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Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Campus Security
We are nearing the end of the work to heighten the campus security. We are still reinforcing the wooden fence as a result of the additional weight of the “metal wave”. The sliding gate will be the last part to be installed, but requires considerable safety measures so that a child or adult cannot get trapped as the gate slides open.

Once the exit barrier is in place, I will send an e-mail to you all with the opening and closing times at the beginning and end of each day and around midday for Early Years. Please note that the barrier will not be opened in the afternoon before the stated time - so there is no point trying to come early to park and sit for half an hour in the car because, for obvious security reasons, you will not get in.

Last week, I noted many cars parked along the road again, at the end of School. When I checked the car park, it was half empty. This means either students, parents or both are just too lazy to walk!

Form 11 Post Mock Examinations and A Level Options Evening
There will be a parents/students/teachers meeting, to feed back after the mock (I)GCSE examinations, on Thursday 4th February at 18h00 in the Examination Room, at the top of the Rosanna Building.
There will also be a full explanation about the next step in Form 11 students’ education – the A Level programme in Forms 12 & 13.

Form 9 Information Evening for (I)GCSE Options
Parents, and students, currently in Form 9 are invited to attend an information evening regarding the next step in their child’s education – (I)GCSEs - on Monday 7th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room, in the Rosanna Building. We will introduce the subjects on offer and the option block system for next year. It is very important to attend this meeting, if possible.

Parenting Adolescents – for all Parents
As proposed at a PTA meeting earlier this year, Mr Robert Cooke, Subject Leader for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and I, will be holding an open meeting for parents with children of all ages, on Tuesday 9th February at 09h00 in the School Hall. Even if your children are not teenagers yet, they will be! Just a few ideas on how to deal with adolescence with the possibility of discussion and questions.

Congratulations to the cast and all involved with the production of the pantomime Aladdin. The first two nights were really special and we wish them good luck with their final performance tonight. Once again, thank you and congratulations to Margot Renssen, the director of the “panto”.

Dogs in Danger
We have noticed quite a few dogs running free in the car park. Judging by how some people drive there, this is probably not a safe practice.

Half Term Vacation
The half-term break is already just in front of us – in two weeks time. We break up on Friday 12th February at 15h30. Please note, and I am sure you already have, that we have just over one week for half term, not two weeks as in French Schools. School resumes for students on Tuesday 23rd February at normal start times. If you choose to leave early or come back late, please note that teachers will not re-teach the content of their lessons – your choice. Have an enjoyable break!

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore