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From Sue Dunnachie

You will find a School Calendar on the School website in which we endeavour to provide as much information as possible regarding key events in the School. Please take the time to consult this on a regular basis in order to stay informed. Secondary School Parents’ evenings are now confirmed and posted.

Apart from School stationery, equipment and Tee Shirts, I should like to remind you that you can also purchase a Mougins School umbrella, yes it does rain in the South of France, for 25€. This is an automatic golfing umbrella in black and silver, large enough to shelter the family. For those students who wish to put their work on a USB Key, this can be purchased from the office for 10€. Please note that, if you wish to print out anything using School printers, your work will need to be on one of these keys used uniquely for that purpose.

Following the catastrophic events in the Caribbean, inhabitants of those islands which have been severely affected are sorely in need of clothing and toiletry items. If you wish to donate any items, clean, suitable and in good condition, please bring them to my office and they will be dispatched for delivery to the Association Foyer, Social, Educatif working in conjunction with the Collège de l’Eganaude in Biot.

Please note that there will be a Meeting of the PTA on Thursday 12th October at 09h00 in the Café des Amis (School restaurant). The meeting will be chaired by the Headmaster and we hope to have nominees for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Should you be interested in filling any of these positions please pass your candidature to the Office. There is already a well organised team of sub-committees dealing with the majority of events organised by the PTA for both students and parents, and this will certainly ease the arrival of any new faces. The PTA has an important role in the preparation of social and fundraising events as well as supporting staff and students with various projects. This institution is invaluable as it will enhance both your children’s experience at school, as well as providing parents with a means of discovering the region and forging new friendships. It should not be an onerous task but an enjoyable way of integrating in the community. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

On Friday 13th October a group of Primary School Choir students will be entertaining senior residents of the Victoria Emera residential home in Mouans Sartoux as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations. This is the second time we have been to the home and for twenty years previously we visited the Foyer de Font de l’Orme in Mougins.

These visits are always enjoyed by both the residents and students and the bi-lingual community of the Victoria Emera are particularly appreciative of the songs that Ms Rosie Dixon prepares in English and French.

A REMINDER that on 29th October we revert to Daylight Saving Time and you will need to put your clocks back by one hour, a welcome extra hour in bed.