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A Time for Giving


On 12th December the students in the Primary School welcomed the octogenarian, Madame Gentil, with whom we have collaborated for several years at this special time of year. Instead of giving our students a Christmas gift, we ask them if they would care to offer a gift to a child spending the festive season in hospital. The response is always heart-warming and Madame Gentil was able to take a car load of new presents to Lenval Hospital in Nice. This is also a convivial and emotional moment when the students take pleasure in singing a couple of welcoming songs to Madame Gentil who is now known by many of the children. A delightful moment where the wisdom of age meets the enthusiasm of youth and a much appreciated end of term gesture.

Mougins School T-Shirts

Mougins School has donated several bags of its old, unsold tee shirts to This gesture is much appreciated, not only by the children assisted by the Association but by others in the village, many of whom have never received a new article of clothing. This is re-cycling at its best!

Kenian girl

Singing to the Seniors


On Friday 21st October, as part of the Harvest Festival Celebration, members of the Primary School Choir will be entertaining senior residents of the Victoria Emera Home, run in conjunction with the Sunnybank Association, with a number of songs, both in French and English.

This practice was put in place over twenty years ago when students started to make an annual visit to the Senior Residentsí Home at the Font de líOrme. This year, it has been decided that a more multi- cultural exchange may help to create links with the Home.

The Harvest Festival also sees a collection of dried goods and other foodstuffs, donated by generous parents, which are delivered to the home run by Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice and which takes care of elderly citizens who are unable to be financially independent. Giving thanks for what we have and trying to bring comfort to those with less is a message that the School regularly communicates to its students.

Environment and Upcycling

Environment and Upcycling – Environnement et Recycl’Art

The French Department at Mougins School is organising a cross-curriculum project whose specific objectives will be: to communicate in French, to become aware of environmental issues, to identify materials that can be recycled and to understand the benefits of reusing and upcycling. The final objective for the whole School is to create a recycled object with Nespresso capsules during workshops with a French artist. Our aim is to create the longest snake ever made in upcycling and we hope to enter the Guinness Book of Records. (coffee extracted from the capsules will be used to fertilise the vegetable garden).

Forms 1 and 2 will be creating upcycled decorations for Christmas. Forms 3 and 4 will be making bird feeders and bird houses from plastic bottles and cork. Forms 5 and 6 will be involved in the management and supervision of ‘the Serpent’.

Recycling is turning what we normally throw away into something we can use again, either in its current form or as something else. Upcycling is taking something we normally recycle and transforming it into something more valuable. Upcycling is a fun way to become aware of the amount of waste by doing something practical.

Secondary School students will be learning about the effect plastics can have on the earth and sea. They will research about sea pollution and organise a display in the Library, identify materials that can be recycled and the benefits of reusing and upcycling and, eventually, create an upcycled object with a French artist.

From Form 10 and above there will be conferences and debates in French on water pollution and eating better for better health.

Start saving your Nespresso capsules now and send them in with your children in order that they can put them in the collection bin in the Office. Thank you.

Sophia Games

Once again Mougins School has participated in the Sophia Games. This is an annual event during which around 300 companies, based on the high-technology park of Sophia Antipolis, participate in a multitude of sports/games, including archery, football, badminton, swimming, bowling, shooting, ultimate Frisbee and orienteering.

Showing their usual enthusiasm and prowess, the Mougins School team of senior students and staff
won the overall Trophy for the third time running. This is an extraordinary feat in view of the fact that Amadeus, our major competitor who came second, has 4,000 employees. 

The icing on the cake was the fact that three of our staff came 1
st, 2nd and 3rd in the Women’s Team. To Lois Downes, Michelle Johnson and Jo McDonnell hearty congratulations for an extraordinary effort and  well done to all the team who carried off 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

Little Green Fingers


This is the time of the year when our thoughts turn to gardens and students in the Primary School are no exception. With the expert help of Spencer Byles, two beautiful circular frames made natural materials from the forest (stones and branches) have been installed and with the students' assistance, will be embellished with plants. Some bio vegetables will also find a home in the garden and, hopefully, inspire budding cooks. Throughout the year, students have raised money through various actions including a number of cake sales and these funds are being used to enhance the Primary Garden. Chelsea Flower Show next stop!

For more information and photos on the sculpture garden project check out the blog

School News

Mougins School is organising a Car Boot Sale on Saturday 21st May from 09h00 to 16h00 in the School Parking. Visitors welcome but please note that cars should be parked by the Gymnasium at the Font de l'Orme (a 5 minute walk). Any cars parked on the main road risk police intervention.

On 27th and 28th June at 20h00 Mougins School will be presenting their summer musical, "Sweeney Todd". Tickets will be available from the School Office from Monday 13th June.

Pièces Jaunes & Book Fair

Once again the students of Mougins School have been digging deep in their pockets for as many centimes as they could find in order to feed the Pièces Jaunes collection boxes in their classes. This is an annual national effort, organised by the Post Office, in order to collect money which helps to bring medical care to children in hospital. The superb result for the whole School was 88.439 kilos of coins.

On Thursday 17th March our librarian is organising a Book Fair. This gives our students, up to Form 8, the opportunity to purchase a variety of books and parents are welcome to peruse the selection at the end of the day. A British author, Richard Platt, will also be hosted by the School and he will be talking to students about his work and his books. He is a British author who has published nearly 100 books. Most are illustrated information books but he has also written children's stories and books for adults. In addition he has written TV scripts and appeared on TV and radio.

Celebrating French Day at Mougins School


On Friday 12th February Mougins School will be wearing the colours of the French flag for the celebration of ‘Une Journée Française’. Students will be dressing up as famous French personalities. There is an exhibition relating to the history of France in the Library prepared by students. At recreation croissants and pain au chocolat will be sold to students with the profits of the sale going to a charitable cause. A typical French meal will be served in the Café des Amis at lunchtime. Quizzes will be organised in a number of classes and, on a more sporting note, games of ‘pétanque’ will be organised with Form 10 and teaching staff. Vive la France!