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School Productions

The School’s next drama event is Sister Act, with 3 performances on January 30, 31st and February 1st. We would like to involve more parents and students in this and future events - there are two per year - one in late January and one in June.
Here are the areas where help is being sought:

Publicity: It would be nice to advertise events more widely in order to have more support updating PTA meetings and sending out updates such as this one!

Costumes: The next event has about 45 children. Kaisa Torma has a number of mums who help with costumes. For Sister Act, Eva is leading the costume team. But we need more helpers - to create, source or modify costumes. This can be done throughout the school day in school, or at your own home and help is needed from now onwards. Helpers don't need to be an expert on the sewing machine (but this would be nice!) as costumes often involve hand made items, too.

Scenery: Kaisa works with Margot to understand exactly what is required but needs help to turn ideas into reality. Help can be regular or just occasional and people don't need to be creative. just willing to give up some time and do whatever is required.

Script: one person is required - ideally from now on - to follow the script at rehearsals working alongside Margot. This role requires regular commitment, as there are rehearsals each Wednesday afternoon and then on a couple of Sundays just before the shows.

The bar: This runs each evening of the show and works best with 3 to 4 people helping. It is a great fundraiser for the productions, as it helps to raise the money to buy the things needed to put on great shows that are not funded by the school. If anyone can help out on one of the evenings, or on one of the days just before the event to help shop please get in contact. Working on the bar is always busy but good fun.
The show in January needs a few more men to be extras. So any husbands or male students who want to be on stage, dressed in suits and holding (fake) guns, please let us know.

Stage Hands: Ideally 3 strong people are required for each night of the performance and for the two Sunday rehearsals just beforehand to help set up the stage and then move scenery around.

Filming: Any budding film- makers are sought to film the 3evenings and from the footage create a film of the show. This can then be sold as a lovely memory for those involved, but also again to help raise funds.
If you, your partner, grandmas or grandads, aunts, uncles or children can help - or simply want to find out more about any of the above roles - please contact Margot or Kaisa.

Thank you!