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A Time for Giving


On 12th December the students in the Primary School welcomed the octogenarian, Madame Gentil, with whom we have collaborated for several years at this special time of year. Instead of giving our students a Christmas gift, we ask them if they would care to offer a gift to a child spending the festive season in hospital. The response is always heart-warming and Madame Gentil was able to take a car load of new presents to Lenval Hospital in Nice. This is also a convivial and emotional moment when the students take pleasure in singing a couple of welcoming songs to Madame Gentil who is now known by many of the children. A delightful moment where the wisdom of age meets the enthusiasm of youth and a much appreciated end of term gesture.

Mougins School T-Shirts

Mougins School has donated several bags of its old, unsold tee shirts to This gesture is much appreciated, not only by the children assisted by the Association but by others in the village, many of whom have never received a new article of clothing. This is re-cycling at its best!

Kenian girl

Singing to the Seniors


On Friday 21st October, as part of the Harvest Festival Celebration, members of the Primary School Choir will be entertaining senior residents of the Victoria Emera Home, run in conjunction with the Sunnybank Association, with a number of songs, both in French and English.

This practice was put in place over twenty years ago when students started to make an annual visit to the Senior Residentsí Home at the Font de líOrme. This year, it has been decided that a more multi- cultural exchange may help to create links with the Home.

The Harvest Festival also sees a collection of dried goods and other foodstuffs, donated by generous parents, which are delivered to the home run by Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice and which takes care of elderly citizens who are unable to be financially independent. Giving thanks for what we have and trying to bring comfort to those with less is a message that the School regularly communicates to its students.