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Examination Results

Summer 2016

There were 358 separate (I)GCSEs taken last summer. Grades A*, A, B & C are accepted by universities and are necessary for a student to continue a particular subject to AS and A level.

Results for (I)GCSEs are given for Form 11 only, including any subjects they took a year early in Form 10. The A*-C pass rate this year was an excellent – 95.8%. (UK 66.9%) Of the 41 students in Form 11, 100% achieved at least 5 (I)GCSEs with A*-C

Notable performances:
Nickolos Hunt (5xA*)(4xA)
Rachel Wood (5xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Jacob Wyborn (5xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Hector Jones (4xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Emilie Quillet (4xA*)(2xA)(2xB)
Thomas Peacock (3xA*)(5xA)(2xB)
Mia Povall (2xA*)(5xA)(2xB)

Charlotte Emmott (1xA*)(8xA)
Margaux Demeester (1xA*)(7xA)(1xB)
Emily Mennacher (7xA)(2xB)
Katie Charlton (1xA*)(5xA)(3xB)
Emily Roberts (5xA)(3xB)(1xC)
Alexander MacFadyen (5xA)(4xB)
Britte Van Die (4xA)(5xB)
Skander Larfaoui (4xA)(5xB)(1xC)
And many more!

AS Levels
Students at Mougins School generally study between 4 and 6 AS levels. This year, 92 AS levels were taken. Grades A to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results are for Form 12 only, including any AS Levels they sat last year. The pass rate was 91.3%

Notable performances:
Chiara Hoppner AAAAAA
Nicolas Kobouloff AAAA
Maxim Hunt AAAB
Connor Rainey AAA
Vasily Pivovarov AABBC
Luc Tersiguel AABB
Elliot Poublan AABC
Niklas Warschkow AACCC
Semyon Zolotarev AABD
Max Sloyan AAE
Philip Sjunnesson ABBB
Isabella Kershaw ABBCC
Marine Guiglion ABBE
Chris Cembran ABCD

A Levels
Students generally take 3 or 4 A levels. This year 117 separate A levels were taken. Grades A* to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results for A Levels are for Form 13 only and include any A Levels they may have taken in Form 12. The pass rate was 93.2% this year.

Notable performances:
Nikita Jesaibegjan A*AAA
Darja Berga A*A*A
Fraser Douglas A*A*A
Laurence Kobrock A*A*A
Camille Penchart-Deny AAAC
Anastasia Vladimirov AABB
Charlotte Dean AABC
Ruchie Kawakita AACC
Said Akhmeev A*ABCE
Oliver Bennett AAB
Peter Maltzoff AAB