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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
The Next Academic Year
Thank you to all the parents who returned their coming back/moving on letter by last Friday, 21st March, which was the deadline. I appreciate that the post was very slow in delivery of some of them and so there are a few outstanding returns to be made. If you have not sent in your form yet, thank you in advance for quickly dealing with this small piece of administration. Remember the form must be returned if you are coming back next year, or if you are unfortunately leaving us.

ISI Inspection Report
The final report has now been sent to the School and will be available for you all to read by the end of term, on our website. You do not have to rush in it will remain on the site until it is replaced by the next inspection report a few years down the road. It takes a little while to read in full, but well worth the effort.

I would like to thank all my colleagues, teaching and non-teaching, for their hard work and patience prior to, and during the inspection itself. As many of you will know, evaluation is always a stressful time and I am delighted that their efforts have been recognized and rewarded in this excellent report. Thank you, too, to all the parents who made such positive comments about the life of their children at Mougins School.

Spring Concert
Our Spring Concert this year is on Monday and Tuesday 7th & 8th April in the last week of term in tickets are available from Monday for 5Ä from the School Office (performers should already have bought their allocated tickets this week). Performing Arts performances are always well attended at School, so I suggest you do not take a chance and just turn up on the night in buy your tickets next week!

Please Be Careful
We have been confronted several times recently by parents disciplining children other than their own on the School premises, after school hours. Parents have even entered into disputes with each other. Of course, this is unacceptable. Children are supposed to be picked up after school unless they are in a supervised activity. If you choose, however, to let your child play on after school, do not get involved in that play. Remember when children fall out, they generally make up fairly quickly afterwards in adults rarely do!

End of Spring Term
School finishes this term on Friday 11th April at 12h00 for a two week break. We resume on Monday 28th April at normal starting times. I know many students will be revising hard for their external examinations,

which begin shortly after the vacation. If your child is not in those classes, enjoy the rest!