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Primary School Christmas Market

Wednesday 11th December
Each year we organise a Christmas Market to allow our younger children to do their own shopping before the end of the term. This year it will be on Wednesday 11th December during school time from 9.00 to 12.30. All the children of the Primary school will be able to find presents for their family from 50 cents to 8 Euros. Those items will be wrapped for you to have a real surprise.
Of course we canít do that without your help.

We need donations from everybody, even if you donít have any children in primary school. We all have things at home that we donít use anymore and which are in a very good condition. It can be toys, decoration items, candles, soaps, ties, etcÖ We need gifts for mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers (especially fathers and brothers). There will be a box in Elisabethís office after Half Term where you can put your donations (unwrapped). All the benefit will go towards the Outdoor Learning Centre.

For the parents who have children in Primary school, please send them to school on the Wednesday 11th with some money (in change please) and a bag to carry their purchase. The kids love it and we have very good time doing it.

If you want to help or if you need any more information please let us know and contact:

Marie Claude : 06 15 16 89 39 or Kaisa : 06 20 43 85 39
Thank you in advance for your help and support.