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Sophia Games

Once again Mougins School participated in the Sophia Games, an annual competition, held this year between 300 enterprises and 5 educational establishments on Sophia Antipolis. Among the results the following participants were particularly successful:

Female staff out of 650 participants
3rd Michelle Kimberley-Johnson
7th Josephine McDonnell
30th Annie Achilli

Male Staff out of 1,840 participants
37th Jerome Hebant
115th Jim Farrell
201st Marc Petrequin

Male students out of 143 participants
34th Skander Larfaoui

Female students out of 69 participants
5th Sofia Pimenova
11th Chiara Hoppner
14th Viviana Padrazzi

Overall Mougins School came 2nd out of the five educational establishments, just behind the University of the Côte d’Azur and 10th out of 300 enterprises.