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Our Scientists

Our Year 7 scientists studied the controversial process of 'Fracking' as a future source of energy for tomorrow's world as a means of applying their scientific knowledge to everyday life and decision making.
Super balanced research into the pro's and con's of this drilling method was carried out with the overall consensus by both 7A and 7B groups, being that they were not in agreement with it for the overall wellbeing of our planet.

Hadia and Nina being carbon and oxide atoms connecting arms, whilst being attacked by the hydrogen atoms. (Zac, Anton, Henrick)

Promoting Science in Year 5!
A big thank you to Mr Marius Grundmann (father of Isabella Grundmann in 5A) who gave a fascinating talk on Gases, atoms and molecules.
The children and staff enjoyed it tremendously and he really ' Brought Science to Life!'.
Also thank you, from Mr Jim Farrell, Mrs Paula Byles and members of 5A and 5B, to members of the secondary science department Mr Johnny Jones and Mr John Hallet, for giving up their free time to given some exciting Science demonstrations to year 5 in the Science laboratories.