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Madame Gentil and Students

Once again the students of Mougins School responded to the spirit of giving at Christmas. Primary School students brought in brand new toys which were then transported to the Children's Hospital of Lenval in Nice where they will bring cheer to those who will be unable to go home for the festive season. This was done in collaboration with a wonderful octagenarian who works throughout the year to help those in need. Madame Genti,l (aptly named), came into School in order to thank students and their parents for their generosity and thoughtfulness. Students and staff alike were touched by the warmth of Madame Gentil's words and the School will contnue to encourage its pupils to be thoughtful towards those less fortunate than themselves.

International Schools Speech Competition

On Thursday 5th December five international schools on the Côte d’Azur participated in the International Schools Speech Competition which was hosted by EBICA School this year. Mougins School were the hosts last year and our students gained 1st and 2nd place. This year the two students who were selected were Sarah Heiberg (Form 7a), and David Hallett (Form 9b), having won the elimination stages of the School’s internal speech competition. Having presented their first speeches, along with the other eight participating students, Sarah was selected to present her second speech which was a thought-provoking discourse on the taking down of the Berlin Wall. Her presentation and the quality of her speech won her a well-deserved 1st prize and we congratulate both our students for their hard work.

Festive Season

During the festive season at Mougins School we try to encourage our students to think of those less privileged than themselves. Instead of giving out gifts to Primary School children, we ask if they can bring a gift for a sick child in hospital during this time of celebration. All the gifts will go to children with severe illnesses, in the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice. The response to this request was very gratifying last year and we hope that, this year, even more children will show that they care.

Winter Concert

The annual Winter Concert will be performed on 16th and 17th December and showcases the extraordinary musical talent of our students. This is a heart-warming celebration and the mulled wine offered by the Parent Teacher Association makes it even warmer.

Whole School Bake Sale

In response to the natural disaster in the Philippines, students, staff and parents, with the support of the Parent Teacher Association, will be co-ordinating their efforts to raise money to help the victims whose lives have been devastated by the passage of the typhoon. Discussion is taking place as to the various ways in which money can be raised, but an immediate response from the students has been to organise a whole School bake sale on Friday 15th November. Also on Friday senior students from the Student Council will be in the car park before and after School in order to solicit cash donations and a collection box has been placed in the School Office.

Form 13 Art Trip

From 29th November to 1st December Ms Jane Hart will be accompanying Form 13 A-Level students to London for a condensed weekend of Gallery visits and artistic discoveries. On Friday they will be going to the National Gallery where they will see The Portrait in Vienna Exhibition. On Saturday there will be visits to Tate Britain and the Tate Modern and on Sunday they will terminate the trip with a visit to the National Portrait Gallery and, if there is time, the Courtauld Institute to see the Durer Drawings Exhibition.

Form 13 Spanish Trip

From 21st to 24th November a group of nine Form 13 students will be going to Barcelona with their teacher, Carmen. This visit is organised in conjunction with the A-Level examination based on research and the six areas being studied are: culture, environment, politics, social problems, traditions and economy.

During the trip students will be visiting a water treatment plant, attending conferences on tourism in Barcelona and other conferences relating to the six subjects. The students will also be having a cookery lesson with a Spanish chef concentrating on Mediterranean food, a subject pertaining to both traditions and culture. Naturally, the students will also be able to admire the architecture of Gaudi and visit the Sagrada Familia, as well as shop at the wonderful food market by Las Ramblas.

This trip has been organised for several years and is always very popular with students and reinforces the work they do in the classroom and helps to achieve excellent results.

Harvest Festival Assembly

On Friday 11th October the Primary classes of Mougins School will be celebrating the Harvest Festival with a special Assembly to which parents are invited.

For over twenty years members of the Choir from Forms 4,5 and 6 will be going to the local senior citizens’ home (Foyer du Font de l’Orme) in order to entertain them with a number of songs at lunchtime. They will take with them a selection of fresh fruit and flowers, kindly donated by our parents.

The School will also be delivering a generous amount of dried goods (pasta, rice, tinned fruit and vegetables and biscuits etc.) to les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice. This charitable institution, run by nuns, cares for elderly people who have no means of looking after themselves.

Thanks to our parents, we are able to bring some extra treats to these worthy recipients and this has been much appreciated by the nuns and their residents over the years.

Secondary School Parents Evening

The following Parents’ Evenings will take place, this term, for students in Forms 7 – 13:

Thursday 10th October - Form 11
Monday 14th October - Forms 9 & 13
Thursday 7th November - Forms 8 & 12
Tuesday 12th November - Forms 7 & 10

All Parents’ Evenings take place between 18h00 and 21h00 and are held in the Examination Room and adjacent classrooms, upstairs in the Rosanna Building.

Parents will receive a letter and an appointment sign-up form prior to each Parents’ Evening, where they are asked to indicate which teachers they would like to see. It is not obligatory to see all teachers.

Parents’ Evenings are an opportunity to meet your children’s teachers and to discuss pupil progress. All parents are encouraged to attend.

Back to School

New students and old have settled into the academic programme of 2013/2014 with alacrity and friendships are being forged both in the classroom and in the various recreational areas of the School. In the Côte d’Azur sunshine, many of the senior students can be seen studying quietly in the campus gardens when they do not have classroom activities. During recreation they also enjoy exercising their mental faculties with the giant chess set outside the Science building or, for the more athletic, practising table tennis on the two new concrete tables installed on the campus.

Forty students in Form 7, the first year of Secondary School, passed their swimming test in anticipation of their residential stay on the Ile St Marguerite, in the bay of Cannes, from 23rd to 27th September. This is an annual event which permits students to discover their affinities and form lifelong friendships. The students stay in the Fort Royal, in which the so-called Man in The Iron Mask was held in the 17th century. Pupils will discover the Museum of the Sea and participate in a number of water sport activities. This experience has always proved to be a rich and rewarding one for both students and staff who participate.

This term sees the School putting the finishing touches to the new Science building, with its four Laboratories and second Computer Room, as well as the completion of work in the Performing Arts Hall. This building is now devoted to Music and Theatre and will enable the School to continue to produce first class theatrical performances and enchanting concerts.

The latest information regarding examination results and university destinations of our 2013 graduates will shortly be on line

The School calendar will allow you to keep your agenda up to date with holiday dates and information regarding school trips, meetings, sporting events, PTA dates and all information pertinent to your child’s life in the School.

End of year information 2013

Thirty two students graduate from Mougins School this year in order to follow higher education. They represent 11 of the 41 nationalities at the School which has 520 students. Seventy per cent of the students will be going to British universities, the others to the Netherlands, Canada and France.

September 2103 will see the end of the building programme and the opening of the new Science Building which provides four Laboratories, a second Computer Suite and an extra classroom.

Despite the economic crisis, Mougins School faces the future with serenity. A British education is highly sought after in this region, both by foreigners who choose to live and work here, as well as French families who are not only looking for an education of high academic quality, but also the possibility to follow studies in music, art, theatre and sport.

This year we are celebrating not only the success of our students, but also long and faithful employment of three of our teachers; Mr Bill Griffin, History teacher for twenty years, Mrs Alice Miller, Early Learning Years teacher for twenty years and Ms Jane Hart, Art Teacher for thirty years and Deputy Head since 2003. Jane Hart commenced her career in the School in the building situated at St Basile in Mougins and is a devoted member of the staff. She is much appreciated by all those students who have studied art with her over the years and her Art Studios are full of joy and rich exchanges between teacher and students, a speciality of the School. We salute the careers of three members of staff who have brought so much to the School.

Other than the academic work of our students, they participate in a number of charity fund-raising challenges during the year. They recently had a ‘bowl of rice’ day where they experienced a typical Indian meal and the difference between the cost of a bowl of rice and an ordinary meal allowed us to send 600€ to the Pandrata Circle Association in Gokarna in India. This is to be used to build shelves, using local artisanal skills, for the 150 kilos of text books we have already sent to Pandrata to help with the teaching of English. Students in the Primary School also created ‘flash cards’ for the same purpose. Over the year the School has raised 4,270€ which included donations to Sidaction and the Cancer Centre for Children at l’Archet 2 in Nice.

The caring family atmosphere of the School is well reflected in its actions and an international environment and high standard of education help to form well-rounded young adults able to deal with the demands of an ever-changing world.