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Form 13 Spanish Trip

From 21st to 24th November a group of nine Form 13 students will be going to Barcelona with their teacher, Carmen. This visit is organised in conjunction with the A-Level examination based on research and the six areas being studied are: culture, environment, politics, social problems, traditions and economy.

During the trip students will be visiting a water treatment plant, attending conferences on tourism in Barcelona and other conferences relating to the six subjects. The students will also be having a cookery lesson with a Spanish chef concentrating on Mediterranean food, a subject pertaining to both traditions and culture. Naturally, the students will also be able to admire the architecture of Gaudi and visit the Sagrada Familia, as well as shop at the wonderful food market by Las Ramblas.

This trip has been organised for several years and is always very popular with students and reinforces the work they do in the classroom and helps to achieve excellent results.