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Marathon Relay Results

Marathon Relay Results
The last column indicates the overall times and the overall positions out of 416 of men/women or mixed teams
The boys came 11th out of 42 all men’s teams.
The Ladies came 2nd out of 44 all ladies’ teams.
The Men came 13th out of 42 all men’s teams.
The girls came 22 out of 44 all ladies’ teams.
All four of our Mougins School teams performed incredibly well. It may well be easier for some of us ‘seasonal’ runners to cover this distance ‘in a fashion’! However, for some of the students, this is the longest race and biggest event that they have ever taken part in, so to not only complete the distance but to run extremely competitive times was a fantastic achievement. We always enjoy our in house battle across the finish line which this year the student boys won!! beating the staff ladies by 5 minutes who narrowly beat the men’s staff by 2 minutes.
This year Mougins School were in partnership with the ‘Mimosa’ Cancer Charity. PE teacher, M. Kimberley-Johnson, coached runners for the 8 weeks prior to the race, including runners from the other 22 teams who participated for the Mimosa Charity. Mougins School are very proud to have forged this partnership with the local charity and are extremely grateful to everyone who sponsored, donated and bought cakes etc. All these contributions helped the team to raise in excess of 24.000 Euros.
Bravo tous!