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Harvest Festival

On Friday 13th October Mougins School celebrates the Harvest Festival. This year a group of students from Forms 4, 5 and 6 will be visiting the Residence Victoria Emera in Mouans Sartoux, a residential home for senior citizens, where they will be performing a number of songs to entertain the residents. This is the second year that such a visit has been organised. Previously, for over twenty years, students have visited the Foyer de Font de l’Orme in Mougins. This connection between senior citizens and young students is always beneficial to all concerned, and the children who may not have grandparents in this country thoroughly enjoy connecting with the residents. (La jeunesse à la rencontre de la sagesse).

During the School Assembly parents are able to enjoy some Harvest Festival songs and will be able to see the collection of food which they have provided for Les Petites Soeur des Pauvres who run a charitable home in Nice for elderly people with no funds. This is an annual collection and a welcome addition to the menu for the residents in Nice.