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WWI Poetry with Form 7

In the Trenches

In the trenches dark and vile
You will never once see a smile
For this is war, my friend,
And hopefully we’ll see the end

Many dead all around
Good friends six feet under ground;
Guns fire, lead flies overhead
Brothers, sons and fathers drown in a sea of red.

The Great War rages on and on
For two years, dusk ‘til dawn,
Dawn ‘til dusk. Even if we win this fight,
Will all these wrongs make a right?

by Ford Shamlain

Peace at War

Months within this living hell,
deep inside the trench.
From above the sound of a distant bell,
Awakes us amid the stench.

The sky is bright this cold French day,
as we peak above the line
« A truce, a game », we hear them say,
in honour of Christmas time.

A ball is kicked from one to the other,
As laughter rings out.
Are we fighting enemy or brother,
we begin to doubt.

The light of day is falling,
Back down within our cells.
We await the morning’s calling,
Of guns and cannon shells.

by Ben McGuigan

The Soldiers Last March

In a blink of an eye, the guns will fire
As we climb trough France’s mountains, and paths of wire
Friends for the night, family forever
As we lay under stars, with fear together

Bored, But what for?
Sitting and waiting to end The Great War
BANG, men down, bloody hands held on hearts
With the few survivors falling apart

It is wrong to kill someone’s son?
Human to human, were on the run
The run for life, the run for death
For this may be my very last breath

Through toil and sweat, we will march on
For we will keep Great Britain strong

by Bella Ruddock

Let There be War No More

Sat together cold and drenched
Sharing smokes within a trench
Listening for the signal ‘fire’
To send us up and over wire
All around the battles roar
Let there be war no more

The enemy’s trenches are in my sight
I am fighting my fear with all my might
Bodies shattered on the ground
Young men crying to be found
All around is blood and gore
Let there be war no more

My friends are dead in No Man’s Land
There is no one left to hold my hand
For many took their dying breath
By walking on this field of death
Too young to knock on Heaven’s door
Let there be war no more.

By Caleb Bergström