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From Sue Dunnachie

On the 23rd June Forms 1 and 2 were introduced to ‘Upcycling’ in a most original and amusing manner when Lawrence, a French echo-designer who works under the name ‘Lolabye’, organised workshops to show our students how materials, (in this case coffee capsules), can be used to create accessories. The workshops not only stimulate children’s creativity, but also incite them to look at objects which are part of their daily life and often discarded, with an inventive mind. Lawrence transmit- ted her passion with enthusiasm, encouraging students to create and recreate unique objects.

Another school year draws to an end and I would like to thank all parents who have contributed towards the wellbeing of our students, or our charitable and fund-raiding activities. To those of you to whom we bid farewell, I wish you happiness and success in the future, and to those who continue their journey at Mougins School, have a great summer and we look forward to welcoming you back with renewed energy.