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Environment and Upcycling

Environment and Upcycling – Environnement et Recycl’Art

The French Department at Mougins School is organising a cross-curriculum project whose specific objectives will be: to communicate in French, to become aware of environmental issues, to identify materials that can be recycled and to understand the benefits of reusing and upcycling. The final objective for the whole School is to create a recycled object with Nespresso capsules during workshops with a French artist. Our aim is to create the longest snake ever made in upcycling and we hope to enter the Guinness Book of Records. (coffee extracted from the capsules will be used to fertilise the vegetable garden).

Forms 1 and 2 will be creating upcycled decorations for Christmas. Forms 3 and 4 will be making bird feeders and bird houses from plastic bottles and cork. Forms 5 and 6 will be involved in the management and supervision of ‘the Serpent’.

Recycling is turning what we normally throw away into something we can use again, either in its current form or as something else. Upcycling is taking something we normally recycle and transforming it into something more valuable. Upcycling is a fun way to become aware of the amount of waste by doing something practical.

Secondary School students will be learning about the effect plastics can have on the earth and sea. They will research about sea pollution and organise a display in the Library, identify materials that can be recycled and the benefits of reusing and upcycling and, eventually, create an upcycled object with a French artist.

From Form 10 and above there will be conferences and debates in French on water pollution and eating better for better health.

Start saving your Nespresso capsules now and send them in with your children in order that they can put them in the collection bin in the Office. Thank you.