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Headmaster's Notes

Off to An Excellent Start
The school year is off to a good start and our students are already working hard at their studies. New students to the School have settled well, and existing ones are back into the rhythm after the long summer break. We know that parents will do everything they can to encourage their child(ren) to produce their best in all aspects of the school curriculum.

A Tribute
Families who were in the School last year will all remember the sad loss of Pierre Shams Marot, a student from Form 11. During the summer break a memorial bench was made bearing Pierre Shams' name. This beautiful teak bench has been placed in the quiet garden area between the Administration and Science Buildings. Many of you expressed the desire to be part of this permanent remembrance by making a donation. If you would like to do so, please put the sum of your choice in an envelope and bring it, or send it in with your child, to the School Office. We also hope to be able to make a donation to the Children's Cancer Wing in the Hopital l'Archet, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was treated for many months. Thank you in advance of your generosity.

Getting There, but Not There Yet!
The new car park has clearly made a huge difference to the beginning and end of the school day. Of course, it takes time to adapt to change and the fact that work is still going on doesn't help the situation. There is still one major piece of work to do, which will be done during the half term break. This will involved cutting a large trench across the old car park to install underground pipes to take away rain water. Work will start two days before the break to give the necessary time to finish before we return.

However, there are a few things we can all do to make things work better than they currently are.

Drop all Secondary School students in the bus stop in the morning - a kiss and fly system. This will cut down the traffic on the School slip road.

Do not park on the pavement in the road. The safety of the children was our argument for gaining permission to build the car park. It may mean that you or your child has to walk a little further - there is a footpath directly to the new car park for
your use. The Municipal Police will shortly be doing their rounds and offenders may well be fined. We were given one month's grace to get it right.

The parking spaces on both sides of the slip road until your arrive in the larger car park are for staff use only. Even if your stop is a short one, please do not use them.

Thank you to those parents using the roundabout as a roundabout. The car park will have the correct signs and ground markings once we have finished the trench at half term.

There is a very obvious space for the large bus behind the wooden posts before the exit. Please do not park behind this space - whether the bus is in it or not. If the bus is there, it may be going out, including to an after school activity. If the bus is not there, it may be back anytime.

The new cark park has either 2 spaces or 3 spaces between the trees. Please think if others and park accordingly.

At the end of the day, if parents of all 500 students try to arrive exactly when the bell rings, it will not work!! The parking at the end of the day is essentially for parents of Early Year, Reception and Forms 1 and 2, who pick the children up from their classrooms. Secondary School students can be picked up at least 20 minutes after the final bell. Why not try different pick up times to see which works best for you?

Campus Security
May I remind you that the School grounds are not accessible to parents and visitors during the school day. Please wait outside the wooden fence until the final bell has rung at the end of the day. If you need to come into School during the day, please use the small gate in front of the Administration Building and report to the Office. If you are picking up your child, they will make their way to the Office. To be able to move further into the campus during the school day, you will be issued with a badge with a red cord.

School Photographer
Every year, a professional photographer comes to the School to take individual and class photographs. This year, he will be at the School for two days - Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st October 2014. It will also be possible for him to take brother/sister photographs, almost certainly on the Tuesday.

Dogs on Campus
We are a family school and dogs are part of many families. If you do bring your dog into School at the end of the day, please make sure you have a little plastic bag in your pocket in case he or she responds to a call of nature. We have had a couple of "messages" on the football pitch that were not cleaned up - need I say more?

Vacation Already!
The half term break begins on Friday 24th October at 15h30 - i.e. in four weeks. Teachers will teach right up to the last day so please avoid the temptation to leave beforehand. Thank you!