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PTA News

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and are ready for a new term.

Firstly a very big 'thank you' to all the parents who helped out in 2016, it was overwhelming how many parents offered their precious time and shared their ideas. We truly appreciated it and hope that all of you and many more will help out during the new year, so that great events will take place in favour of our children, the teachers and parents.

As many of you already know.... hot chocolate sale is back on. Every Friday a lot of brave volunteers serve a hot treat for the children, so please remember to give them a €uro. Thank you to Moya and all her helpers for taking up the challenge once again.

For more information about upcoming events and ways to get involved , please take a look at our website or visit our Facebook page and don't forget to read the PTA newsletter which is sent out every Friday.