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Science Trip to CERN

On 19th November  a small group of students  from Form 13 at Mougins School, with their Physics teacher, were guests of CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland. Thanks to an ex-parent, the group were given privileged access to the site. They were introduced to the Large Hadron Collider Control Centre, the exact place where the beams of particles are monitored. They visited the building where the LHC magnets are assembled and tested and were then taken to the DATA Centre and given a talk by a Computer scientist. Finally they visited the ATLAS experiment which is where the collision of particles occurs. I think the words of one of the students sum up the visit perfectly: “Special thanks to Fofi for showing us around, giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you Paola for gathering these talented  speakers for us. It truly fed my interest in Physics.”