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Sophia Games 2015

Each year Mougins School participates in the Sophia Games which is organised for both Companies and Schools based in Sophia Antipolis.
Over 300 business companies and about 10 schools/universities participate in a month long competition which incorporates a vast selection of sporting activities.
This year Mougins School gained 2nd Place in the Challenge Ecoles 2015 and also in the Challenge Entreprises 2015. The results were impressive with two of our staff members gaining 1st place – out of 506 participants - (Lois Downes) and 3rd place – out of 1867 participants - (Jérome Hebant) and our students matching this result – out of 225 participants - with 1st place (Robert Mueller), 3rd place (Artemiy Bulgakov), 4th place (Hugo Malien) and 5th place (Nikita Jesaibagjans and, amongst the girls – out of 69 participants - 2nd place (Darja Berga), 3rd place (Laerke Rasmussen) and 4th place (Anastasia Vladimirova). Many other members of both students and staff also had excellent results, too many to mention here but our congratulations to all of them.

The organisers of the Sophia Games will be present at the Graduation Ceremony at School on Friday 3rd July in order to present two trophies 2nd place Challenge Ecoles and 2nd place Challenge Entreprises.