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Sophia Games

Once again Mougins School participated in the Sophia Games, an annual competition, held this year between 300 enterprises and 5 educational establishments on Sophia Antipolis. Among the results the following participants were particularly successful:

Female staff out of 650 participants
3rd Michelle Kimberley-Johnson
7th Josephine McDonnell
30th Annie Achilli

Male Staff out of 1,840 participants
37th Jerome Hebant
115th Jim Farrell
201st Marc Petrequin

Male students out of 143 participants
34th Skander Larfaoui

Female students out of 69 participants
5th Sofia Pimenova
11th Chiara Hoppner
14th Viviana Padrazzi

Overall Mougins School came 2nd out of the five educational establishments, just behind the University of the Côte d’Azur and 10th out of 300 enterprises.

Current News

On Friday 9th June Mougins School students saw the completion of their chain of Nespresso capsules with which they hope to enter the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. After months of fastidious work removing the coffee from the capsules, which was then used to fertilise the vegetable garden, the 2,167 capsules were formed into a chain of 6.77 metres and then counted by two independent witnesses and checked by a ‘surveyor’. Whilst this was happening, a number of animations concerning respect for our environment, recycling and upcycling were organised for Primary students under the watchful eye of Florence Paris, the French teacher behind this initiative. The witnesses’ report will be submitted and qualification into the Book of Records should follow – watch this space!

On Friday 23rd June Forms 4a and 4b had the privilege of participating in the Festival of Gastronomy held in Mougins Village. Students from several schools were invited to watch demonstrations by world-renowned chefs and sample their dishes. In the afternoon the students donned their chef’s hats and took part in the creation of a giant ‘domino’ cake which was included in the box of samples and they all happily clutched these gourmet delights on their return to School.

Thank you to the Senior Student Council for their gift of 110€ which has gone to Kenyakids and will be used to purchase a second dress for each girl, they only have one and this sometimes has to be worn damp after washing, which has led to some unpleasant chest infections. Your support of this Association throughout the year has truly changed lives.

The Primary Student Council have also been very active this year and their activities were reported in the April issue of the Newsletter (to be found on the School website). A big thank you to all students who participate in the Councils. Your contribution, not only to School life, but also to our charitable endeavours, is very important and appreciated by all those whose lives you improve.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an excellent summer break. To students who have graduated, may your paths to success be paved with memorable experiences and lifelong friendships. To those of you who move onto pastures new, relish all the wonderful opportunities change can bring and to those who come back to us in September, we look forward to your return and sharing precious moments with you.

Guinness Book of Records Challenge

On Friday 9th June Mougins School welcomed two witnesses and an evaluator for the serious task of counting the coffee capsules, collected by Primary students, emptied of coffee which was used to fertilise the vegetable garden and formed into a chain, in the hope of entering the Guinness Book of Records.

The final total was 2127 capsules (the present record is one thousand) and the chain measured 6.77 metres. The paperwork and film of the process have been submitted and we await the response. Whilst the counting took place numerous workshops were organised, with the assistance of some senior students, concerning recycling and respect for the environment.

A number of students made short presentations regarding our need to respect our planet, together with some thought-provoking poems they had written.

A hearty thank you to the French Department for their work throughout the year and the organisation of such a successful challenge.