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Christmas Market
A very warm Thank You to all the families who kindly donated for the Christmas Market whether they were items for the children to do their holiday shopping or for the wonderful and tasty seasonal cakes, cookies and all kinds of sweets from many different countries .
This all day event held in the Hall, was a great success! Pupils loved the hot chocolate at break time and all Primary School children had a wonderful time choosing gifts for their family and getting them gift-wrapped.
Right after school, parents enjoyed mulled wine and other refreshments as well as seasonal sweets from the baking stand. Santa made an appearance to the surprised young ones and we all enjoyed the very special singing of Christmas carols to end the day beautifully!

A big Thank You also to the awesome team of about 30 parents who helped with all the tasks, to organize and put together this event, either a few hours or the whole day .
We are so grateful as it would not have been possible without you!