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La Chaine de L'Espoir / The Chain of Hope

The PTA was pleased to pass on a large quantity of children’s clothes, toys, books and games donated by school parents before Christmas to the charity La Chaîne  de L'Espoir / The Chain of Hope (  This charity brings children aged 4-16 years old to France from very poor countries to treat life threatening medical conditions, in particular heart diseases. 

The children are hosted by local French residents, often retired couples.  As the children come with very few possessions, all donations of second hand clothes, shoes, toys, books, DVDs, pens, pencils, bags and luggage are highly appreciated by the host families.  

Both winter and summer clothes are highly appreciated.  Post surgery and recuperation, each child can take up to 40kg of luggage back to his or her home country.

The PTA plan to host another collection in Spring, an ideal time to clear out unwanted (to your family) children’s items.

Thank you Catherine Rémy-Saponara, a school mother, for introducing the PTA to this charity, and for helping with the collection and distribution.