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Dear Sue,

I have very moist eyes ... Deep breathe, So much to say other than - WOW -

Heres some of the things for your students, your staff and The Students Council to know.
Before we started and we built Antibes School just a very few years ago the children had Zero prospects except at best drudgery and at worst being trafficked - and trafficked was what happened to any and all our girls who tried to leave the villages to find an income.
Since we have been running our three schools with 540 girls and 540 boys, that is six years with roughly 2000 children over the period, we have not lost one girl or one boy.
This is a brand new photo I took earlier this week:

This is Tian, he is eight years old. This is in your school this week - Antibes School, Prey t'Baing Village, Kamchay Mear, Prey Veng Cambodia. This boy can now read and write in his own language and he wants a job one day to take care of his family.
Thank you so much to all the Students, all the Staff and to The Students Council.
Every cent will be spent within the Antibes School. We need text books - that means for for subjects - Maths, Khmer (their language), Science and a mix of History, Geography news (General studies really)... so four text books per pupil and different for each grade. Fortunately I can buy bound copies of their text books for US$1 each - yes one dollar -. Probably about 500E on text books and 500E on excercise books and pens. As soon as I know, I will tell you and I can photographh the purchases and receipts.
Here right now it is 37C with 90% humidity and no electricity but this is a wonderful day.

Thankyou from all your children and their families. John.