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From Sue Dunnachie

In September 2015 Refugee Aid Côte d’Azur was created on Facebook in order to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Iraq. In collaboration with the Trois Collines School at Mougins le Haut, parents were asked for donations of clothes and other items which would help the refugees to face the deplorable conditions which they anticipate this winter. No-one could have imagined the response. For two days volunteers from both schools sorted the donations and put them in boxes and on to the 21 palettes provided by sponsors. These were then transferred to Antibes Yacht Chandler who transferred them to Paris and then on to their final destination in Iraq by lorry. On Friday 13th November a sale of hot chocolate and cakes at Mougins School raised 500€ which was donated to Refugee Aid. Those items which were not suitable for Iraq were transferred to the Chain of Hope. This Association supports children from Africa who come to France in order to receive medical treatment. They are welcomed by host families.

A heart-felt thank you to all those families who donated so generously, and to the enthusiastic team of volunteers who worked with such energy. It is really gratifying to know that our community always responds with such kindness to those who are less fortunate.
Following the theme of our charitable work at the School, I would like to draw your attention to a letter received from Madame Gentil, a wonderful elderly lady with whom we have collaborated for several years. When the festive season approaches we are aware that there are many children who will, sadly, pass the time in hospital and it is with this in mind that we ask Primary families if they are able to donate a small child’s toy, suitable for a hospital ward. These gifts are distributed to the Lenval Children’s Hospital in Nice. Here is the letter:

Dear Parents and Friends of Mougins School,
I would like to thank you with all my heart for your generosity.
I know how willing you have been whenever I asked you for help for those who find themselves in poverty and in despair. Your generosity moves me deeply, as you are often solicited, and the reputation of Mougins School is in your image. Thank you for the trust you have shown me, and for everything you do.
Yours sincerely,

Mme Gentil

MUSIC 3000, a music store in Mandelieu, has kindly offered to give our students a reduction of 10% on all their accessories and their musical library. Should you wish to take advantage of this offer, their address is: Z.I. Les Tourrades, Allée Dieudonné Costes, 06210 Mandelieu, 04 93 49 00 00
Although we may live in troubled times, there is much for which we should be grateful, and the festive season is a time to celebrate all that is positive in our lives. May I wish you a multitude of moments creating magic memories with loved ones, and a New Year filled with energy and success in all that you undertake.