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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy NewYear
Just in time to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year 2017. I hope you had an enjoyable break and your new year has started well.

Form 11 Mock Examinations
The two-week mock examination period is over. We would like to congratulate Form 11 for their hard work, commitment and excellent behaviour throughout the sessions. The results will soon be sent to the families concerned and there will be a feedback Parents’ Evening on Thursday 2nd February at 18h00 in the Examination Room in the Rosanna Learning Centre. Details of the meeting will be included with the results.

Punctuality a Serious Issue

All the children in the School have an assembly once a week in the Hall. For the Primary School, it is on Fridays, for Forms 7,8 & 9, Tuesdays and the older students on Mondays. Recently, a student was giving a presentation to all the middle school students and she was constantly interrupted by a trail of latecomers. It’s hard enough for a student to be giving a speech to 100 other students without adding further difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

Children should be in School BY 08h45. Assemblies never start until 5/10 minutes after that. Students write “traffic” as the reason they are late in the late book as if it’s a new thing. The roads in this area have been saturated for the past ten years – leave earlier!
After 09h00, the office staff are blocked in their seats for a further 15 minutes, constantly have their ears bent by the buzzer and pressing the button to open the gate to latecomers.
Of course there are unavoidable situations, but the large majority of children who are late to school are regularly late. Please give your children a good start to the day – get them to School before 08h45. Thank you.

A Traditional Pantomime
This year’s “panto” is Snow White. For those of you who are unfamiliar with pantomime, a somewhat larger than life style of comedy , why not come along and have a fun evening on one of the three nights of the show – Thursday, Friday or Saturday 9th, 10th and 11th February at 19h30 in the Hall. Those of you who are familiar are bound to be there! Tickets are available from the office at 10€ for adults and 5€ for students. See you there!

Half Term Break
It seem strange to be saying welcome back and have a good half-term break in the same newsletter,

but in only three weeks we will break for half-term. The holiday begins at 15h30 on Friday 17th February and we return on Tuesday 28th February (Monday is a staff INSET day) at 08h45. This is a very busy academic time for your children. I strongly recommend you keep to the holiday dates. Extending your time off disadvantages your children. If they miss three double Maths or Science lessons, for example, those lessons will not be re-taught, so good luck with that!

USB Keys (8gb) with the Mougins School logo are now for sale (10€) in the Office. These should be used exclusively for school work and the School will not print out work from any other keys, to avoid the risk of transmitting viruses. They will also be used instead of a CD should you wish to have a copy of School concerts or musicals, just buy the key from the Office and we will put the appropriate item on it for you. Please mark the key with your name or put a personal key ring on it in case of loss.

Have an enjoyable half-term – let’s try to keep down the number of children on crutches when we return

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore