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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Tragic Loss of a Student
I am so sad to inform you, that after a long fight against cancer, Pierre Shams Marot in Form 11 lost the battle during the Spring Vacation. Throughout his illness, Pierre-Shams was a pillar of determination and courage and an incredible example to us all in the face of adversity. He was set on keeping everything in his life going as fully as possible right up until the spring vacation. Many students, parents and teachers attended Pierre-Shamís funeral to show their love and affection for him and to support his family. He will be greatly missed. Over the coming weeks, we will be discussing how we can pay tribute to Pierre-Shams and ensure his memory is always with us. We will contact you all as soon as possible to let you know how you can participate in this tribute.

Front of School Security
We have made some changes to the front of School security to ensure that visitors to the campus do not just e wander in. A visitor to the campus is defined as any adult who does not work at the School. A parent known to Primary teachers may not be known by Secondary teachers and vice-versa. Therefore every adult on the campus is a stranger to someone.

The new measures are simple:
The sliding gate in front of the Administration Building will be fully open until 09h00, when it

will be closed. It now works automatically and cannot be opened by hand. Just to the right of the sliding gate, as you approach from outside, a small gate has been made and the ground in front has been re-furbished with a non-slip surface.

The small gate will be open during the day and the ramp/path will guide visitors to the front door. All visitors should go to the office to collect a badge, if they have authorization to go onto the campus, or wait in the office for their child, if they need to leave early.

At the end of the day, the sliding gate will be opened when the final bell rings. No one should enter the campus at all before that time.

The gate in front of the Hall will follow the same system ñ it will be locked at 09h00 and opened at the end of the day.

Thank you in advance of following these simple instructions

External Examinations
Today marks the first day of the external examinations for Forms 11 to 13. Over the coming weeks, our students will be sitting a full range of (I)GCSEs, AS and A Levels. We trust they have been, and still are, revising hard and we wish them every success. The results are released in August.

Car Park Extension
You may have noticed that work on the extension of the car park has finally begun! As many of you know, land purchase, administration and paperwork are slow processes in France. The extension will give us 80 more spaces, which should greatly ease the pressure before and after school. I hesitate to give a completion date, but can say with a fair amount of certainty that it will be completed for the new school year.

National Vacation Days
The month of May in France is peppered with national holidays (feries). Yesterday was the first one and next Thursday is the second. Please note that we do not do the bridge on these weekends. Students are expected in School on Friday 9th May. Please do not be tempted to make it a long weekend. However, at the end of the month, there is another break on Thursday 29th May and this time, we do make the bridge, so there is no school on Friday 30th May either.