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Guinness Book of Records Challenge

On Friday 9th June Mougins School welcomed two witnesses and an evaluator for the serious task of counting the coffee capsules, collected by Primary students, emptied of coffee which was used to fertilise the vegetable garden and formed into a chain, in the hope of entering the Guinness Book of Records.

The final total was 2127 capsules (the present record is one thousand) and the chain measured 6.77 metres. The paperwork and film of the process have been submitted and we await the response. Whilst the counting took place numerous workshops were organised, with the assistance of some senior students, concerning recycling and respect for the environment.

A number of students made short presentations regarding our need to respect our planet, together with some thought-provoking poems they had written.

A hearty thank you to the French Department for their work throughout the year and the organisation of such a successful challenge.