course, this year's example of Red Noses. Together with the sale of the Noses, money will be raised with tasty bake sales, sponsored aerobics and other activities.

Enthusiastic participation always culminates in a very healthy donation to alleviate childhood suffering around the world.