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From Sue Dunnachie

A sincere thank you to all students, staff and parents who came to our theatrical evening in support of Educating Cambodia. We were particularly lucky to have such talented actors performing at School and the presence of John Mann the founder of this Association. Our students were able to talk to John about his work when he visited us during the week and Primary students prepared some special artwork for John to take back to the Cambodian children. Information regarding the money raised will be in the next Newsletter.

On 10th October our Primary School students will be celebrating the Harvest Festival. Part of this celebration consists of members of the Choir visiting the Senior Citizens' Home at the Font de l'Orme in order to entertain the residents with several songs. We have done this for over twenty years and are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Both students and seniors enjoy this event and our participation is much appreciated. We also ask parents for a donation of dried and canned food which we then distribute to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice, a charitable institution caring for elderly people with no means of support.
On Saturday 11th October the PTA is organising a Car Boot Sale in the School car park. This will take place from 09h00 until 16h00. The sale is open to parents and the public and places will be allocated on a ëfirst come, first served' basis.† Places cost 20Ä for parents and 25Ä for other participants and this will give you one and a half spaces in which to put your car and any display material you care to put out (tables etc.) Naturally, you may not wish to bring a car but just come along for the day and see what bargains you can find. If this is the case, there will be limited parking at School or you can use the public parking by the Font de l'Orme Gymnasium, (leaving School going towards Mougins, at the first roundabout take the second exit and the Gymnasium is at the end of the road on your right - a short walk from School).† For reservations please e-mail Miriam at or telephone 06 07 37 27 43.

Mougins School will be celebrating the Semaine du Gout' (Week of Taste) from 20th to 24th October. During the week students who eat in the Cafe des Amis will enjoy food from Spain, Morocco and China and students in Forms 3 and 5 will be participating in workshops where they will discover the taste of spices, herbs, sweet, sour, acid and salt. During the same week, on the Thursday, the chef will be preparing a Halloween lunch so some gourmet moments to look forward to.

At Mougins School we always try to assist those less fortunate than ourselves and I have had a request to help a family in difficulties who have a newborn baby. If you have any baby clothes for 0-6 months, in excellent condition, which you are able to donate, please bring them to the Office and they will be passed on. Thank you in advance.

Lost Property is an eternal problem at School. There is a large wooden container in the corridor of the Administration building and most lost items find their way into the container. Unfortunately items can include handbags, school books, †expensive clothing and shoes. If your child leaves school at the end of the day without the same articles of clothing with which they arrived, please check the container. On the last Friday of each month the contents will be on display outside the Administration building and any unclaimed clothing or shoes will go in the recycle bin in the School car park.