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Sophia Games

Once again Mougins School participated in the annual Sophia Games, the sporting competition organised in Sophia Antipolis with the participation of five academic institutions and about one hundred and eighteen companies. Competitions range from darts to orienteering and Mougins School came first out of the schools.

Of one hundred and seventy two male candidates, our students came first, third, fourth, tenth and forty-ninth and female students were first, fifth, twenty-first and twenty second out of seventy-seven candidates.

In the adult category our female staff came first, fortieth and forty-first out of six hundred and twenty-nine candidates and, out of one thousand nine hundred and forty six male candidates, two staff members came first and forty fourth. Overall Mougins School came forty first.

Kenya Kids

Mougins School tee shirts are now being worn by all the girls who are supported by the Kenyakids Association, in turn supported by Mougins School.
How lovely to see recycling applied to a really worthwhile cause:

Kenyan Kids
“So many benefitted from a new tee shirt. It seems unreal to see so much of 'Mougins' here in the streets!!”
Jullie Hellon-Cupples (kenyakids)

Form 7 Cake Sale

On Monday 19th March students of French in Form 7 organised a sale of cakes with profits going to 'Un Enfant par la Main'. Working with this organisation, our students are raising money which will pay for an afternoon snack for school children in Madagascar.

They are also hoping to create an exchange of letters with the students and all communication will be in French. The sum raised on Monday was 240€.

French Day

On Friday 23rd February the French Department and Primary School students celebrated a 'French Day' highlighting all things French. Forms 4, 5 and 6 held French Assemblies in collaboration with the Music Department and, of course, cooking and games of 'pétanque' figured on the programme of the day.
In the Café des Amis staff and students enjoyed a mouth-watering provençal menu. The Art Department created a superb panel of Provençal figures permitting the students to create photos and provide a memorable souvenir of a 'journée à la française'

English Book Fair

On March 29th there will be an English Book Fair at Mougins School and Bookbox International will be visiting the School giving students the opportunity to purchase a wide range of books. Hundreds of books from leading children’s book publishers will be on display including top quality titles from Ladybird, Puffin, Dorling Kindersley, Kingfisher, Random House etc. Depending on the sales of the day the School will receive free books for the Library.

We will also be hosting a visiting author, Rob Lloyd Jones ( , who will run writing workshops for the Primary students in the morning and will give a presentation to students in Years 7 and 8 in the afternoon.

Finally, a bookmark competition will take place and a prize will be awarded to one student in every year.

Un Enfant par la Main

Continuing the action undertaken by students in advanced French in Form 7 in collaboration with ‘Un Enfant par la Main’, two members of the Association came into School on 30th January. Madame Meyrieux and Madame Capponi spoke to the students about their experiences as ‘godmothers’ to several of the street children in Madagascar and, more importantly, about the Homes for these children.

By organising a cake sale at the School, the students, led by their teacher, Madame Scott, raised 160€ which will enable four children in a Home to enjoy a nourishing snack each day for a year. The students are organising another sale on Monday 12th March in order to increase the number of children they can help.

The action is two-fold, to raise awareness of those less fortunate than our students, and to engage in an exchange of correspondence in French. An article concerning this action will appear in the March edition of the Sophia-mag.

The Magic of Alice in Wonderland

On 25th, 26th and 27th January the stage of the Performing Arts Hall was occupied by wonderful creatures from the magic world of Alice in Wonderland.

Our annual pantomime was a visually enchanting production with the imaginative and professional input of parents who created stunning costumes and scenery, and transformed students and teachers into unrecognisable characters with the application of superb make-up.

With a great deal of audience participation, upholding the tradition of the British pantomime, the three performances were a resounding success and a vehicle for our students to display their theatrical and musical talents.


Primary School Choir

On Tuesday 9th January members of the Primary School Choir returned to the Victoria Emera senior citizens' home in Mouans Sartoux to delight the residents with a post-festive mini concert, accompanied by Mrs Martin and Ms Dixon.


Here is an exert from a mail received at School after the event.

"Our resident centenarian Trixie asked me to write on behalf of all the anglo residents at Victoria, and thank you all so much for the wonderful mini concert yesterday. They thoroughly enjoyed it and every one of them commented on how much they loved having young people to watch and listen to".

Thank you to all who participated and we look forward to organising our next visit.