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Headmaster's Notes

An Excellent Start to Go with the Excellent Results
“La rentrée” is now four weeks behind us and the students are well into their studies for this academic year. We hope they will all work hard and strive to achieve their full potential. Indeed the graduating class of 2013 (Form 13 last year) did just that and achieved a superb set of A Level results, giving them all access to their first choice of college or university world-wide.
For the fifth consecutive year, they achieved a 100% pass rate at A Level. Full details of the GCSE, AS and A Level results are printed else-where in this newsletter. Please study them carefully and feel free to shout them out loud – the School and their parents are very proud of their achievements!

Important Information
This edition of the Newsletter is a “bumper edi- tion”. Not only does it have the above mentioned results, it also contains the University Destinations of last year’s Form 13 – an impressive list, the Homework Timetable for the Secondary School, dates for Primary and Secondary Parents’ Evenings this term and the Extra-Curricular Activity Programme for this Term. Please keep this newsletter as a point of reference.

Sponsors Needed – Can You Help
As you know, we strongly promote a healthy active lifestyle at the School, including a healthy diet, good sleep pattern and exercise. Beyond our close relationship with Fitlane Fitness Centres, staff, parents and students are becoming more and more involved in sporting events and competitions in the area. For many years, senior students and staff have been involved in the Sophia Games, competing against over 300 companies in the Sophia Technology Park. Marathons, semi-marathons and relay marathons have all attracted members of our community. Entering teams in these events is becoming more and more expensive and so we are hoping to find some help from a sponsor(s) who would be prepared to cover such entry fees and possibly clothing and other equipment. If you are able to help in any way, please let me know – thank you in advance.

Car Park Issues
It is going fairly well before and after school, but there are improvements to be made. Firstly, things are moving forward with the car park extension (approx 70 more spaces). We should be signing the final purchase act over the coming weeks and work will commence as soon as possible after. I will share the final plans with you in the next
Please remember that secondary school students are to be dropped off in the morning in the bus stop in front of the School.

Primary School parents must not park in the bus stop, as it makes dropping off dangerous.
The spaces on the left and right as you enter the School slip road are reserved for staff. Please do not park in them as you stand a good chance of finding yourself blocked in. Parents should park (Key Stage 1) in the large car park at the end of the slip road.

Secondary Sports Day
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for the Secondary Sports Day, to be held all day at the Stade Eric Estival, Mandelieu on Friday 4th October (next week). The Primary School day is as normal at School. All Secondary School students are expected at the stadium.
Kindest regards, Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster