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PTA News

The PTA committee was very busy starting with the amazing Sleeping Beauty pantomime performance presented by the Drama Club: we had a great Refreshment team at the bar every evening selling drinks and cakes to families enjoying the show. All proceeds raised helped to cover drama department costs for this production.

Then we started these past 2 Fridays our Hot Chocolate sale during the morning school break: it was an incredible success; pupils were crowding the tables happy to order their warm drink with chantilly, marshmallows etc ... We also served a few happy teachers or members of the staff during these cold mornings. Proceeds are going towards the PTA fund. 

Last week some of us participated in a big clean up and re-organization of our PTA room... Still more to sort but the major part is done!! 

A huge Thank You to all who dedicated some of their precious time during these events for their hard work, kindness and smile; it was much appreciated!  
Devin, Dorothy, Myriam, Fofi , Diane , Isabella Pedrazzi Motta , Catherine MacFadyen , Katie Cashman, Katie Wood, Maryia Tsentser, Dena

Doulaveris, Caroline Higgs, Svetlana Pivovarov , Bridie Roberts , Florence Sanglier , Catherine Saponara , Tom the kitchen chef, for his kind help in the morning for the hot chocolate preparation and Mr. Cooke  at the bar during the Sleeping Beauty evenings.
I truly hope I have not forgotten anyone. 

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Our next PTA  MEETING date is not yet set, but will be some time mid-March. There will be some exciting changes to the meeting format, and plans to discuss
- Fundraising goals (visibility)
- Staff Appreciaten Lunch update
- How to make Prom a special event
- Possible parents 'entertainment evening' in May/June

13/3 - Red Nose Day 
01/4 - Staff Appreciation Lunch (next preparation meeting 12/03) 
24/4 - Educating Cambodia Charity @ Royal Mougins Golf Resort 
25/4 - PTA Car Boot Sale

The PTA Committee
Following the great success of « The Melting Pot » staff appreciation lunch last year, thanks to all your generous contributions and help, we are in the process of organising a lunch for staff on Wednesday 1st April, to thank them for all the support that they give our children. We hope that you will once again prepare your favourite international dishes for staff to enjoy. If you are not a keen cook, then contributions of wine, champagne, chocolates and other non-perishable items are also very welcome.

This year’s lunch is entitled « A Walk of Flavours ». Congratulations to Neelam Makkar, for her winning entry in the competition for staff, which was held at last year’s event, to determine this year’s name.

Any recipes that you are able to share with us will be added to last year’s recipes, to create a Mougins School International Recipe book, which will be for sale later in the year.

If you wish to make a contribution to the lunch, and/or would like to volunteer to help us out for a couple of hours on the day, please contact your PTA class representative or contact us by email :