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Headmaster's Notes

A Short Break
School breaks up today for a short half-term break. We resume on Monday 3rd November at the normal start times. Please make sure your children are in School on the first day back. Thank you.

School Photographs
The photographer was in school as planned earlier this week. The packs of photographs will arrive shortly after half-term. You will have the choice of purchasing the pack or returning it to School. In the pack there will be a form, should you wish to re-order more photos (for uncles, aunts & grandparents etc). The re-ordered photos will arrive in time for the end of term, so could make an additional Christmas presents.

Car Park Issues
Hopefully one day, I will not put anything in the newsletter about parking. I don't think it's yet, though ...
Handicap Spaces:
We have had a number of children with injuries this term, requiring them to use crutches. Parents driving these children to School should be able to use the handicap parking spaces. Unfortunately, there are still members of our community who ignore their purpose they clearly don't share the same values as the majority of us. Please leave the handicap spaces vacant, unless you have a legitimate reason for using them. Thank you for your consideration for those who have to use them.

Staff On Duty
Every morning, members of staff and senior students kindly man the car park and bus stop to ensure the safety of the children as they come into School. They have no obligation to do so. It is very discouraging, to say the least, for both staff and senior students, if they are verbally abused because they have asked a parent to do/ or not to do something in the slip road and car park. This has now happened on a number of occasions and needs to stop! It is not in the spirit of the school and gives totally the wrong message to the children, who are generally subjected to witnessing poor adult behaviour. Let's get this right, shall we?

Please note the School will be closed for two days on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st November for Staff Training Days. Enjoy the long weekend!

Have a good half-term break.