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Headmaster's Notes

The Final Month of the School Year
When we return to School on Monday, we will be in June and on our final countdown to the last day of term Friday 27th June. As always at this time of year, time will fly and the four weeks will be packed with events and activities please keep a close eye on the calendar, which is available on the website.

Internal, End of Year Examinations Secondary
These important assessments will begin on Wednesday 4th June and finish on Friday 13th June for all students in Forms 7 to 10.

Form 12 Return to School
Students in Form 12, who will shortly finish their AS level examinations, will be returning to School from Tuesday 10th Friday 20th June from 09h00 ñ 12h00 each day. During this time, they will be meeting speakers from outside of School, starting their higher education applications, looking at colleges, universities and careers worldwide. This is not an optional period, but a compulsory element of their studies.

Peripatetic Music Teachers
At Mougins School, we are very privileged to have a fine group of external music teachers giving private instruments lessons to students throughout the School. They offer a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar, drums, voice, flute & violin. These talented people are not employed by the School, but are self employed. Under normal circumstances, if you wish your child to benefit from one or more of these musicians, you will be invoiced a term in advance and payment is due immediately. It is also normal that unless the teacher has prior notice of absence, so they can re-organise their schedule, you will be paying for a session that your child misses. It is not acceptable to wait until the end of term and then claim your child didnt go to half of his/her lessons.

In discussion recently with the peripatetic teachers, I was shocked to learn that a large number of parents owe musical tuition fees, some for over a term. If your child is receiving musical tuition, please ensure you are fully paid up. Simple adage: if you want it, pay for it; if you dont want to pay for, dont have it.

Medical Forms
Just a reminder that we require up to date medical information for all children in the School. These records are kept confidentially by the School

Nurse. These need to be updated every 2/3 years with a full physical examination given by your doctor. Nurse Marian will send out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form to her in September 2014. Nurse Marian is always available should you have any questions.

Extension Car Park
I am sure you have all noticed the large area of land we have cleared beyond the car park near the exit. This is to be the extension to our present car park, and should be ready for use in September 2014, when we return to School (Monday 8th September). From that time, we will still ask secondary school parents to drop off at the bus stop to avoid congestion in the slip road, but those primary parents who need to park generally Early Years, Reception and Forms 1& 2, will now be able to park and walk safely into School. Parking along the road, which is dangerous for children and parents alike, will not be permitted.

Enjoy all the activities and events during the next four weeks.