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From Nicki Elcome

A message for all performers in the upcoming Christmas Concert:
Please make a careful note of the following dates and times of concert rehearsals and performances. This is a short and busy term, so it is important that attendance at all lunchtimes and extra weekend rehearsals is as full as possible and that you are punctual and organised if we are to maintain the excellent standards of the recent concerts.

Saturday 7th March,
9h30-11h00 Year 7—9 Girl’s Choir
10h30—12h30 Year 10—13 Girls’ Choir
12h00—13h30 Suitably Dressed Men’s Choir
Wednesday 25th March
10h15—13h05 Rehearsal in Hall—All
Sunday 29th March
9h30—14h00 Technical Rehearsal—All
Monday 30th March
10h15—13h05 Final Rehearsal in Hall—All
Monday 30th March
Tuesday 31st March

19h00 Spring Concert

For AS and A2 Music Students and members of Les Voix Crystales please note that you that you will be performing at The Royal Mougins Golf Club on Friday 24th April in the evening—please keep the date free—more information to follow).
Thanks to all of you for your ongoing hard work and dedication to the musical life of Mougins School. As mentioned above the recent concerts have been excellent and highly regarded by both parents and visitors from out of school. Let’s keep up the energy and enthusiasm!