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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Month Already Gone
This is the first newsletter of the school year, the start of which already seems in the distant past! It contains a mass of interesting and useful information. Please take the time to read it carefully.

Entrance and Exit Barriers
Please note carefully – the barriers which allow parents into the campus to park at the of the day(principally parents in Reception and Forms 1 & 2) open at the following times. (See Family Guide)

Please do not arrive before these times – you may be refused entry for security reasons.

Mondays and Fridays - 15h10
Tuesdays and Thursdays - 15h45
Wednesdays - 12h45

After School Pick Up
A large number of children are not being picked up after School, up to 1 or even 2 hours after the final bell. These children are not involved in after-school activities and although they are on the campus, they are not being supervised. For Secondary School students, parents may wish to come into the campus 15/20 minutes after the bell to avoid the traffic problem, however, students should not be left beyond that time. Primary School children should be picked up as soon as possible if they are not involved in an organised activity.

Examination Results
A full-break down of the June 2016 examination results and statistics can be found by downloading the newsletter. Congratulations to our students on their excellent results.

Higher Education Destinations of the Graduates 2016 (40 students)
The forty students, who graduated at the end of the last school year, have now either entered their universities world-wide or are involved in their gap year before continuing their education. You will see their destinations in the next newsletter.

Secondary Parent/Teacher Meetings for this term.
The four different parent/teacher meetings for secondary school students are also scheduled in this Newsletter. You will receive a letter with further details about the evening that concerns your child(ren) and an appointment sign up form nearer the time.

Half Term Break
We break up for half term in three weeks’ time on Friday 21st October at 15h30 and resume on Wednesday 2nd November. After seven weeks of hard work, enjoy the break!

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore