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Headmaster's Notes

Headmaster’s Notes

A Short Break and On We Go
I hope your half term break was restful and you were able to profit from the generally good weather on the Cote d’Azur. The month of November contains another couple of mini-breaks and a number of events. There are six weeks remaining before the Winter break.

Nice To Cannes Marathon Relay
Once again, a number of teams from Mougins School will compete in this annual event, Sunday, 8th November. We have a Student Girls, Staff Ladies, Men and Mixed Team. Good luck to the 24 runners involved. Results in the next Newsletter.

County and Regional Cross Country Competitions
Still on the running theme, many of our secondary students will be competing in the County Cross Country Championships for the Alpes Maritimes on Wednesday afternoon, 18th November at the Hippodrome in Cagnes Sur Mer. Competitors will be notified by letter beforehand. Parents are welcome to come to the event to support our runners. The Regional Championships will be in Fréjus on Wednesday 9th December, for the teams that qualify in the County Championships.

Parents’ Evenings next week
Just a quick reminder that Forms 8 and 12 have their Parent/ Teacher interviews on Monday 9th November – (students should have already made rendezvous with teachers) and Forms 7 and 10 have theirs on Thursday 12th November – (should be fixing rendezvous at the beginning of next week.

Days off in November
Next Wednesday 11th November is a French national holiday (Armistice) and so there is no School on that day.
On Thursday and Friday 26th & 27th November, the School will be closed to students for Staff Training Days. Enjoy the long weekend.

Dogs on Campus
If you bring your dog on campus at the end of the day, please take care that it is not in a position to take care of its ―natural necessities‖ whilst there. We have had recent problems where we have had to clear up after dogs have left their ―message‖ and the owners have not cleared up. This is of course a serious hygiene problem if it is on the grass playing areas in the middle of the campus. Thank you for your consideration.

Car Park
Thank you for your cooperation following my last Newsletter. However, there are still some parents and drivers not respecting the very simple rules. Letters in English, French and Russian will be put on windscreens, or given to offenders, in a drive to bring parent behaviour up to the level of their children.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster