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Headmaster's Notes

We have three professional training days in the school year. Two of them are tomorrow and Friday of this week, 29th & 30th November – the third is tagged on to the February half term break. This means for the children this is a short week as they finish on Wednesday lunchtime (already in the calendar printed in the Family Guide). Enjoy the long weekend.

Car Park
Of course, we are fully aware that the car park currently presents enormous difficulties at either end of the day. Thankfully, most parents have followed the instructions given out in the Family Guide and previous newsletters, but not all. It will be much easier if ALL parents of students in Forms 7 – 13 drop off in the Bus Stop and NO primary school parents attempt to park there.
Priority for parking is for parents of children in Early Years, Reception, Forms 1 and 2. These children have to be delivered to their classrooms and therefore their parents need to park. Parents of students from Forms 3 to 6 do not need to park – they can drop off in front of the Hall Building.
If secondary school students arrive around 08h30, there will be less of a problem. At the end of the day, if the same students are picked up about 20 minutes after the end of the day, you will find less of a crush.

The good news (fingers crossed) is that we are currently negotiating to extend the car park by acquiring additional space from our neighbour. Land purchase can, as many of you know, take time, but we are optimistic of success.
Please be polite to each other and the staff members who give up their time to try and help the traffic move more smoothly. It is totally unacceptable to demonstrate rude and aggressive behaviour at all, but particularly in front the children.

Night Clubbing in Juan Les Pins
We were very upset to hear that one of our former pupils was physically aggressed outside a night club in Juans Les Pins recently, finishing his evening in intensive care. If you are allowing your child(ren) to go club- bing at the weekend, please be aware that they have to be 18 to go in, and that “alcohol flows” throughout the evening. A tippick them up at the end of the evening yourself if you are allowing them to go.

Building Update
The Science Building is moving on and now has its ground floor. The good weather until last weekend has enabled the builders to make good progress. Hopefully, we will not suffer too much rain over the coming weeks, as the beams for the roof are due to be placed in January.

A Very Busy Month – as usual
December is always a very busy month in schools. Please keep a close eye on the calendar so as not to miss special events, including our annual Winter Concert and the Primary Winter Assemblies etc. The last newsletter of the year will be in your child(ren)’s end of term report on the last day of term.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Physics Trip to CERN

A group of Year 13 were privileged to visit CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Geneva. Fofi Ypsilanti, PTA treasurer and a mother of a Form 11 student, organised this trip to her place of past employment with Mr Johnny Jones, the Science coordinator. The students were most impressed by the LHC’s (Large Hadron Collider’s) magnets, the huge detector in the CMS experiment, the LHC’s control room, the huge computer control centre, not to forget having the opportunity to briefly meet a Nobel-laureate, Jack Steinberger (muon neutrinos) among physics experiment scientists, magnet engineers, science journalists and computer engineers.

Some brief words on CERN:
CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, was founded in 1954. It has become a prime example of international collaboration, with currently 20 member states. It is the biggest particle physics laboratory in the world, and sites astride the France- Swiss border near Geneva. Ut is home to the world’s biggest and most powerful particle accelerator—the 27km LHC.

What we learn there, will take us to a deeper understanding of the Universe. The results are eagerly anticipated by particle physicists everywhere as well as the Mougins School students of today (physicists of tomorrow) and could open up new fields of scientific endeavour. LHC is a machine to accelerate two beams of particles in opposite directions to more than 99.9% speed of light. Smashing the beams together creates showers of new particles for physicists to study.

From Sue Dunnachie

Barefoot Books will, once again, be showing off their latest beautiful books and gifts, games and puppets for the festive season on the occasion of the Winter Assemblies. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase quality gifts and avoid the Christmas shopping rush. Nicole will be outside the Performing Arts Hall for the Winter Assemblies on 18th December (Forms 1,2 and 3) and 20th December (Forms 4,5 and 6). According to the amount of money Nicole takes, Barefoot Books give the School some of their editions, so not only do your purchases delight their recipients, but they also bring pleasure to our students.

We would like to thank the two sponsors of the International Schools’ Speech Competition which will take place on Thursday 6th December. They are the MACM (Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins) who have sponsored the very generous prizes. The Riviera Times who are sponsoring a first prize of ‘Journalist for a Day’ and Riviera Radio for giving us air time. Thanks also to Bridie Roberts for her catering skills. Unfortunately, we are unable to open this evening to all our parents as the other four
competing schools each have a quota of guests, so we are obliged to confine our invitations to a limited number of parents in the classes concerned as well as our special guests. The results of the competition will be given in the next Newsletter.

The Winter Concerts will be on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th December in the Performing Arts Hall. Two tickets will be made available to the family of each performing student and must be collected between Monday 3rd and Wednesday 5th December. On Thursday 6th December tickets will be available to everyone. You are requested to collect your tickets from the Office and not make telephone reservations. Seats are not numbered and entry is free but a ticket is essential. This ticket will entitle you to either a glass of mulled wine or a fruit juice with a possibility to purchase further drinks from the Bar. We would ask you to only collect a ticket if you are certain that you will attend as numbers are limited.
On Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December at 18h00, get into the spirit of Christmas with Riviera International Singers at their Christmas Concert of traditional carols and much more at St. Blaise Church in Valbonne.

Please join us for a warming cup of mulled wine outside the church after the Concert. Tickets: Adults 10€ (wine included), children under 12 yrs 5€. The summer season of the Choir starts in January should any singing ‘amateurs’ be interested in joining us. Rehearsals take place at Mougins School. For more info: www.riviera-international-

PTA News

PTA News
November has been a particularly busy month for the PTA, with volunteers active in a number of areas.
The PTA organized Talent Show provided pupils with a wonderful opportunity to show off their skills across a range of art forms, a truly enjoyable evening of family fun. A big thank you to Kaisa Torma, Marie-Claude Yaghil, Michele Fra- ser, Sarah Green and Tamra Hooker for organizing the shows and running the door and refreshments on the first evening, raising over 1,500 €uros for the PTA.
The Culture Club trip to the Fragonard perfumery in Grasse organized by Marianne Vos benefitted from both an excellent programme and stunning blue skies. Please note that the next Culture Club trip will be to the Tasse de Couleur paint your own ceramics cafe in Biot on Tuesday December 11th.

Over 20 parents participated in the November Coffee Club festive cookery display organized by Anna Percy- Davis. The demonstration was by Bridie Roberts, assisted by Julie Bennett. The food was delicious, Bridie was clear and fun to listen to and all the ladies had a good laugh while learning some top cookery tips! Alisa Yocum will host the next coffee club at the Christmas Fair at the Manoir de l'Etang in Mougins on Thursday 13th December at 9.30am.

Back at the school, the Lower School Coordinators Rachel Aspergen and Suzanne McClelland have organised a programme of weekly Friday cake sales, with each lower class having the opportunity to show off their baking skills, starting immediately. A Mougins School take on the Great British Bake Off!
On an organizational note, the newly formed PTA Committee is working hard to finalise the programme of key events for 2013, including an Art Auction, Staff Appreciation Lunch, Car Boot Sale, and a Summer Fair.

We are also working in close consultation with the school to develop a proposal for key fund-raising tar- gets. Full details will be presented to parents at the next open PTA Meeting planned for Thursday 17th January, where we will also introduce the PTA Committee and ex- plain some changes to the Committee structure.
Finally, we are always looking to reinforce the Committee with energetic volunteers. If you are interested in helping out with events, communications and fund- raising activities please do not hesitate to contact your PTA class representative or any of the committee members.

Thank you!
Your PTA Committee

Culture Club

ON TUESDAY 11th DECEMBER - A VISIT TO THE VILLAGE OF BIOT where we will paint our own ceramics at "La Tasse de Couleur" & VISIT A TRADITIONAL
We will start off with coffee in the heart of the village, before we get creative. We will be working with ceramic painting until lunchtime. A lunch and walk through the village to discover the glassblowers thereafter will be optional. We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave soon after. Due to limited places, only the 10 first confirmed participants can join on this day. The price is 15 €uros and the latest day for reserving your place by payment is on the 7th of December. RSVP to Marianne VOS - by mail cultureclub@mougins-school- or mobile 06 86 85 83 39 by Dec 7th. Please put 15 €uros in an envelope in the Culture Club box in Reception with your name, email and mobile number on it so that I can contact you if necessary. Lunch is NOT included in the price. Please DO NOT turn up on the day.

Headmaster's Notes

Half Term Vacation
Our half term break begins today for a week. Re-member, we only have one week – unlike the French system and so we return to School on Mon- day 5th November at normal start times.

A Bad Start to the Day
Everyday at School starts with registration or assembly for both Primary and Secondary School pupils. It is the time when we share essential information, or students give presentations, based on differing themes. All students need to be present for registration and therefore, must be in School for 08h45 (Secondary) and 09h00 (Primary). We all know that we live in an area of dense traffic, so it may be necessary to leave a little earlier to be on time. It is very often the same students who are regularly late, so occasional traffic problems such as accidents are not really the issue here. Please make every effort to get your child(ren) to School on time. Thank you.

The New Science Building
Now that the geological issues have been solved (we have one side of the building on rock and the other half on clay), the foundations are currently being “poured” and we will soon see the floor area of the ground floor. (see photo) The level crossing sys- tem is working very well between the Library Building and the rest of the campus and our students are doing exactly what is expected of them.

Campus Security
I am assured by the building companies that the final touches to the area behind the Primary Building will be completed during the half-term break permitting Early Years to finally move across to their new classroom. Also with regards to general security, may I again remind parents that they should not be on the campus during the school day unless they have been to the school office and ob- tained a visitor’s badge.

Wednesday Break and Lunchtime - Food.
For some time, our chef Gérald has been preparing fresh sandwiches, salads, pizzas etc. at lunchtime in the cafeteria. These are generally pre- ordered and collected at lunchtime so that students can eat before going on to activities in School, or in other locations. More recently we have been serving food at break times – “un goûter”. This service has become very popular amongst students to the point that we are obliged to limit the choice of snacks in order to serve everyone before the start of the next lesson. After half term, only “pain au chocolat” and “cookies” will be on sale at break time. All other snacks will be available at the end of the morning – i.e 13h10.

We wish you all a restful or active half-term break and look forward to seeing you just over a week from today – remember, remember the 5th November, gun powder, treason and plot (couldn’t resist a bit of British history J)

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

On Friday 12th October the Primary School celebrated the Harvest Festival and, as we have done for many years, students from Forms 4, 5 and 6 visited the senior citizens in the Foyer du Font de l’Orme where they delighted them with a rendition of the four songs they sung in the School Assembly. Their performance was so appreciated they were asked for an encore and I would like to thank them for their musical talent and their excellent behaviour. They were a credit to the School. We will be delighting the residents of the Foyer with a rendition of some festive songs in December. Thank you to Mrs Dixon and Mrs Martin for their hard work and Mrs Wyborn for accompanying us.

The School is in the process of revising our website and, on Tuesday 9th October Marco, of Evasion Photo, spent the day in School taking a new set of photographs. I would like to thank all students and staff who so kindly let us disturb classes and have helped provide an excellent set of visual images of the School and its students. Our thanks to Marco who is also our photographer for the Graduation Ceremony and has been present at several Prom celebrations. Marco is available for any events you may wish to record for posterity:

Bridie Roberts, who runs her own catering company: has kindly agreed to provide delicious bites to welcome guests to the Inter School Speech Competition to be held on Thursday 6th December and I would like to thank her for making a special effort with regard to the price and the PTA for agreeing to fund the refreshments at this event.

The Talent Show is back again, organised by Kaisa Törmä, Tamra Hooker and Marie-Claude Yaghil, this promises to be an all star event for students, parents and teachers and will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16h November at 19h00 in the Performing Arts Hall. Tickets will be on sale in the Office from Tuesday 6th November: 8€ for adults and 5€ for students.

Please remember that the lost property container is placed on the terrace outside the office every Friday afternoon. Why not check if you can find missing clothes or other articles!

A-Level Geography Field Trip

The Form 13 geographers spent three days in the high mountains recently, investigating glacial landforms and learning about the local geology. Jonathon Lecoy, Alex Mulder and Mikael Traversini carried out extensive data collection in the Ecrins National Park in order to prepare for their Cold Environments exam.
The Pré de Madame Carle is a spectacular site where the students and Mrs Warren saw a huge range of glacial landforms, including pyramidal peaks, glacial troughs, hanging valleys truncated spurs, erractics braided streams and various different types of moraine. These had all been created by the advance and retreat of the aptly named Glacier Blanc and Glacier Noir. The students were also impressed with the strange rock-capped earth pillars at a site known as the “ballroom of the maidens with hairdos”.
The group learned about the challenges and opportunities for humans in cold environments.

They visited the ‘Muséoscope du Lac’, where they discovered how the generation of hydroelectric power at Europe’s largest artificial lake has affected the lives of local people. They also visited the ski resort of Les Orres to investigate the impact of skiing on the natural environment.
The trip was very enjoyable and the students appreciated the opportunity to work outdoors in such spectacular scenery. They also had fun practising their cooking skills in the chalet,

Culture Club

On Thursday 8th November, a guided visit in English to the old town of Grasse and the Fragonard perfumery. We will have lunch in Grasse and then drive to the last traditional olive mill of the ‘Pays Grassois’ before returning to school for pickup. We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave soon after.

Parents with children in lower years are welcome to come along for the morning.
RSVP to Marianne Vos—by e-mail cultureclub@mougins-school- or mobile 06 86 85 83 39 by Monday 5th November—the day after the school holidays! You can also deposit your envelope before the school holidays in order to reserve, in the Culture Club box.
Please put 15€uros in an envelope in the Culture Club box in the office with your name, e-mail and mobile number on it so that I can contact you if necessary.
Lunch is NOT included in the price. You are welcome to bring visitors with you, but please let me know and include their fee in the envelope. Please make sure you let me know in advance and DO NOT turn up on the day without a reservation.

PTA News

The PTA voted in a new Committee at the meeting on 18th October. The new PTA officers are Jean Debney (President), Hanna Schaer (Vice-President) Fofi Ypsilanti (Treasurer) and Dorothy Forbes (Secretary). We thank the outgoing committee for all their hard work and effort over the past year, and look forward to fresh ideas and enthusiasm from the new officers.
The new committee is currently working on the programme of events for the next 24 months, to be communicated shortly. Parental input via the survey distributed by the PTA class reps is very much appreciated.
October PTA events included a very popular Introductory Coffee Morning on the 3rd October in Valbonne attended by over 30
parents and organised by Anna Percy-Davis.

The October Culture Club trip to Villefranche and Villa Kerylos, organised by Marianne Vos, was an interesting and informative day out, again strognly attended by over 20 attendees.

Upcoming events inlude a Culture Club trip to the Grasse Perfumerie on the 8th November. On the 21st November the Coffee Club will organise a cookery demonstration. Please sign up at coffeemorning@mougins-school-
The PTA Refreshments Table at the School Sports Day on the 5th October raised a total of 410€uros. Thank you to all the parents who helped out. The PTA have agreed to sponsor drinks and snacks at the Inter School Speech competition, Thursday 6th December, and the Winter Concerts on the 13th and 14th December.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
A Great Start to the School Year - Welcome once again to all the new families who have joined us this year. Students, both new and existing, have settled well into their study programmes and are working well. The Primary School pupils from Reception to Form 6 are comfortably installed in their new classrooms and fully settled into their studies. Early Years will soon be moving to their new classroom, once the final touches are completed to their playground.

The preparation work for the new Science Building is advancing well and I must congratulate all the children in the school for the way they have adapted so quickly to the “level crossing” procedure to cross into the Administration, Library and Cafeteria Building from the rest of the campus. The companies working on the site have also been very conscientious with regard to the children’s security., so all is set for the next 9/10 months!
Families who were in the School last year may have noticed, in their Family Guide, that there are a number of new members of the teaching staff. We would like to welcome them and hope they enjoy their new environment over the coming years. Mrs Kate Valentine is teaching Form 2, Mrs Amanda Parker, Form 3 and Mrs Christine Bearman, Form 4. Mrs Bearman is also the new Primary School Co-ordinator and 4th member of the Senior Management Team. In the Secondary School, we welcome Ms Annie Achilli to the Science Department to teach Biology and Mrs Michele Johnson to permanently teach in the PE department. For all details of the teaching staff, please see the beginning of your Family Guide.

Bumper Edition
The first newsletter of the year is always a bumper edition and is a reference document to keep close at hand. It contains last year’s Examination Results, the Secondary School homework timetable, the destinations of last year’s graduating class, dates for secondary parents’ evenings and the activities timetable to mention just a few. Please take the trouble to read the newsletter, which comes out on the last Friday of every month, and keep your copy safe for reference.

Drop off / Pick Up
As last year, we are still a number of parking spaces down due to the building work. This of course, adds to the difficulty at the start and end of each day. However, things do run fairly smoothly if you follow the ad-vice given in the Family Guide: In the mornings, secondary students must be dropped off at the bus stop between 08h30 and 08h45. If they arrive after 08h45, they are late. There will be staff on duty to see the students across the slip road. Primary School children from Forms 3 – 6 should be dropped off in the slip road in front of the Hall gate before 09h00. Parents of children in Early Years, Reception and Form 1 & 2, should park and deliver their children to the classroom. No cars may park in the bus stop.

At the end of the day, I suggest that secondary school parents do not pick up until at least 15/20 minutes after the end bell. This will give primary parents the chance to get away. On Mondays, the secondary school ends 20 minutes after the primary, so plenty of time for younger children to leave the cam-pus.

Secondary Sports Day
Every year, all secondary school students participate in a Sports Day that focuses on athletics (track and field). Sports Day this year will be held on Friday 5th October (next Friday) at the Eric Estival Stadium, Mandelieu. This is an all-day event and therefore there will be no school for all students from Forms 7 to 13. Details of the events will be/have been given to all secondary school students. If you are free on Friday 5th October, please come and support the athletes – it’s a great occasion.

Campus Security
During the working day, for security reasons, there should be no adults on the campus at all, other than those employed by the school. The office is accessible via the sliding gate during the day (although closed to everyone for an hour in the morning and evening). If you have to meet a teacher, or pick up a sick child, please come to the School Office.

For parents who may need a babysitter, the school office has a list of senior students who offer their services.

Half Term Vacation
It may seem odd to be already writing about vacations, but our next newsletter also comes out on the day we break for the Autumn Half Term, Friday 26th October at 15h30. Please note the holiday dates carefully – they are printed on the inside cover of the Family Guide. Mougins School has a one week half term break (take care as French schools have just extended their autumn break to two weeks). We return, therefore, on Monday 5th November.

Please avoid the temptation of exending your vacations – your child (ren)’s education will suffer! Teachers will not set work for students extending their vacations (see Family Guide). Thank you on your kid’s behalf .

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

I am delighted to welcome so many new faces this year, as well as those already familiar to us and I wish all our students a very successful year in the School.

We are continually picking up lost property around the School. There is a wooden box under the stairs by the Office in which you may find missing clothing etc. This is emptied on the first Friday of each month and the clothes and shoes will go into the container situated near the exit of the parking. These are all recycled. If you have old clothes you wish to put in the container, please do not hesitate to do so.

On Friday 12th October Primary School will celebrate the Harvest Festival with an Assembly in the Performing Arts Hall to which parents are invited. As we have done for the past twenty years, we will be taking a group of children from the Primary School Choir to the senior citizens’ home just up the road (Foyer de Font de l’Orme). We are always greeted with enthusiasm and the residents are delighted to hear our students singing. (The Choir will be singing during the Harvest Festival Assembly) and students in Forms 3a, 3b and 5a will be showing their work This also permits an exchange between youth and wisdom, appreciated by all. As well as taking some small gifts of fresh fruit and flowers, we support Les Petits Soeurs des Pauvres, a home in Nice run by nuns for elderly people with no funds. We therefore ask parents in the Primary School if they care to bring either a plant or a small basket of fresh fruit, biscuits, tinned food, or dried food (pasta, rice etc.). If you are bringing dried goods these can be put on a table in the Primary building during the week commencing 8th October. Fresh fruit or flowers should be brought on the day of the Assembly. With many thanks for your collaboration.

Students in Key Stage 3 are busy preparing potential speeches for the Inter Schools Speech Competition which will take place on Thursday 6th December at 18h30, hosted by Mougins School. The participating schools are CIV, ISM,ISN and Mougins School and the Competition requires the chosen students to present two speeches which they have written. They are judged by a professional panel of four judges. This year the MACM (Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins) is sponsoring the competition and will be awarding the prizes. Parents are invited to join us for the evening and will be welcomed with refreshments. Should any parent wish to sponsor the refreshments, I would be delighted to hear from you. Sponsorship will be recognised in the programme distributed on the evening, in the School Newsletter and on the website and on Riviera Radio when we conduct an interview relating to the event.

May I remind you that you can find a calendar on the school website: in which are noted upcoming School events, both academic and social, as well as School trips.

Culture Club

On Thursday 11th October—A guided visit in English to the Greek villa Kerylos in Beaulieu sur Mer and to the village of Villefranche where we will visit the Chapel St Pierre and the Citadel of Villefranche if time allows. We will have lunch in the area and will return to school for pick up. We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave soon after. Please make sure you let me know in advance and not turn up on the day.

RSVP to Marianne Vos—by email or on 06 86 85 83 39 by Friday 5th October.

Please place 20€ in an envelope in the Culture Club box in Reception with your name, email and mobile number on it, so that I can contact you if necessary. Lunch is NOT included in the price. You are welcome to bring visitors with you, but please let me know and include their fee in the envelope.

Graduates 2012

Filippos Antoniadis Francesca Assemi Greg Barratt
Marie Berriet
Lucy Butterfield Edward Davenport Bailey Dickerson
Pierre François Estrade Nastasia Guidfar
Peter Honan Eleanor Howes Olivier Levine
Scott Mueller Elisabeth Nordentoft Aoife O’Sullivan Matteo Pellegrino Manon Povall Alexander Ray
Jim Roger David Rudolf Cassidy Sacre Arina Schefer Gene Stein Boy Tjoa Allan Voiron
Warwick Business School Southampton Solent University
CCW, Camberwell College, London HULT University, London
Work Placement New York
London School of Economics University of Texas
SKEMA, France
University College, Falmouth
Leeds University
Manchester University
University of Kent
Herriot Watt University
European Film College, Denmark University of Brighton
Kings College, London
Durham University
Gap Year, before going to USA University of Milan
Imperial College, London
Bath Spa University
University of Southampton
Imperial College, London
TU Delft, Netherlands
Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida

Examination Results - Summer 2012

There were 309 separate (I)GCSEs taken last summer. Grades A*, A, B & C are accepted by universities and are necessary for a student to continue a particular subject to AS and A level. Results for (I)GCSEs are given for Form 11 only, including any subjects they took a year early in Form 10. The A*-C pass rate this year was – 89,6%. Of the 39 students in Form 11, 92.3% achieved at least 5 (I) GCSEs with A*-C

Alycia Class (8xA*)(1xA)
Jeanne Demeester (7xA*)(2xA)
William Derriman (7xA*)(1xA)(1xB)
Sam Beard (6xA*)(1xA)(2xB)
Marianne Ray (6xA*)(3xA)(1xC)
Benjamin Honan (5xA*)(4xA)
Sophie Telfer (5xA*)(2xA)(3xB)
David Heiberg (4xA*)(3xA)(2xC)
Emilia MacDonald (2xB) (2xA*)(6xA)
Cornelius Kobrock (4xB) (2xA*)(3xA)
Mariana Borer (2xA*)(5xB)(2xC)
Trey Dickerson (6xA)(1xB)(2xC)
Humphrey Hamilton (5xA)(1xB) (3xC)

AS Levels
Students at Mougins School generally study between 4 and 6 AS levels. This year, 159 AS levels were taken. Grades A to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results are for Form 12 only, including any AS Lev-els they sat last year. The pass rate was 91.8%

Notable performances:
Giovanni Marinelli AAAAAB
Edoardo Pirovano AAAAAB
Daniel Cavanagh AAAAA
Enea Nastri AAAA
Nikiforous Spathopoulos AAABB
Caroline Wagner AABBC
Tim Winter AAABB
Georges Petrequin AABC
Nathan Spencer AACC
Maxim Cooper ABBB
Simone Pellegrino ABBC
Maxim Cooper ABBB
Linn Boldt-Christmas ABBC
Melchior Poolman ABBD
Sam Morris BBBBC

A Levels
Students generally take 3 or 4 A levels. This year 90 separate A levels were taken. Grades A* to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results for A Levels are for Form 13 only and include any A Levels they may have taken in Form 12. The pass rate was once again 100%

Notable performances:
Edward Davenport A*A*A*A
Marie Berriet A*A*AA
Arina Scheffer A*A*BC
Matteo Pellegrino A*AAAAB
Gene Stein A*AAB
David Rudolf A*AAB
Pierre-François Estrade A*AAB
Alexander Ray AAABB Boy Tjoa AAAB Eleanor Howes AAA Peter Honan AAB Allan Voiron ABBC Scott Mueller ABB Aoife O’Sullivan ABB