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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Time for a Break
With this newsletter, you will have received your child's end of term School Report. Please read it carefully and take note of the descriptors on the inside of the front cover, as the grading system may vary from ones you previously have been used to. Of course, the report also marks the end of the Autumn Term, the longest of the three.

Winter Concert
Once again, the Winter Concert was full of excellent performances from choirs, individual performers, duets, trios and bands! Congratulations to all who took part - both performers and technicians - and thank you for your kind donations destined to expand our musical instrument collection, thus enabling more and more children to play an instrument of their choice. A very special thank you and congratulations to Nicki Elcome, our Subject Leader for Music, who trains all the choirs, produced an amazing programme, and directed the concert.

Ice Bucket Challenge
Thank you all very much for supporting my Ice Bucket Challenge. The icy water came as a bit of a shock especially as there was so much of it, but your massive generosity and the children's enthusiasm made it a warm experience. I am pleased to tell you that the Challenge raised 1400€ - truly amazing. You can watch the second wave of bucket on Facebook - Ice Bucket Challenge Brian Hickmore Mougins School. If you still want to help, send a mail to and they'll tell you how to make a direct donation to the unit - mention Ice Bucket Challenge in your mail. Thanks again.

Spring Term
Next term begins on Monday 5th January 2015 at the normal start times. Between now and then, if you celebrate Christmas, then Happy Christmas and of you don't - have a fantastic break. To you all on behalf of all of us at Mougins School, I wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2015.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Our thanks to the PTA team for their organisation of the Christmas Market, so appreciated by the students and, eventually, by the happy recipients of all the Christmas gifts. Hot chocolate flowed, as did the mulled wine later in the day and the musical interlude was delightful. Well done to all who participated.

More thanks to parents and students for their generous support of our various charities. We ask a lot of you and your positive response to all the demands is heart-warming. A wonderful selection of new gifts has been sent to the Lenval Hospital for Children to brighten up their festive season and an impressive amount of clothing has gone to La Chaine de l'Espoir which takes care of children from Africa who come to France for urgent medical treatment and stay with host families.

For the third consecutive year a student from Mougins School has come first in the International Schools' Speech Competition held at the International School of Nice on Wednesday 10th December. Five schools competed with two students from each school. The subject of the first speech was ëHow to make the world a better place by the end of the 21st century'. The students' speeches showed a profound awareness of the challenges facing all of us if we wish to construct a healthier and safer world for their future. After this elimination stage, four students remained, two of whom were from Mougins School. These participants presented a speech on ëTechnology', once again showing a surprising awareness, not only of the advantages, but also the pitfalls of the technical world in which we live. Our congratulations to both Alexia Netcu (Form 9b) and Zara Blakey (Form 7b) for reaching the final stage and Isabelle Wood (Form 8b) our reserve competitor, and particularly to Zara who came first in the Competition.

Please note that the next open PTA Meeting will be on Thursday 15th January at 09h00 in the Café des Amis.All parents are welcome to attend and some change in the principal positions will be confirmed.

It is time to turn off the telephone, shut down the computer, close the agenda and savour the festive moments to be spent with family and friends.

Heat up the oven, chill the champagne, sprinkle the table with glitter, light the candles and, wherever you are, indulge yourself.

May the advent of a New Year bring you joy and, above all, the time to share the making of memories with those you love.

Happy Holidays

PTA News

Christmas Market
A very warm Thank You to all the families who kindly donated for the Christmas Market whether they were items for the children to do their holiday shopping or for the wonderful and tasty seasonal cakes, cookies and all kinds of sweets from many different countries .
This all day event held in the Hall, was a great success! Pupils loved the hot chocolate at break time and all Primary School children had a wonderful time choosing gifts for their family and getting them gift-wrapped.
Right after school, parents enjoyed mulled wine and other refreshments as well as seasonal sweets from the baking stand. Santa made an appearance to the surprised young ones and we all enjoyed the very special singing of Christmas carols to end the day beautifully!

A big Thank You also to the awesome team of about 30 parents who helped with all the tasks, to organize and put together this event, either a few hours or the whole day .
We are so grateful as it would not have been possible without you!

Coffee Club

The next Coffee Club meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 13, at the home of Cathrine Holm, one of our Mougins parents and owner of a bakery business locally. In addition to very kindly hosting us, Cathrine will demonstrate for us how to make some healthier snacks and treats for our families that we can enjoy all year long. There will be a small fee for this special morning to cover the cost of ingredients, 15€ should be sufficient. The address and directions will be provided shortly before the date to all who have reserved a place. Space is limited to the first 15 who RSVP.
RSVP to by 8th January 2015.

Culture Club

The last month event announced in the newsletter had to be canceled due to a low number of parents who signed up.
The Culture Club is a fantastic opportunity for parents to discover new places, museums etc... and also a wonderful time to be had with new or old friends .
Next event to be announced after the new year .

The PTA Committee wishes you and yours a wonderful end of the year as well as a warm and festive holiday season with family and friends.
We look forward to seeing you again in the New Year 2015 !!
The PTA Committee

Year 7 Science

The Year 7's in Science early this month set about brightening up the damp wet days experienced by creating their own rainbows - the results achieved were truly uplifting for all concerned, especially by the amazing colours achieved by the methodical work of Alexrandra, Journey, Tim and Archie in 7b form. Most impressive work all round.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Warning, Warning, Warning
This week, I received an e-mail from the Police informing me that they will be fining owners of cars that are parked on the pavement at the end of the school day from now on. They have given us 3 months to get it right and they (and I) feel that is long enough. Remember, all the negotiations with the regional authorities, to get the land and make the extra 80 spaces was to make our children safe by not using the road.

With the constantly damp weather, we will have to put off the final marking of the car parks, probably until the Christmas break (3 weeks away). However, most of the problems that still exist are related to poor behaviour and not respecting the general rules ñ and I'm not talking about children here . Two reminders:

All Secondary students must be dropped off in the Bus Stop in the morning and not driven into the School slip road ñ that reduces the traffic inside the campus by 60%!!
At the end of the day, parents of children from Form 5 upwards do not need to be picked up on the bell. I've been in the new car park at the end of several days. 10-15 minutes after the final bell, there are loads of spaces. Why not wait a little ñ your kids don't want to go straight home, anyway .

Work for Absent Students
As you will know from your Family Guide, the School does not set work for students missing school for any other reason than illness. Before you request work for your son or daughter, who is sick, please ensure they are well enough to do it. It may be more valuable to catch up afterwards rather than attempting work when you're not feeling well. My reason for bringing up the topic is that work given is rarely handed in to teachers for marking.

Winter Concert
This year's Winter Concert will be held in the Performing Arts Centre at School on Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th December at 19h00. As in previous years, two tickets will be attributed to performers for them to pick up from the office from Monday 1st December. The tickets will then be available for the general school public to collect from Wednesday 3rd December. There is no charge for the concert tickets, although you will have the opportunity to make a donation towards extra music equipment ñ amplifiers etc. A reminder : All performers in the concert have a compulsory rehearsal on Sunday 14th December from 09h30 ñ 14h00 (this date was on the rehearsal schedule, too)

Primary Winter Assemblies
There are three Primary Winter assemblies this year:
Early Years and Reception ñ Wednesday 10th December at 09h00
Forms 1, 2, &3 - Thursday 11th December at 09h00
Form 4, 5, &6 - Friday 12th December at 09h00

End of Term
The end of the Autumn Term is on Friday 19th December at 12h00. Please note, lessons will generally go on until the end of term. It is also important that we share this special time of the year all together, so please be here until Friday. During the morning, your child(ren) will be given their School Report in an envelope that will also contain the final Newsletter of 2014.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

The School is delighted to be able to offer our parents an opportunity to purchase original festive decorations created by the Atelier d'Art Floral de Mougins, members of whom have been providing and nurturing our internal planting and floral arrangements for many years. The Association will be present on Friday 5th December at 15h30 outside the School Office when the PTA offers mulled wine and festive gourmandises to parents, as well as a chance to exercise your vocal chords with a seasonal sing along. Examples of the decorations will be available, together with the possibility to order and then collect your purchases on 12th December or by arrangement with the Association. A presentation book is in the Office should you wish to have a preview of the floral arrangements.

For several years parents and students of Mougins School have tried to brighten the lives of children in hospital during the festive season and we would like to continue this gesture. If you wish to participate, you can do so by purchasing a new toy or children's gift and bring it to your child's/children's class,unwrapped, between 1st and 12th December. All gifts must be new as they need to be sterile and they will be delivered to the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice. I thank you in advance for your kind generosity. Living in this beautiful part of the world, it is hard to believe that there are many senior citizens and families who are in precarious situations or poverty. In order to ensure that they have the necessary minimum to survive the winter months you may wish to donate a food item (dried/tinned goods, pasta, rice, pulses, biscuits, cereals etc). Just one item per family would help those in need. If you wish to donate, please put your items in my office before 12th December.

We are continuing to support victims of the typhoon in the Philippines in 2014, many of whom are still living in tents. If you have clothes, (lightweight), you wish to donate, please put them in a plastic bag marked PHILIPPINES. Should you have children's winter clothes we are also collecting these for children from Africa who come to France for surgical interventions that cannot be performed in their home country. These children stay with host families who may not have the means to clothe them and they will be needing winter weight clothing at this time of year. Should you be able to help with a donation please bring in your items in a plastic bag clearly marked AFRICA. †Please bring in your clothing donations to my office during the week of 7th ñ 12th December (last day).

Should you wish to make a financial donation to a cause that is being supported by the School, there is a box in the School Office in which you may put an envelope, clearly marked please with either EDUCATINGCAMBODIA or CANCER RESEARCH. Sincere thanks, once again, to all those parents who support our causes so generously. For your information, the 3,000Ä raised during our inaugural theatre evening for Cambodia has been used to purchase school books and uniforms for the children attending school, as well as paying the teacher's salaries for the month of December. The 800Ä raised by the Primary School on Pyjama Day has gone into a fund †to raise money for a High School. The recipients thank you all for caring.

PTA News

A warm Thank You to the families who have already kindly donated to the Primary School Christmas Market!!

We need your help and support to make this special event a very successful one and to give our younger children the opportunity to do their own holiday shopping during school time Friday 5th December. Items need to be in a very good condition, toys, books,

games, candles, soaps etc....a gift idea for each member of the family, sister, brother, mother and father ( especially father and brother )
There are 2 very festive boxes decorated by Biggy in Elisabeth's office, waiting for your generous donations.

During the day, starting close to lunch time , a team of mums will offer typical seasonal cookies and cakes from many countries ; a great way to show and appreciate how each of our Mougins School families celebrates this festive time of the year!
Then at 15h30 until about 17h, we will also have mulled wine for the parents, and hot chocolate for the children after which you can join and sing along festive and well known songs with the kind help of Mrs Elcome .
This event will benefit the PTA .

We had a great turn out for our AGM Open Meeting !
We want to thank everyone who attended as it is the best way to know what is happening in your school and therefore one of the best opportunities to support and get involved in your child(ren)'s education .
You will find the Minutes on the PTA website

The Coffee Club is going really well ; we have had three coffee mornings so far, the first at the Mas Candille, which was a huge success, then at the Café des Arcades in Valbonne and lastly at L'Olivier both witha great turn out. It¥s always very pleasing to see new faces joining us !
We are also already hard at work planning coffee club dates for 2015!
We welcome any suggestions you may have for different venues.
Thank you for your support- we look forward to seeing many of you for the next event :
Manoir de L'Etang in Mougins , Tuesday 16th December from 9am,
coffee and pastries 4Ä.
For more information, please contact Cath or Dena:

This month's Culture Club event was a very interesting guided visit of the permanent collection at the MUSEE PICASSO, in ANTIBES .Then everyone enjoyed a great lunch Chez Marguerite et Vincent.
The next Culture Club , visit and date will be sent out soon .

For more information please contact Caroline Higgins

Thank you Ladies for organizing these wonderful events !!

A big thank you to all the PTA members , pupils and parents for their support and kind help !
We couldn't do it without you !!

Your PTA Committee

Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science were studying acids and alkali's this month. They studied substances that we use in everyday life like toothpaste, vinegar, washing powder and coffee that may not be thought of commonly as acidic or alkaline. More dangerous examples were also studied to include battery acid, drain cleaner and oven cleaners where great care is needed in their use. Pictured here are some of the Year 7b with their excellent descriptive posters on the pH scale of acidity and alkalinity. The effort these students put into the completion of this assignment shone through. Very well done from Mrs. Keeling.
Year 8 Science
In Science, Year 8 studied Respiration this past month which included the areas of fitness testing using breathing and pulse rates. Here the 8A group are doing impressive energetic star-jumps - a fun way to spend a science lesson, or was it a disguised surprise extra PE lesson for the students? They were certainly enjoying themselves whatever conclusion is reached.†

Headmaster's Notes

A Short Break
School breaks up today for a short half-term break. We resume on Monday 3rd November at the normal start times. Please make sure your children are in School on the first day back. Thank you.

School Photographs
The photographer was in school as planned earlier this week. The packs of photographs will arrive shortly after half-term. You will have the choice of purchasing the pack or returning it to School. In the pack there will be a form, should you wish to re-order more photos (for uncles, aunts & grandparents etc). The re-ordered photos will arrive in time for the end of term, so could make an additional Christmas presents.

Car Park Issues
Hopefully one day, I will not put anything in the newsletter about parking. I don't think it's yet, though ...
Handicap Spaces:
We have had a number of children with injuries this term, requiring them to use crutches. Parents driving these children to School should be able to use the handicap parking spaces. Unfortunately, there are still members of our community who ignore their purpose they clearly don't share the same values as the majority of us. Please leave the handicap spaces vacant, unless you have a legitimate reason for using them. Thank you for your consideration for those who have to use them.

Staff On Duty
Every morning, members of staff and senior students kindly man the car park and bus stop to ensure the safety of the children as they come into School. They have no obligation to do so. It is very discouraging, to say the least, for both staff and senior students, if they are verbally abused because they have asked a parent to do/ or not to do something in the slip road and car park. This has now happened on a number of occasions and needs to stop! It is not in the spirit of the school and gives totally the wrong message to the children, who are generally subjected to witnessing poor adult behaviour. Let's get this right, shall we?

Please note the School will be closed for two days on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st November for Staff Training Days. Enjoy the long weekend!

Have a good half-term break.

From Sue Dunnachie

I am delighted to be able to announce that the sum of 2,925E was raised for Educating Cambodia from ticket sales and bar takings during our evening of theatre and the presentation of ëThe Picture of Dorian Gray' on 25th September. A heartfelt thanks to all those who supported this very successful presentation in support of such a good cause.

For more than twenty years, members of the Primary School Choir have been delighting residents of the Senior Citizen Home, the Font de l'Orme, with a musical celebration of the Harvest Festival. This year was no exception so a big thank you to all who participated as well as Mrs Martin and Ms Dixon. Our gratitude also to the generous parents who donated foodstuff which was delivered to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice, where they run a home for the elderly who have no means of support.

Students who were in Form 11 last year and close friends of Pierre Shams, who sadly passed away, collected 150E working on a Business Studies project and have donated this to the collection for the bench which has been placed in the Garden of Tranquility in his memory. We thank them for their generosity.

PTA News

The next Open PTA Meeting will be the AGM / Annual General Meeting, Thursday 6th November at 9h00, in the School Cafeteria ' Café des Amis.
All parents are warmly invited to this meeting at which Dorothy Forbes/ PTA President will report on the year's events and Fofi Vassilopoulou / PTA Treasurer on the accounts.

Sports Day

A great team of parents prepared and served sandwiches, pastries, oranges and refreshments including coffee, during the Middle and Upper School Sports day in Mandelieu. It was a fantastic day for pupils and parents who came to support their child(ren)!

PTA Coffee Club

Our September Coffee Club organized by Cath Roberts and Dena Doulaveris was held at the Mas de Candille in Mougins and was a great success. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed coffee, juice and fine pastries in a beautiful setting outside among wonderful company.
The next event will be held in Valbonne Village Square, at the Café des Arcades Tuesday 21 October at 9h after drop off. All parents are welcome !

PTA Culture Club

For the first Culture Club visit of the year, organized by Caroline Higgins and Elisabeth Hachem, we were delighted by the fantastic turn out 20 plus - on a really discouraging rainy and miserable day. Those who made it were rewarded with a wonderful tour, with an excellent French guide, of this charming museum Musée Bonnard and especially this delightful and eclectic special exhibition les Belles Endormies. We were particularly captivated by the paintings by Manguin, and so when we were told that there was to be an exhibition devoted entirely to his work next summer, we knew we had another Culture Club trip in the diary.

The next trip is to the Picasso Museum in Antibes, date to be confirmed but pencilled in for Thursday November 27th. We had to cancel our al fresco lunch last time for obvious reasons, so this time the venue will be one hundred percent weather proof!

Cake Sale

As part of our popular cake sales organized by Primary School, the fund raising one for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in early October raised 1000 Euros. Thank you to everyone who either donated baked goods and/ or bought one to support this charity.
May I kindly remind parents not to use any nuts in their baked goods for allergy risks.Thank you.

Dear pupils, teachers and parents,
A little word to say a profound thank you to one and all, who took the time to bake, buy a cake or who just donated to my cause..
Because of the amazing support by everyone you have raised 1,000 Euros towards trying to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis...
A massive thank you goes to Rachel Aspergen for organising the whole event and who was the driving force behind it all.....
Thank you personally to all of you for all the support, what an amazing achievement!!!
Alex Burr

Primary School Christmas Market

Friday 5 December
Each year we organize a Christmas market to allow our younger children to do their own shopping before the end of term during school time. All the children of Primary School will be able to find presents for their family from 50 cents to 8-10 Euros. Those items will be wrapped for you to have a real surprise.

Of course we can't do that without your help !

We need donations from everybody, even if you don't have any children from Primary School. We all have things at home we do not use any more and which are in a very good condition. It can be toys, books, decorative items, candles, soaps, ties etc We need gifts for mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers (especially fathers and brothers). There will be a box in Elisabeth's office after half term where you can put your donation in (unwrapped).

For the parents who have children in Primary School, please send them to school with some money ( in change please) and a bag to carry their purchases. The kids love it and we have a good time doing it.

If you want to help or if you need any more information please let us know and contact Dorothy Forbes
Thank you in advance for your help and support.

PTA Car Boot Sale

The stall holders started arriving bright and early on a beautiful day for this rescheduled event! The buyers were numerous and happy to find new treasures to bring home.
It was such a successful event that the PTA committee is considering holding another one in Spring; we will let you know in advance if this idea is confirmed.

A big Thank You to all the parents who volunteered and organized all these events! Your help is very much appreciated!!
Your PTA Committee

Headmaster's Notes

Off to An Excellent Start
The school year is off to a good start and our students are already working hard at their studies. New students to the School have settled well, and existing ones are back into the rhythm after the long summer break. We know that parents will do everything they can to encourage their child(ren) to produce their best in all aspects of the school curriculum.

A Tribute
Families who were in the School last year will all remember the sad loss of Pierre Shams Marot, a student from Form 11. During the summer break a memorial bench was made bearing Pierre Shams' name. This beautiful teak bench has been placed in the quiet garden area between the Administration and Science Buildings. Many of you expressed the desire to be part of this permanent remembrance by making a donation. If you would like to do so, please put the sum of your choice in an envelope and bring it, or send it in with your child, to the School Office. We also hope to be able to make a donation to the Children's Cancer Wing in the Hopital l'Archet, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was treated for many months. Thank you in advance of your generosity.

Getting There, but Not There Yet!
The new car park has clearly made a huge difference to the beginning and end of the school day. Of course, it takes time to adapt to change and the fact that work is still going on doesn't help the situation. There is still one major piece of work to do, which will be done during the half term break. This will involved cutting a large trench across the old car park to install underground pipes to take away rain water. Work will start two days before the break to give the necessary time to finish before we return.

However, there are a few things we can all do to make things work better than they currently are.

Drop all Secondary School students in the bus stop in the morning - a kiss and fly system. This will cut down the traffic on the School slip road.

Do not park on the pavement in the road. The safety of the children was our argument for gaining permission to build the car park. It may mean that you or your child has to walk a little further - there is a footpath directly to the new car park for
your use. The Municipal Police will shortly be doing their rounds and offenders may well be fined. We were given one month's grace to get it right.

The parking spaces on both sides of the slip road until your arrive in the larger car park are for staff use only. Even if your stop is a short one, please do not use them.

Thank you to those parents using the roundabout as a roundabout. The car park will have the correct signs and ground markings once we have finished the trench at half term.

There is a very obvious space for the large bus behind the wooden posts before the exit. Please do not park behind this space - whether the bus is in it or not. If the bus is there, it may be going out, including to an after school activity. If the bus is not there, it may be back anytime.

The new cark park has either 2 spaces or 3 spaces between the trees. Please think if others and park accordingly.

At the end of the day, if parents of all 500 students try to arrive exactly when the bell rings, it will not work!! The parking at the end of the day is essentially for parents of Early Year, Reception and Forms 1 and 2, who pick the children up from their classrooms. Secondary School students can be picked up at least 20 minutes after the final bell. Why not try different pick up times to see which works best for you?

Campus Security
May I remind you that the School grounds are not accessible to parents and visitors during the school day. Please wait outside the wooden fence until the final bell has rung at the end of the day. If you need to come into School during the day, please use the small gate in front of the Administration Building and report to the Office. If you are picking up your child, they will make their way to the Office. To be able to move further into the campus during the school day, you will be issued with a badge with a red cord.

School Photographer
Every year, a professional photographer comes to the School to take individual and class photographs. This year, he will be at the School for two days - Monday and Tuesday 20th & 21st October 2014. It will also be possible for him to take brother/sister photographs, almost certainly on the Tuesday.

Dogs on Campus
We are a family school and dogs are part of many families. If you do bring your dog into School at the end of the day, please make sure you have a little plastic bag in your pocket in case he or she responds to a call of nature. We have had a couple of "messages" on the football pitch that were not cleaned up - need I say more?

Vacation Already!
The half term break begins on Friday 24th October at 15h30 - i.e. in four weeks. Teachers will teach right up to the last day so please avoid the temptation to leave beforehand. Thank you!

From Ms Elcome-Head of Music

We have contact with a saxophone teacher from Nice who will come to teach at Mougins, if he has a minimum of 6 students. We have 3 interested students so far, so PLEASE let me know if your child would like to learn the sax or clarinet. We do have a limited number of school saxes and clarinets available to borrow.

Examination Results

Summer 2014

There were 364 separate (I)GCSEs taken last summer. Grades A*, A, B & C are accepted by universities and are necessary for a student to continue a particular subject to AS and A level.

Results for (I)GCSEs are given for Form 11 only, including any subjects they took a year early in Form 10. The A*-C pass rate this year was - 89,6%. Of the 45 students in Form 11, 93.3% achieved at least 5 (I)GCSEs with A*-C

Notable performances:
Melissa Boyce-Hurd (8xA*)(1xA)
Fraser Douglas (8xA*)(1xA)
Anastasia Vladimirov (7xA*)(2xA)(1xB)
Darja Berga (4xA*)(5xA)

Nikita Jesaibegjans (4xA*)(2xA)(3xB)
Liv Steinsland (3xA*)(5xA)(1xB)
David Tersiguel (3xA*)(4xA)(2xB)
Camille Penchart-Deny (2xA*)(4xA)(3xB)
Charlotte Dean (2xA*)(4xA)(3xB)
Peter Maltzoff (2xA*)(3xA)(4xB)
Oliver Bennett (1xA*)(7xA)(1xC)
Carmel Van der Weide (1xA*)(2xA)(6xB)
Lisa Nightingale (1xA*)(2xA)(6xB)
Mica Bearman (5xA)(4xB)
Sophie Tsalik (4xA)(5xB)

AS Levels
Students at Mougins School generally study between 4 and 6 AS levels. This year, 173 AS levels were taken. Grades A to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results are for Form 12 only, including any AS Levels they sat last year. The pass rate was 88.4%
Notable performances:
Tymothy Severgnini AAAAAC
Artus Barris AAAAA
Sidney Voerman AAAAA
Kiki Vierdag AAAAC
Esmeralda Ypsilanti AAABB
Dominic Roberts AAABD
Stylianos Mavrotas AAAD
Ahmad Chaudary AAA
Vivianne Jakobsson AABB
Robert Mueller AABB
Shadan Mirzaei AABB
William Ward AABBCE

A Levels
Students generally take 3 or 4 A levels. This year 119 separate A levels were taken. Grades A* to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results for A Levels are for Form 13 only and include any A Levels they may have taken in Form 12. The pass rate was 96.6% this year.

Notable performances:
Sam Voerman A*A*A*B
Benjamin Honan A*A*A*
Alycia Class A*AAA
Sam Beard AAA
William Derriman AAA
David Heiberg A*AB
Marc Zouari A*BC
Marianne Ray ABBB
Emiliya Anoshchenko AACC
Lenka Baranova ABC
Cornelius Kobrock BBCC

University Places - Graduates 2014

United Kingdom
Sam Allen University of Lincoln
Tamara Davies Bristol City University
Jessica Davis Edge Hotel School, London
William Derriman Bristol University
Yasmine Gaio Kings College, London
David Heiberg St Andrews
Antonia Holden North East Scotland College
Ben Honan Imperial College, London
Olivia Kershaw University of Greenwich
Nicholas Romanov University of Greenwich
Kamilla Torma Northbrook College
Kalina Vodenicharova City University, London
Artio Zeynalov Regents College, London

Cecilia Marinelli University of Chicago
Marianne Ray Tufts University, Boston

The Netherlands
Stijn Kempen Nyenrode Business School
Sandra Rigoulet The Hague University
Ben Van Os Hotel School, The Hague
Sam Voerman Maastricht University

Emily Anoshchenko Paris College of Art
Mariana Borer Ecole FAM
Jason Davis SKEMA
Elie Keslassy SKEMA
Adam Nilsson SKEMA
Joanna Roger American Business School, Paris

Marc Zouari Business School of Lausanne
Jamil El Barbir St Gallen, Switzerland

Gap Year
Prior to university, these students will be spending the year in differrent areas, to gain valuable life experience.

Helena Amarantinis Voluntary work with animals in Thailand
Lenka Baranova
Sam Beard Working on Yachts
Alycia Class Laboratory internship and volunteering abroad
Elliot Green
Tom Hallett
Humphrey Hamilton Internship at Inspirit Energy
Cornelius Kobrock Academie de Golf
Camilla Yavas

From Sue Dunnachie

A sincere thank you to all students, staff and parents who came to our theatrical evening in support of Educating Cambodia. We were particularly lucky to have such talented actors performing at School and the presence of John Mann the founder of this Association. Our students were able to talk to John about his work when he visited us during the week and Primary students prepared some special artwork for John to take back to the Cambodian children. Information regarding the money raised will be in the next Newsletter.

On 10th October our Primary School students will be celebrating the Harvest Festival. Part of this celebration consists of members of the Choir visiting the Senior Citizens' Home at the Font de l'Orme in order to entertain the residents with several songs. We have done this for over twenty years and are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Both students and seniors enjoy this event and our participation is much appreciated. We also ask parents for a donation of dried and canned food which we then distribute to Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice, a charitable institution caring for elderly people with no means of support.
On Saturday 11th October the PTA is organising a Car Boot Sale in the School car park. This will take place from 09h00 until 16h00. The sale is open to parents and the public and places will be allocated on a ëfirst come, first served' basis.† Places cost 20Ä for parents and 25Ä for other participants and this will give you one and a half spaces in which to put your car and any display material you care to put out (tables etc.) Naturally, you may not wish to bring a car but just come along for the day and see what bargains you can find. If this is the case, there will be limited parking at School or you can use the public parking by the Font de l'Orme Gymnasium, (leaving School going towards Mougins, at the first roundabout take the second exit and the Gymnasium is at the end of the road on your right - a short walk from School).† For reservations please e-mail Miriam at or telephone 06 07 37 27 43.

Mougins School will be celebrating the Semaine du Gout' (Week of Taste) from 20th to 24th October. During the week students who eat in the Cafe des Amis will enjoy food from Spain, Morocco and China and students in Forms 3 and 5 will be participating in workshops where they will discover the taste of spices, herbs, sweet, sour, acid and salt. During the same week, on the Thursday, the chef will be preparing a Halloween lunch so some gourmet moments to look forward to.

At Mougins School we always try to assist those less fortunate than ourselves and I have had a request to help a family in difficulties who have a newborn baby. If you have any baby clothes for 0-6 months, in excellent condition, which you are able to donate, please bring them to the Office and they will be passed on. Thank you in advance.

Lost Property is an eternal problem at School. There is a large wooden container in the corridor of the Administration building and most lost items find their way into the container. Unfortunately items can include handbags, school books, †expensive clothing and shoes. If your child leaves school at the end of the day without the same articles of clothing with which they arrived, please check the container. On the last Friday of each month the contents will be on display outside the Administration building and any unclaimed clothing or shoes will go in the recycle bin in the School car park.

Secondary School Parents Evening

The following Parents' Evenings will take place, this term, for students in Forms 7 - 13:

Year 11 Evening - Parent Meeting at 18h00 followed by Formal Parent's Evening from 18h30 - Thursday 9th October
Year 9+13 - Monday 13th October
Year 8+12 - Monday 10th November
Year 7+10 - Thursday 13th November

All Parents' Evenings take place between 18h00 and 21h00 and are held in the Examination Room and adjacent classrooms, upstairs in the Rosanna Building.
Parents will receive a letter and an appointment sign-up form prior to each Parents' Evening, where they are asked to indicate which teachers they would like to see. It is not obligatory to see all teachers.
Parents' Evenings are an opportunity to meet your children's teachers and to discuss pupil progress. All parents are encouraged to attend.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

End of Another Year
Today marks the end of the academic year, and in just over two months your child(ren) will have moved up a class. It is surprising how quickly children move up through the School. In the graduated class tonight, there are three students who started at Mougins School with Nurse Marian in Early Years Mougins School Pedigrees.

A Fond Farewell
At the end of every year, we say goodbye to families and staff who have been part of the Mougins School family. It is the nature of international schools, as they permit people to globe trot with their children and follow similar English speaking education wherever they go. After many years of dedication and passion for her work, Mrs Denise Aughton, our Librarian since the creation of the Millennium Library Building, is leaving us to enjoy retirement with her husband. We wish them happiness in their travels. Mrs Fabienne Hallett will be our new librarian from September. Mr Ian Boyce, Subject Leader for Secondary English, will be moving back to the UK after six years of dedicated teaching and subject leadership. Mr Stephen Sexton will be his replacement. Mr Mike Owen (Key Stage Two Science) and Mrs Elaine Owen (Primary School Form 6 teacher) will be taking a sabbatical year. Mrs Kathryn McGahie will be joining the Primary staff for one year and Mrs Caren Coonan will join the KS3 Science & Maths Departments.

Finally, in September Mrs Helena ????? will join the Modern Languages Department to teach Spanish to replace Mrs Ninonska Morancay

Remembering Pierre Shams Marot
A term has gone by since the tragic loss of Pierre Shams in Form 11. Since that time, a large number of parents, students and teachers have been discussing how we can keep Pierre Shams in our minds and hearts in the years to come and pay tribute to his courage. His class mates have suggested a teak garden bench in the quiet area between the Science and Administration Building, which would be engraved with his name, and the possibility of planting a tree in the same area. Others have also suggested making a donation to the cancer unit for young people in líArchet Hospital, in Nice, where Pierre Shams was so well looked after during his illness.

With your help and generosity, I believe we can do all of these things. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so any time during the summer vacation and throughout September. Office hours during the vacation are 08h30 15h00 (except the last week in July / 1st week in August when we are closed), or you can send your donation to the School address to be found in this newsletter. Donations can be by cheque, made payable to Mougins School.

I will keep you fully informed of the results of your generosity in the first newsletter of next year, at the end of September. Thank you in advance.

Car Park for the New School Year
After very long negotiations and French administrative difficulties - nearly 5 years - we will have our new car park for the new school year (I think!). It may not be quite finished as a result of the above mentioned difficulties. I need your help to overcome some final obstacles, as sometimes urban rules seem to take precedence over the security of our children. If you feel that parking in the busy road in front of the School presents a danger for your children, perhaps you would like to write to me to express your concerns. The letters can be short or long, mild or strong, and in English or French. Thank you.

Happy Hols!
This is a bumper year as far as the summer vacation is concerned. Every six years, the school calendar jumps forward a week. This means that the school year will end on 3rd July in 2015, but to compensate for the late finish, we start the school year later. We will be welcoming the new students to the School on Friday 5th September 2014 and the start of term for all students is Monday 8th September 2014 at 08h45.

On behalf of all my teaching and non-teaching colleagues, I would like to wish you a great summer, doing all the things you like to do in your leisure time with your children. If you are leaving us this year, we wish you every success and happiness in the future please keep us up to date with your news. For the majority, we look forward to welcoming you back, batteries recharged, on the 8th September. Bon ÈtÈ!

From Sue Dunnachie

FIGHT CANCER by supporting the Cancer Research Race for Life being organised in France for the first time, on Sunday 27th July at the Etang de Fontmerle in Mougins. 300 Race for Life events are organised in the UK each year, these are for women only and raise millions of pounds annually. If you wish to support this initiative please go into the following website for full information on the organisation of the Race:
At the end of another school year, when we see thirty seven Graduates moving forward into our somewhat troubled world I hope they will take with them fond memories of all that Mougins School has provided, not only in academic terms and the development of their various talents, but in terms of friendships. The School has helped to nourish these relationships, now it is up to our Graduates to sustain them. May they share disappointment and success, joy and sorrow, love and loss and, above all, may these friendships nourish their lives and make them richer.

I wish you all an excellent summer, time to relax and enjoy family and friends and either return or move on revived and with renewed vigour.

PTA News

2014 Summer Fair
Parents, pupils, school staff and friends came in large numbers to join in the fun at the 2014 Summer Fair. Participants enjoyed a packed programme of Children's Games, Art and Outdoor Leaning Centre Exhibitions, Battle of the Bands, Mougins School has Talent and the Fashion Show. There were opportunities to shop at the Artisanal Fair and sample international cuisines at the Asian, BBQ, British, Dessert, Mediterranean and Russian Food Stands. Drinks were on offer from the Juice Bar, the Champagne and Pimms Bar, plus the usual selection of soft drinks and wine.
The Fair was busy from 15h onwards with families turning up promptly to take part before the rain.

The weather was unfortunate, but our guests really enjoyed themselves and felt proud to be part of such a fun occasion for the entire school community. It was a lovely note on which to end the school year.

A big thank you to all the parent, teacher and pupil volunteers who helped make the Fair happen - too many to mention individually, but your contribution was really appreciated!
2014/15 PTA Committee
The following Committee members were voted into the new committee at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on the 5th of June.
-Lower School Representative:
Isabella Pedrazzi (we are still looking for a co-lead)
-Middle School Representative
Mary Ward
-Upper SchoolRepresentative:
Tamra Hooker (previously Middle School Representative)
- Refreshments: Francesco Astengo & Mariya Tsentser
- Coffee Club: Dena Doulavaris & Cath Roberts, with assistance from Diane Pinchart-Deney & Isabella Pedrazzi
- Culture Club: Elisabeth Hachem, Elena Gueret, Caroline Higgs & Romney Thompson
- Communication: Devin Smith, focusing on the PTA website and other electronic communications.

The Executive positions remain unchanged for one final year:
- Dorothy Forbes: President
- Myriam Larfaoui: Vice-President
- Fofi Ypsilanti: Treasurer
- Diane Pinchart-Deny: Secretary

Shan Rose will continue as the lead for theStaff Appreciation Lunch.Myriam Larfaoui volunteered to coordinate music at PTA events such at the Talent Show and the Summer Fair, replacing Kaisa Torma. We would like to thank Kaisa for her tremendous contribution to the school over many years, as well as her organisation of the Christmas Market, together with Marie Claude Fox.
A bigThank Youto the leaving Committee Members (Ignazia Severgnini , Marianne Vos,Suzanne McClelland & Rachel Aspergren) for all their hard work and dedication over many years .Rachel Aspegren will step down from the Committee but will continue to focus on managing the Outdoor Learning Centerproject.
The full minutes for the OGM are available on the PTA Website,

Headmaster's Notes

The Final Month of the School Year
When we return to School on Monday, we will be in June and on our final countdown to the last day of term Friday 27th June. As always at this time of year, time will fly and the four weeks will be packed with events and activities please keep a close eye on the calendar, which is available on the website.

Internal, End of Year Examinations Secondary
These important assessments will begin on Wednesday 4th June and finish on Friday 13th June for all students in Forms 7 to 10.

Form 12 Return to School
Students in Form 12, who will shortly finish their AS level examinations, will be returning to School from Tuesday 10th Friday 20th June from 09h00 ñ 12h00 each day. During this time, they will be meeting speakers from outside of School, starting their higher education applications, looking at colleges, universities and careers worldwide. This is not an optional period, but a compulsory element of their studies.

Peripatetic Music Teachers
At Mougins School, we are very privileged to have a fine group of external music teachers giving private instruments lessons to students throughout the School. They offer a wide range of instruments including piano, guitar, drums, voice, flute & violin. These talented people are not employed by the School, but are self employed. Under normal circumstances, if you wish your child to benefit from one or more of these musicians, you will be invoiced a term in advance and payment is due immediately. It is also normal that unless the teacher has prior notice of absence, so they can re-organise their schedule, you will be paying for a session that your child misses. It is not acceptable to wait until the end of term and then claim your child didnt go to half of his/her lessons.

In discussion recently with the peripatetic teachers, I was shocked to learn that a large number of parents owe musical tuition fees, some for over a term. If your child is receiving musical tuition, please ensure you are fully paid up. Simple adage: if you want it, pay for it; if you dont want to pay for, dont have it.

Medical Forms
Just a reminder that we require up to date medical information for all children in the School. These records are kept confidentially by the School

Nurse. These need to be updated every 2/3 years with a full physical examination given by your doctor. Nurse Marian will send out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form to her in September 2014. Nurse Marian is always available should you have any questions.

Extension Car Park
I am sure you have all noticed the large area of land we have cleared beyond the car park near the exit. This is to be the extension to our present car park, and should be ready for use in September 2014, when we return to School (Monday 8th September). From that time, we will still ask secondary school parents to drop off at the bus stop to avoid congestion in the slip road, but those primary parents who need to park generally Early Years, Reception and Forms 1& 2, will now be able to park and walk safely into School. Parking along the road, which is dangerous for children and parents alike, will not be permitted.

Enjoy all the activities and events during the next four weeks.

From Sue Dunnachie

I would like to thank students and staff and, of course, parents, for their support of our Bowl of Rice initiative in the CafÈ des Amis. As a result of this, together with a very generous gesture from the Student Council, we are able to send 1,300€ to educatingcambodia. The Student Council had raised money with a cake sale and car washing for parents and this was going towards the organisation of their Prom Dinner. Unfortunately there was an insufficient number of students wishing to participate in the Prom, so the students have generously donated money raised towards the purchase of text books, exercise books and pens. If you would like to see the lovely letter received from John Mann who is behind this wonderful project, please go on to our website ( and click on Current News. We will be welcoming John to the School in September when professional actors will be performing The Picture of Dorian Grey in a further fund-raising venture.

You have received an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony and End of Year Farewell in this Newsletter. Although this Ceremony concerns our older students, all parents are welcome.
In order to keep in touch with School events you can consult the School Calendar on our website.

Culture Club

On May 15th, over 30 parents from Mougins School enjoyed a visit to the Chateau de Berne wine cellars. As we were such a large group,†we were split into two groups; the first group†visited the wine cellars with† a guide offering us an insight into their wine making followed by teaching us how to taste 6 of their wines. The second group started their visit with the wine tasting so were nicely warmed up for the visit to the cellars.† We then had a wonderful lunch outside organized by Elisabeth Hachem and then returned to school on the Mougins School bus kindly lent to us by the school for the day together with their driver.

PTA News

PTA AGM Meeting, 5th June
The PTA Annual General Meetingwill take place onThursday June 5th at 9am, School Cafeteria: All parents are warmly invited to this meeting at which the 2014/15 Committee will be nominated. The following positions become vacant in the new school year (i.e., from September):
- Lower School Representative
- Culture Club (to organise with Elisabeth Hachem )
- Coffee Club (to organise with Dena Doulaveris)
- Refreshments
- Communications
If you would like to stand for a position, please contact the PTA President, Dorothy Forbes: Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on the roles.

Your support for the PTA activities is very much appreciated!

Coffee Club, Wednesday, 4th June
The final Coffee Club of the year will be held on Wednesday,June 4 at 09h00 atHotel Le Mas Candille,Boulevard ClÈment Rebuffel,06250 Mougins. Therewill be a charge of Ä3,50 per coffee or tea.Le Mas Candille will offercomplimentary cakes and pastries. To RSVP or for more information, pleasecontact

Summer Fair 2014, Saturday 14th June
The Summer Fair will take place on Saturday, 14th June from 15h00 onwards. The programme this year will include a Battle of the Bands, Mougins School has Talent, Childrenís Games, Football Tournament, Fashion Show, Artisanal Fair, and a super selection of food and drinks stands (Asian, Anglo-American, BBQ, Desserts, Juice Bar, Champagne Bar, Soft Drinks, Wine & Beer, Northern European, Scandinavian and Russian at the last count).
As always, we count on your support both in the organization and in participation ñ this really is a joyful way to end the school year.
Some specific ways you can participate: Fashion Show models: Biggy Wolff: is actively recruiting models aged 6+. To take part, please forward Biggy a recent photograph of child with date of birth and height. There will be a casting on Wednesday, 4th June at 13h00, after school, plus dress rehearsals on Wednesday 11th at 13h00 and Friday 13th June at 15:30.

Mougins School has Talent: An opportunity for singers, dancers and performers of all kinds to get on stage and show off their talent. This is informal entertainment (not a competition) with no rehearsals or auditions. Simply sign up and join in. Application forms are available in the School Office and will be distributed by PTA email. Alternatively email either, or with details of act.

Artisanal Fair: Some stands are still available. Contact for more informationDonate to, or help run a food or beverage stall: A super opportunity to showcase regional dishes Ö think Staff Appreciation Lunch for parents and pupils!Volunteer to help with the various activities and organization: from Fashion Show glamour to site clearing up at Fair close.
Looking forward to seeing you on the day,
PTA Committee

Tuesday 17th June 2014: A guided tour in Engish to the fascinating LAND ART project created by artist Spencer Byles, followed by a lunch in the charming village of St Paul de Vence.

We will start the day with a tour into the magical forest of La Colle sur Loup, where artist Spencer Byles has created a unique universe of sculptures out of all natural sourced materials; called ëA YEAR IN A FRENCH FORESTí. After discovering his artwork, we will walk through the cobbled street of St Paul de Vence and have lunch in this historical village, before we all return to school in time for pick-up.

We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave soon afterwards.

Please reserve your place by e-mail to: or by phone to Elisabeth Hachem on 06 25 50 29 29 or in an envelope in the mailbox in the schools office with your name, mobile number and email address, so we can contact you if necessary. Please note that lunch is NOT included in the price.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Tragic Loss of a Student
I am so sad to inform you, that after a long fight against cancer, Pierre Shams Marot in Form 11 lost the battle during the Spring Vacation. Throughout his illness, Pierre-Shams was a pillar of determination and courage and an incredible example to us all in the face of adversity. He was set on keeping everything in his life going as fully as possible right up until the spring vacation. Many students, parents and teachers attended Pierre-Shamís funeral to show their love and affection for him and to support his family. He will be greatly missed. Over the coming weeks, we will be discussing how we can pay tribute to Pierre-Shams and ensure his memory is always with us. We will contact you all as soon as possible to let you know how you can participate in this tribute.

Front of School Security
We have made some changes to the front of School security to ensure that visitors to the campus do not just e wander in. A visitor to the campus is defined as any adult who does not work at the School. A parent known to Primary teachers may not be known by Secondary teachers and vice-versa. Therefore every adult on the campus is a stranger to someone.

The new measures are simple:
The sliding gate in front of the Administration Building will be fully open until 09h00, when it

will be closed. It now works automatically and cannot be opened by hand. Just to the right of the sliding gate, as you approach from outside, a small gate has been made and the ground in front has been re-furbished with a non-slip surface.

The small gate will be open during the day and the ramp/path will guide visitors to the front door. All visitors should go to the office to collect a badge, if they have authorization to go onto the campus, or wait in the office for their child, if they need to leave early.

At the end of the day, the sliding gate will be opened when the final bell rings. No one should enter the campus at all before that time.

The gate in front of the Hall will follow the same system ñ it will be locked at 09h00 and opened at the end of the day.

Thank you in advance of following these simple instructions

External Examinations
Today marks the first day of the external examinations for Forms 11 to 13. Over the coming weeks, our students will be sitting a full range of (I)GCSEs, AS and A Levels. We trust they have been, and still are, revising hard and we wish them every success. The results are released in August.

Car Park Extension
You may have noticed that work on the extension of the car park has finally begun! As many of you know, land purchase, administration and paperwork are slow processes in France. The extension will give us 80 more spaces, which should greatly ease the pressure before and after school. I hesitate to give a completion date, but can say with a fair amount of certainty that it will be completed for the new school year.

National Vacation Days
The month of May in France is peppered with national holidays (feries). Yesterday was the first one and next Thursday is the second. Please note that we do not do the bridge on these weekends. Students are expected in School on Friday 9th May. Please do not be tempted to make it a long weekend. However, at the end of the month, there is another break on Thursday 29th May and this time, we do make the bridge, so there is no school on Friday 30th May either.

From Sue Dunnachie

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to thank both our parents and the superb team who put in so much work to treat us to such a gastronomic feast at the Melting Pot. What an incredible display of international culinary delights, mouthfuls of sheer pleasure. Thank you so much for this display of appreciation.

Please remember that on Thursday 15th May the menu in the CafÈ des Amis will be a unique Bowl of Rice with a yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Money saved on the cost of the meal will go to educatingcambodia and we are hoping to provide books and pens for 400 children. Please encourage your child/ren to eat in the Cafe des Amis on the 15th. If they do not normally eat at School, they can make a payment of 7Ä to Corinne Hajek (Accountant), if possible by Tuesday 13th May. Once again, sincere thanks to all parents and students who support this project.

Please note that the Graduation and Prize-giving Ceremony will take place on Friday 27th June at 18h30 followed by a cocktail. Although this event concerns senior students, all students and parents are welcome. Invitations will be in the next issue of the Newsletter.

The Riviera international Singers will present their summer concerts on Friday†6th and Saturday 7th June at 20h00 at Mougins School. The concert will provide a wonderful variety of music ranging from Verdi†and Bernstein to the Beatles.. Entrance 10 EUR adults, 5 EUR for children. Come and join us for an evenings entertainment. More information available on our website:

PTA News

Some important upcoming dates:
Thursday 15th May: Culture Club Trip to Chateau de Berne. See details further on, or contact
Wednesday 4th June: Coffee Club at Mas Candille Hotel, after drop off. For more information, please contact
Thursday 5th June at 9h00: PTA Annual General Meeting in the School Cafeteria. As well as a general review of activities and finances, new committee members will be elected at the meeting. An invitation with all details will be distributed in advance.
Saturday 14th June: Summer Fair. If you would like to be involved (e.g. Host an artisinal stand, help out with games or at the food stalls, general organisation), please contact Dorothy Forbes,
More information to be distributed shortly. The minutes of the April PTA Meeting will be available shortly on the PTA website, along with information on all the above events.

Finally, a big thank you to the SAL Team for making this years lunch such an amazing celebration of our appreciation of the staff.
The PTA Committee

Thursday 15th May - Guided Tour in English of the Chateau de Berne
Located right in the heart of Provence, off the beaten track, we will discover the mysteries of winemaking as we make a 2 h1/2 tour of the vineyards and the cellars of the 300 year old castle, including a commented tasting session of 6 wines. We will then continue on to la Bouscarelles de Chateau de Berne, where we can enjoy our lunch in the shade of the olive trees, on the terrace of the ancient cellar. The lunch is not included in the price.
Mougins School has very kindly agreed to lend us their school bus and driver for the day. Places on the bus are limited, so we will act on a first come first serve basis. Please confirm your reservation by placing 28Euros in an envelope with your contact details (name, number, e-mail) in the culture club letter box in the reception office, by Monday 12th May and e-mail
We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave at 9h00 and return by 16h00. Please do not turn up on the day.

The PTA Staff Appreciation Lunch organisers would like to thank all the parents whose generous contributions towards this years lunch for staff of Mougins School made it such a success. All your contributions were greatly appreciated. What a tremendous spread of culinary delights†!

The lunch began with a champagne and caviar table, a wonderful and special way to start, and continued with a colourful array of dishes from across the globe, alongside a great collection of wine and soft drinks which were all thoroughly enjoyed by all the staff, who give so much support towards our childrenís education and wellbeing. The lunch ended with coffee and a sachet of delicious chocolates to take home with them.

We would also like to thank the staff themselves, for their enthusiastic participation in the competitions. Congratulations to Jerome Hebant for winning the competition to dress up with an item of clothing from a country of the teacherís choice, to Tanya Marsanik for winning the competition to Guess the Herb in the biscuits on the Tasting Table, and to Neelam Makaar for winning the competition for the name of next years lunch ´Walk of Flavours.

And, of course, a special thanks too, to all the parents who helped with all the preparations and clearing up on the day, and to Tom and Sandra who prepared the Cafe des Amis ready for the students for the following day. The lunch could not have gone so smoothly without all of you.

We are hoping to put together a collection of international recipes for a Mougins School International Cookery Book. Thank you to those who have already shared your recipes, and a big thank you to Vicky Morgado, who spent her break-time taking some lovely photos of some of the dishes to go in the book. If you, or your children, would like to contribute a recipe to the book, or a small description of a typical mealtime in your home country, please could you contact Shan Rose (

We look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Fair on Saturday 14th June, to share another international culinary experience, and enjoy all the entertainment planned for the event.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
The Next Academic Year
Thank you to all the parents who returned their coming back/moving on letter by last Friday, 21st March, which was the deadline. I appreciate that the post was very slow in delivery of some of them and so there are a few outstanding returns to be made. If you have not sent in your form yet, thank you in advance for quickly dealing with this small piece of administration. Remember the form must be returned if you are coming back next year, or if you are unfortunately leaving us.

ISI Inspection Report
The final report has now been sent to the School and will be available for you all to read by the end of term, on our website. You do not have to rush in it will remain on the site until it is replaced by the next inspection report a few years down the road. It takes a little while to read in full, but well worth the effort.

I would like to thank all my colleagues, teaching and non-teaching, for their hard work and patience prior to, and during the inspection itself. As many of you will know, evaluation is always a stressful time and I am delighted that their efforts have been recognized and rewarded in this excellent report. Thank you, too, to all the parents who made such positive comments about the life of their children at Mougins School.

Spring Concert
Our Spring Concert this year is on Monday and Tuesday 7th & 8th April in the last week of term in tickets are available from Monday for 5Ä from the School Office (performers should already have bought their allocated tickets this week). Performing Arts performances are always well attended at School, so I suggest you do not take a chance and just turn up on the night in buy your tickets next week!

Please Be Careful
We have been confronted several times recently by parents disciplining children other than their own on the School premises, after school hours. Parents have even entered into disputes with each other. Of course, this is unacceptable. Children are supposed to be picked up after school unless they are in a supervised activity. If you choose, however, to let your child play on after school, do not get involved in that play. Remember when children fall out, they generally make up fairly quickly afterwards in adults rarely do!

End of Spring Term
School finishes this term on Friday 11th April at 12h00 for a two week break. We resume on Monday 28th April at normal starting times. I know many students will be revising hard for their external examinations,

which begin shortly after the vacation. If your child is not in those classes, enjoy the rest!

From Sue Dunnachie

The Primary School celebrated Shrove Tuesday, 4th March with a pancake sale, proceeds of which go to the Primary Student Council. There was a lot of tossing and finger licking as the students prepared their pancakes with the expertise of Michelin starred chefs. The sum of 111 was raised and will go towards the provision of those little extras that make school life fun.

Once again the School chef will be preparing our Bowl of Rice Dayí on 15th May. Last year this was done to raise money for Pandrata Circle; an Association in India. This year we will be raising money for education in Cambodia, a project on which we will be working throughout the year.† The chef will prepare a lunch consisting of a bowl of rice with a choice of two sauces, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit, Reception and Early Years students will also have a protein element. The money saved by reducing the food produced on that day will go directly to educatingcambodia where 1,080 children are now taught in three schools. A clinic has already been built and work has started on a guest house.† Much of this is thanks to fund raising headed by Hilary King (Red Pear Theatre). All our students are welcome to participate in this lunch and we hope that parents will encourage them to do so in order to raise the maximum for such a worthy cause. We aim to try and raise enough to purchase exercise books and pens for 400 children. Any students who do not pay for their school lunches on a regular basis are very welcome to join the lunch and the price for the meal would be 7€ payable to the accountant on the day. Please encourage your child/ren to participate and our thanks in advance to all those who support our efforts to bring education to children in Cambodia.

The Spring Concert takes place in the Performing Arts Hall on Monday 7th May and Tuesday 8th May at 19h00 and tickets will be on sale for 5€ in the Office from Monday 1st April.

Nicki Elcome is in the process of trying to secure two new peripatetic music teachers who will teach flute and violin and saxophone and clarinet. In order to know if this is viable, she will need to have some idea of the number of students who would be interested. Should your child/ren wish to have lessons for one of these instruments, could you please ask them to ask Miss Elcome for the letter she has prepared regarding this information.

Please note that the clocks go forward one hour on Sunday 30th March

PTA News

The next PTA Meeting will be on Thursday 3rd April at 9am in the School Cafeteria. The agenda will be posted on the PTA website in advance of the meeting.

The Staff Appreciation Lunch 2014 (SAL) is on Wednesday 2nd April.

The Coffee Club will meet at CafÈ Latin in Valbonne (beside the central parking area) at 9am on Thursday 10th April.

During the Sports Day for Forms 3 to 6 the PTA raised 500€ for the Outdoor Learning Center. We would like to thank everyone who brought in water, oranges, cakes and pop corn, but also those parents who helped with the stand and the tidying up at the end of the day.

As we go to press, the Cookery Workshops with Jean Montagard are taking place (Friday and Saturday, 28th and 29th March). This is a unique opportunity to cook with the first French chef to be internationally recognised for his organic vegetarian dishes. Many of his dishes are also gluten free. Thank you to Shan Rose for organising.

Finally, a big thank you to Kaisa Torma and Marie-Claude Fox for organising the Talent Shows last week, a great opportunity for our children to show off a wide range of talents. Kaisa and Marie-Claude have supported the school community over many years through the organisation of numerous events, including the Christmas Market and the Talent Shows, but this comes to an end as the last of their children leaves Mougins School in June. Thank you ladies, you will be missed!

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Short Half Term
I hope you all had a good half term break. After this first week, we have only five weeks before the next holiday and then we are already in the Summer Term. For students in the examination classes, this is a time of focus and hard work as they lead up to the examination period at the beginning of May.

Starting Times
There are an increasing number of pupils late for School in the mornings. Some students in the Secondary School systematically miss assemblies on Monday and Tuesday mornings. May I remind parents that Secondary School students (Forms 7 - 13) should be in School by 08h45 and Primary School children by 09h00. Of course, we are all aware that the traffic problems in our area are a cause for concern. We each, therefore, have to adapt our departure time from home in order to arrive at School on time.

A Few Important Events
There are a number of important meetings/events in the calendar this month and early April. Please note the following:

Wed 19th March - UNSS County Championships for Orienteering - Parc de Vaugrenier, Villeneuve Loubet.
Thursday and Friday 20th & 21st March at 19h00 in the School Hall - Talent Show
Monday 24th March - Sports Day for Forms 3 to 6 - all day at School
Tuesday 25th March at 18h00 - Form 9 Options for (I)GCSE evening in the Examination Room - Rosanna Learning Centre
Tuesday 1st April at 18h00 in the School Hall - GCSE Drama Evening
Monday & Tuesday 7th & 8th April at 19h00 in the School Hall - Spring Concert
Wednesday 9th April - UNSS Regional Championships for Orienteering in St Vallier
Friday 11th April at 12h00 - End of Term

Café des Amis
Our chef will be proposing a Vegetarian main dish alternative every Thursday lunchtime. This will be printed in green and thus easily identifiable on the weekly menu.

At breaktimes only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays, children will be able to buy snacks from the dining room. These will be limited to fruit, cereal bars and cake. Chocolate bars will no longer be available.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Once again the School has broken its record for the collection of Piéces Jaunes. This year we have raised 93.5 kilos of coins for the care of children in hospital. Last year our total was 88.5 kilos. Special congratulations to the two Forms which raised the most money: in Primary students in Form 1 who raised 9.00 kilos and in Secondary, Form 9b raised 13.00 kilos. Our heartfelt thanks to all parents, staff and students who gave so generously and particular thanks to Mrs Miller who organises this School effort every year.

Form 2 have taken the initiative of starting a pen-pal relationship with a school in England in order to study geographical and cultural differences between the two schools as well as working on their literacy objectives. The school in England is a preparatory school called Haddon Dene, with a similar philosophy to our own and is situated in Broadstairs in Kent. This exercise should prove a rich and rewarding one for all con cerned.

Form 7 (Advanced Level French Group)went to the Théatre Antibea on Thursday 30th January to see "Les Fables de la Fontaine". The group had studied the different fables which were presented that day and they had learned about the life of Jean de la Fontaine. The students absolutely loved the performance and they loved the discussion with the actors at the end of the session.
Commentary from a pupil:Lara Rippinger
Au début, quand nous sommes entrés dans la salle, je croyais que le spectacle serait interprété d'une manière classique. Mais tout de suite 'Jean de la Fontaine' eut Louis XIV au téléphone, ce qui n'était pas encore inventé cette époque. Le spectacle était plein d'humour et de modernité. Chaque fable était présentée d'une manière différente. Les costumes et décors étaient variés.

Culture Club

Thursday 14th March: A guided tour in English of the medieval village of St Paul de Vence and the Maeght Foundation.
After coffee in St Paul de Vence, we will have a tour of the village on foot through the windy cobbled streets to the cemetery where Chagall was laid to rest and admire the breathtaking views. After lunch we will go to the Fondation Maeght modern art museum nestled amid the umbrella pines in the hills above the village and return to school in time for pick-up.
We will meet in the school car park at 8h45 and leave soon afterwards.

Please reserve your place by e-mail to or by phone by calling Marianne Vos on 06 86 85 83 39 and place 20€uros in an envelope with your name, mobile number and e-mail address, so we can contact you if necessary. Please note that lunch is NOT included in the price.

On the 3rd attempt, the Culture Club finally managed to do the 2 hour walking tour of Old Nice where they were greeted by magnificent blue skies & sunshine and then enjoyed a Provenal lunch in the sunny Cours Saleya.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Questionnaire - Thank You - Inspection Ahead
We would like to thank all the parents who have taken the time and trouble to fill in the online questionnaire in preparation for our ISI (Independent Schools' Inspectorate) inspection in just over a week's time. If you have not yet had the chance, you can still do so until Sunday 9th February. However, if you are unable to complete the questionnaire online, for whatever reason, you can pick up a paper copy from the office and return it, in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Reporting Inspector. From Tuesday 11th - Friday 14th February, there will be five inspectors in School to update our tri-annual accreditation, or quality assurance.

Farewell to Tony Bagwell
We were very sad to learn that our wonderful saxophone and woodwind teacher, Tony Bagwell, passed away last week. We will greatly miss Tony, who has worked with dedication and enthusiasm at Mougins School for 14 years. He was a wonderfully kind and gentle man and we are sure that all the children he taught were inspired by his passion for music and his many musical skills. Tony was a well known musician in the local community, as an arranger of music, performer, teacher and conductor - a rare kind of musician in this day and age.
Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Bernice, at this time.

His wife requested there should be no flowers at his funeral, but if you wish to make a donation, could you kindly do so directly to the British Heart Foundation.

Sister Act - not too late
The School's winter production of Sister Act is in full swing. There are two further performances, one tonight and the final one tomorrow, Saturday 1st February. Both performances are at 19h30 in the Performing Art Hall. Tickets are available at the door, within limits of seating. Well done to students, staff and parents, who have put in a huge amount of work to produce this exciting and fun production. A huge bravo and thank you to Margot Renssen, the show's director.

Mock (I)GCSE Examination Results
The results from the mock examination session will soon be sent to From 11 parents and a parents evening, to discuss individual results, will be held on Monday 17th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room. Although it may seem early, there will also be a short presentation on options for AS Level for September 2014. More details of the evening will be distributed to parents by letter.

Half Term Break
Our half term break starts on Friday 21st February at 15h30. We have 10 days to relax, ski or whatever else you have planned and students return on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at normal times .
(08h45- Secondary and 09h00 - Primary). Have a good vacation!

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

The Primary Curriculum Garden will shortly be moving on to the next stage of development and this seems an appropriate time to thank Rachel Aspegren and the team she has so ably headed for all their hard work and the time they have given to this project. Naturally, none of the work would have been achieved without the generous input from parents and garden specialists, both financial and physical, and all those delicious cake sales. Your investment will enable students to work more closely with nature and, once again, we acknowledge how important parent support is in our School. Thank you Rachel and team.

We seem to have acquired a considerable amount of LOST PROPERTY yet again, much of it dating to before the holiday. Would you please ask your child/ren to check the Lost Property under the stairs in the Administration Building if they have mislaid any items. All unclaimed articles will be put in the container in the School parking on the first Friday of February for recycling.

Once again we will be collecting Piéces Jaunes this year and hoping to break our record of 88.5 kilos last year. This is a national exercise to collect small coins (centimes) and the
money is then used to help hospitalised children and adolescents. The School will have boxes in each class so, if you wish to empty your pockets of all those annoying coins, please help us make this collection a record-breaking one. The collection is from 8th January to 15th February.

The School has received a letter from the Director General of the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice thanking all those of you who so kindly donated toys for children who had the misfortune to be hospitalised during the festive season. This gesture was sincerely appreciated by both staff and children. Once again, thank you for your generosity.

PTA News

As in previous years, the PTA is organising a lunch for all staff to show them our appreciation for all their hard work, enthusiasm and encouragement towards our children. The lunch, known as "The Melting Pot", will take place on Wednesday 2nd April.
The theme is "International Cuisine" and we hope that you and your children will help us by cooking your favourite dishes from your country of origin, for the teachers to feast on. This year, we would like to ask you to share the recipe of your dish(es), so that we can put together a Mougins School International Recipe Book, which will be for sale at the Summer Fair. Hopefully this will be a great way for us all to experience the vast range of international culinary delights and give all the children a wonderful mémoire of growing up in a truly international school.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day, so if you have a couple of hours free on 2nd April, please contact your class rep, school council rep or a member of the organisational team: Shan Rose - or 06 16 03 31 96; Myriam Larfoui or 06 07 37 27 43; Tamra Tamra Hooker or 06 14 46 38 25 or Frances Dixon - or 06 75 16 35 76.

Culture Club

The Culture Club trip to Old Nice will take place on Tuesday 11th February. Meeting at 9h00 at the school.
To RSVP or for more information, contact Marianne Vos,

Talent Show

The talent show will take place on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of March. If you would like to take part, come and pick up your form from the office. The forms have to be handed back in the office by Friday 5th of February! So hurry!

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Musical Triumph
Congratulations to all the participants in this weeks Winter Concert. Both evenings were full of top quality performances from bands, choirs and individual contributions. Thank you to everyone who worked to make it very special, including the PTA bar staff, stage managers, sound and light technicians, peripatetic music teachers, performers and of, course, a special bravo to Nicki Elcome, who directed the Concert.

Forthcoming Performing Arts Events
At the end of January (30th,31st & 1st Feb), you will be able to come and enjoy Sister Act (pantomime version). Watch out for posters telling you when tickets will be available. The PTA will be organising the Talent Show on Thursday 20th & Friday 21st March 2014 so you have plenty of time to think of what you would like to do and start rehearsing

Regional Cross Country Championships
On Wednesday 11th December, the qualifying teams, from the County Championships last month, competed at regional level at the Base Nature in Frejus. The top 25 teams from each category from the Alpes Maritimes ran against the same number of teams from the Var. We had four teams in the competition:
Benjamins Garaons - 10th ñ Luca, Dylan, Mackenzie, Mikael & Michele
Minimes Garaons ñ 9th ñ Alexander, Hector, Skander, Joshua & Aske
Juniors Garaons ñ 9th ñ Dushan, Nikita, Jason, Sam & Ryan
Juniors Filles ñ 5th ñ Laerke Darja, Jessica & Kana

Well done to all our cross country runners ñ the level of competition was extremely high. A special bravo to Alexander MacFadyen, who came 3rd /237 runners in the Minimes category (see photo of medal ceremony). To have all of our teams in the top 10 of each category is outstanding!

Have a Fantastic Break
On behalf of all at Mougins School, I wish you a Happy Winter Break, however you celebrate it. If youre travelling far or staying in the area, have an exciting or restful time. As for 2014, I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. School begins after the break on Monday 6th January 2014 at the normal times. Remember, at the beginning of term, teachers often start a new topic. If your children are absent at that point, you could be placing them at a disadvantage.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

On Tuesday 3rd December the President and Vice President of VISAYAS, the Philippine Association of the Riviera, came into School in order to receive a cheque for 3,200Ä raised by students, staff and parents ñ 1,862Ä for the cake sale, 1,150Ä in donations, 63Ä from Primary for the table tennis tournament and 91Ä from Reception. This was an extraordinary result, the product of enthusiasm and generosity. The presentation was made by the students and Mr Boron and Mr De Los Reyes both responded with gratitude and emotion. We will be seeing them again on their return from the Philippines in the New Year. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to all of you.

A big thank you to all those parents in Primary School who took the trouble to purchase a new gift for a sick child. A car full of these generous offerings was delivered to the wonderful Madame Gentil who works throughout the year to bring cheer into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. All the gifts are wrapped and delivered to the Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice. Your kindness will bring a smile to a childís face ñ thank you. Madame Gentil will also take any appropriate gifts left over from the Christmas Market and these will be distributed to families in need.

The International Speech Competition took place on Thursday 5th December at EBICA School. Five schools participated with two students from each school. Our chosen students were Sarah Heiberg (7a) and David Hallett (9b). They both acquitted themselves admirably and Sarah was awarded the trophy for 1st Prize. Our congratulations to her and to the English Department for their support and encouragement.

Wishing you an excellent festive season and may 2014 bring wisdom to our students, patience to our teachers and love and understanding to our parents.

Geography Trip

In early December, Form 12 went on a Geography trip to Camargue to study rates of erosion and different types of coastal defence. The Geography team visited La Grande Motte, Aigues-Mortes, St. Maries-de-la-Mer and a local McDonalds. The weather was amazing for December and sun was shining for all three days of the trip. Every student from the group enjoyed the opportunity to study outside school, and even extreme winds that were blowing people off the paths didnt stop us from visiting two museums on the Friday morning.

The atmosphere was friendly and lively throughout the whole trip especially in the early mornings when people were waking up overwhelmed with joy as they couldnt wait for the moment to be able to continue studying. The group was gaining knowledge from the early morning till late at night under the supervision of Mrs Warren. On the visit to La Grande Motte, students were given an opportunity to conduct interviews to find out how the town changed from the 1960s. Not a single old person escaped the attention of five Geography students tracking them down to be interrogated.

Cooking courses were conducted in the evenings by the local chef Artus Barris and his assistant Dushan Popov. Enormous quantities of pasta with bacon were prepared by the duo to load people up on fuel for the upcoming day. By the end of the afternoon the group found out about hard and soft engineering and the ways to implement them in the town or along the coastline. They also checked property prices in the local estate agencies to estimate whether it was a wise idea to introduce coast defences or not.

As a way to spend free time students had an opportunity to visit the nearest swimming pool. Every single student learned a lot about the region and assembled vast quantity of notes and sketches. We would all like to thank Mougins School and Mrs. Warren for making this trip possible.As a way to spend free time students had an opportunity to visit the nearest swimming pool. Every single student learned a lot about the region and assembled vast quantity of notes and sketches. We would all like to thank Mougins School and Mrs. Warren for making this trip possible.

PTA News

A big thank you to all the families who have supported the Christmas Market and the Festive Cake Sale. Together these events raised over Ä2000 (mostly from the Christmas Market) - a fantastic result. And just as importantly, our children were very happy to be able to choose and have gift wrapped inexpensive gifts for family and friends. Also for the first year ever, the sale was extended to a second day, to allow the Middle and Upper School to shop. Another new feature was that the Student Council organised photos with Father Christmas.

The Market was truly a joyous event, with many happy faces. A big thank you to Kaisa Torma and Marie-Claude Yaghil for organising, to the parents who helped out on the day (Myriam, Helene, Jo, Nadia, Diane, Dena, Marina, Natsuko, Catherine, Florence, Yvonne and Tamra - apologies if any names are missing!) and to the Student Council for their support.

The annual Christmas Cookery demonstration hosted by the Coffee Club was a lovely occasion attended
by 14 parents. Attendees made and sampled delicious duck spring rolls, tofu and sesame sticks, and a mango and raspberry desert. Thank you to Bridie Roberts for the demonstration, to Sally Kenchington for hosting, and to Dena Doulaveris and Suzanne McClelland for organising.

The Minutes of the PTA AGM are now available on the Internet ( As noted in the Minutes, the PTA is actively in discussion with the Student Council and the School to find areas in which we can support Middle and Upper School activities.

Finally, the PTA Committee wishes all parents a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful and healthy 2014!

Culture Club

The next Culture Club will take place on Tuesday 14th January. It is a guided tour in English to the old town of Nice. If you are interested contact Marianne Vos on or on 06 86 85 83 39.

A Level Art Trip to London

At the end of November five A level Art students accompanied Ms Hart to London for a long weekend. The object of the visit was to collect information for the 3000 word written project that they have to produce for their A level examination. The students visited six museums and exhibitions in two and a half days (quite an achievement!), taking notes and making sketches. Returning to Nice late on Sunday night they were all stimulated by the range of paintings and sculptures they had seen but also happy to rest their feet!