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Christmas for the children of the Hospital Lenval

Friday 12th December was the day that Christmas commenced for Mougins School but, rather than receiving gifts, this was a time of giving. Students in the Primary School have been bringing in new toys to be taken to the Hospital Lenval for Children in Nice, where they bring joy to those who are less fortunate and will be in hospital during the festive season. Assembled together in order to hand over the gifts to Madame Gentil, the incredible octogenarian with whom the School has collaborated for many years, the students heard Madame Gentil remind them how privileged they are and also thanked them for their generosity. As many of our students live far from their families and often have little contact with their grandparents, this was a particularly precious moment reconciling two generations, particularly when the children spontaneously sang a Christmas song in French and brought tears to Madame Gentil’s eyes. The previous day Mougins School gave a car load of clothes to La Chaine de l’Espoir, an Association which provides clothes for children from Africe who come to France in order to receive vital medical treatment and arrive with little more than the summer clothes they are wearing.

As a final gesture of giving, the Headmaster of the School has taken on the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ in order to raise money for the ‘Children’s Cancer Unit’ at the Hospital Archet in Nice.

International Schools’ Speech Competition

For the third consecutive year a student from Mougins School has come first in the International Schools’ Speech Competition held at the International School of Nice on Wednesday 10th December. Five schools competed with two students from each school. The subject of the first speech was ‘How to make the world a better place by the end of the 21st century’. The students’ speeches showed a profound awareness of the challenges facing all of us if we wish to construct a healthier and safer world for their future. After this elimination stage, four students remained, two of whom were from Mougins School. These participants presented a speech on ‘Technology’, once again showing a surprising awareness, not only of the advantages, but also the pitfalls of the technical world in which we live. Our congratulations to both Alexia Netcu and Zara Blakey for reaching the final stage and, particularly to Zara who came first in the Competition.


Ice Bucket Challenge

On Wednesday 17th December at 12h45, the Headmaster of Mougins School, Brian Hickmore, will be submitting himself to the ‘ice bucket challenge’ in order to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Unit at the Archet Hospital in Nice. All students and staff will be invited to watch their Headmaster undergo the indignity of being doused in ice for an excellent cause. There will be a minimum charge of 1€ entry and it is hoped that this event will raise several hundred euros.

First Aid with the Red Cross

On Friday 5th December nine students from Forms 12 and 13 and twelve teaching staff were presented with their ‘Prevention et Secours Civiques de Niveau 1’ diplomas from the Red Cross. This initiative is organised annually by the School nurse in order to initiate students and staff into the basic elements of first aid.
The diplomas were presented by the Vice President in charge of formation from the Red Cross (Croix Rouge).

Educating Cambodia

John Mann, founder of educatingcambodia with students from Mougins School

Charity begins at School

The inauguration performance of ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ which was presented in the Performing Arts Hall of Mougins School on 25th September raised 2,950€
for educatingcambodia. This is one of the charities which the School is supporting this year, helping to bring education to children who are now being given the possibility of a future. On Friday 17th October students in the Primary School organised a pyjama day at School and raised a further 801.00€ and the School will continue with its efforts to improve conditions for the 1,080 children now being educated in the three schools which have been built in Pré Vang.

The School has also raised 1,000€ this month towards research into a cure for cystic fibrosis, an illness which has touched the child of one of our families.

There are many ways of bringing joy to those less fortunate than ourselves, including the elderly. Our Primary Choir brought a smile to the faces of the residents of the local senior citizen home, when they visited during the Harvest Festival in order to give a mini concert. At the same time our parents donated a wonderful selection of food which was given to a senior citizen home, run by nuns for people with no financial means of support.

At Christmas time we will be taking gifts to children who have to spend the festive season in the children’s hospital in Nice.

We consider that awareness of those less privileged than ourselves is an important part of our education and it is a lesson to which our students respond with enthusiasm and generosity.

Graduates 2014

At the start of a new school year, we wish our thirty seven graduates from 2014 success in all they undertake, whether going straight on to further eduation in some of the world's prestigious universities, or taking a gap year in order to participate in personal challenges or charitable endeavours, or entering the business world directly.

We also welcome all our new students who join us on Friday 5th August at 14h30 in order to meet their teachers, acquire the necessary school material and familiarise themselves with their classrooms. This helps with the easy integration of our students when School commences on Monday 8th August.

Mougins School continues to give its support to life changing charities, in particular 'educatingcambodia'. Fund raising will commence on 25th September with a professional performance of 'The Picture of Dorian Grey' which will be open to the public and performed in the Performing Arts Hall, inaugurating the transformations carried out in this venue. The event is part of our ongoing celebration of 50 years dispensing international education to over forty nationalities. (Further information will be available in September). John Mann, the founder of 'educatingcambodia' will be visiting the School to talk to students about the inspiring work he and many others have undertaken in order to bring education to children who had little future and will now be able to enter the workplace.

Special Charity Performance

Mougins School organises a Special Charity Performance for Educating Cambodia

On Thursday 25th September at 19h30 Wonderland Productions in association with Bewley’s Café Theatre present ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ by Oscar Wilde. This theatrical adaptation of Wilde’s classic novel has played to great acclaim throughout Ireland, had two very successful performances in La Timonerie last November and now returns to the Riviera for a special one-off charity show at Mougins School.

‘An exquisite adaptation’ – The Sunday Times

Mougins School has supported many local, national and international charities and, last year and this year, it is giving its support to Educating Cambodia. As part of our celebration of fifty years educating international students and an inauguration of the refurbishment of the Performing Arts Hall, Mougins School wishes to devote this evening to the raising of funds for With three buildings in which 1,080 children are now receiving an education, a clinic where medical assistance is now available and a Guest House being built, there is an ongoing need for funds and all the money raised by ticket sales will go directly to this cause. The actors and technicians supporting this event are doing so benevolently.

‘Flawlessly executed, commanding performances’ – The Dubliner

Please take this opportunity to support a wonderful cause, bringing education to those who are less privileged than ourselves and, at the same time, enjoy all the ingredients for a perfect evening of exquisite theatre.

Tickets 15€
Apply to:
Telephone: 04 93 61 01 71 or 06 63 63 19 01
If collecting tickets at School before the performance, please allow time to do so

Educating Cambodia

Dear Sue,

I have very moist eyes ... Deep breathe, So much to say other than - WOW -

Heres some of the things for your students, your staff and The Students Council to know.
Before we started and we built Antibes School just a very few years ago the children had Zero prospects except at best drudgery and at worst being trafficked - and trafficked was what happened to any and all our girls who tried to leave the villages to find an income.
Since we have been running our three schools with 540 girls and 540 boys, that is six years with roughly 2000 children over the period, we have not lost one girl or one boy.
This is a brand new photo I took earlier this week:

This is Tian, he is eight years old. This is in your school this week - Antibes School, Prey t'Baing Village, Kamchay Mear, Prey Veng Cambodia. This boy can now read and write in his own language and he wants a job one day to take care of his family.
Thank you so much to all the Students, all the Staff and to The Students Council.
Every cent will be spent within the Antibes School. We need text books - that means for for subjects - Maths, Khmer (their language), Science and a mix of History, Geography news (General studies really)... so four text books per pupil and different for each grade. Fortunately I can buy bound copies of their text books for US$1 each - yes one dollar -. Probably about 500E on text books and 500E on excercise books and pens. As soon as I know, I will tell you and I can photographh the purchases and receipts.
Here right now it is 37C with 90% humidity and no electricity but this is a wonderful day.

Thankyou from all your children and their families. John.

Educating Cambodia - Bowl of Rice

On Thursday 15th May, Mougins School will be organising a special lunch in their Café des Amis in support of a charity for which they are raising funds. Educatingcambodia is an Association which has now established three schools and a clinic and has more children in education (1,080) than any other in Cambodia.

The School’s fund-raising objective this month is to raise sufficient money to purchase school books and pens for 400 children and, in order to achieve this, students who eat at School will have only a bowl of rice, a yoghurt and fruit on Thursday.

The money saved on the normal three course meal will go directly to Further fund-raising activities are planned for the forthcoming school year.

Spring Concert

In celebration of fifty years of British education on the Cote d’Azur, Mougins School proudly presented a Spring Concert dedicated to music from 1964. Despite the fact that most of the performers were not even born at that time, they gave emotional and energetic performances which took the audience down memory lane. A standing ovation showed the audience’s appreciation of a highly professional concert which was testimony to the importance of Music in the School’s academic programme and a credit to both staff and students.

Perfect Pen Pals

Mougins SchoolHaddon Dene School

Form 2 has recently created a pen-pal system with a co-educational preparatory school in England. Haddon Dene School in Broadstairs, Kent was established in 1929 and takes students from 3 to 11 years of age and has a very similar philosophy to that of Mougins School. Eight hundred and eleven miles from Mougins, it is also near the sea but with very different surroundings from ours and it is these differences that the two sets of students will be studying, both physical and human. The first letters have already been exchanged and this exchange will cover many areas of education: literacy, writing, geography and cultural differences.

Supporting Education in Cambodia

heart photos from camera 013
Students, staff and parents at Mougins School regularly give their support to national and international charities. The School undertakes to develop a student awareness of the needs of those less privileged than themselves and, over the years, support has been given in many areas: the purchase of a Guide Dog for the Blind, aid to Haiti to rebuild a school, aid to the Philippines, support of Sidaction, Les Pièces Jaunes, children in hospital, Red Nose Day, books for India etc.

For the next two years one of our projects will be to support educating Cambodia, a project developed by a school teacher from Australia who has now made it his life’s work. Please take a look at the website as this will provide full information on the aspirations and achievements of this wonderful charity.

The project has commenced with the 212 students in Primary School sending cut outs of hearts, each with the child’s photo and a message, to the school children in Cambodia. They have also each enclosed a blank heart in order that their might be a return gesture. It is hoped that this will then create a ‘pen pal’ relationship between the children and let those in Cambodia know that children in Mougins are thinking of them.

In the Spring the School will organise ‘a bowl of rice’ day in the Café des Amis. The chef will prepare a lunch consisting of a bowl of rice with an accompanying sauce, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit, with an added protein for the younger children. All students will be encouraged to participate and the difference in the price paid and the cost of the meal will go directly to educatingcambodia.

Mougins School will also organise a theatrical evening open to the public in collaboration with Hilary (King) Lemaire who, for many years, directed the Red Pear Theatre in Antibes and now produces professional musical and theatrical evenings in her home raising money for the cause.

In 2015 our next Red Nose Day will be devoted to fund raising for educatingcambodia after the purchase of the Noses from Comic Relief.

A Mega Musical Production

Mougins School will be presenting three performances of SISTER ACT on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st Feburary. An annual winter musical/pantomime is showcased at Mougins School with the participation of students, staff and parents. Nearly forty performers will take to the stage with the support of technical staff, costume, make up and scenery. This will be the first major production to be shown in the recently refurbished Performing Arts Hall and part of the theatrical and musical celebrations of the School’s fifty year anniversary.

Fund Raising for the Philippines

Following a concerted effort by students, staff and parents, Mougins School has already raised 3,012€ for those people whose lives have been tragically affected by the recent disaster. A School Bake Sale organised by students, with the assistance of the Parent Teacher Organisation raised 1,862€, and generous donations from families at the School raised 1,150€. After careful selection, the School has chosen to donate this money to the local Philippine Association of the Riviera (VISAYAS).

On his return from the Philippines the President of the VISAYAS Association brought in a film telling the story of the distribution of food bought with the money raised by Mougins School. The film told a very touching story and the students were delighted to see exactly how the money had been used. The Association had subsequently been offered a container and transport to take food, clothes and school items to the Philippines, so Mougins School went into action once more and a collection was initiated. The response was heart-warming and a large delivery of the required goods was subsequently made to the Association.