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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

No School Tomorrow
Exceptionally, our newsletter is out on a Thursday, as tomorrow is a public holiday in France – Armistice or Remembrance Day. Enjoy the long weekend.

The Start of the Day
We live in an area where, at certain times of the day, the roads are saturated. Whilst the traffic at the end of the school day, is relatively fluid, the mornings are a problem. Our school day begins at 08h45 – all the children should be here by or before that time. Registration is from 08h45 to 08h55, when Primary School children start their lessons and Secondary School students move to their first

An increasing number of students are late on a regular basis, making the start of lessons difficult for teachers and the other students in the class. The tutorial time before 09h00, for secondary students, is used to give out essential information concerning examination entries, certificates, assemblies etc and many students are simply not there for this important time.

A large number of the late comers are the same students every day, which would suggest that you need to leave home earlier. Punctuality and attendance are important in life, not just at School. Let’s give our students good habits (even if yours are not).

Mougins School Race Track
But actually it is the school slip road! A number of cars are driving through the school car at an unacceptable speed. It is essential that we all drive through slowly. Thank you for your consideration.

Graduation Destinations
We intended to publish last year’s graduates’ destinations in the first newsletter, but didn’t manage it. However, you will find it in this edition. We have received feedback from quite a few of them and all seems to be going well.

Please note that Thursday and Friday 24th & 25th November are staff in-service training days and therefore there is no school for students on the those day.

Winter Assemblies and Concerts
We have a number of end of term events, so pleased make a note of the following dates:

Friday 2nd December Forms 4, 5 & 6 at 09h00
Thursday 8th December - Early Years and Reception at 09h00
Friday 9th December - Forms 1,2 & 3 at 09h00
Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th December - Secondary Winter Concert at 19h00

Parents are welcome to attend the morning Winter Assembles. Tickets for the Winter Concert will be available soon – watch out for more

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Perfect Recycling
In view of the fact that we now have new School tee-shirts, we will be donating our remaining green tee-shirts and winter weight tops to an Association called Kenyankids ( As you will see from the photo, one of our tee-shirts has already brought a big smile to the face of its wearer.

11th November
Many thanks to those students who will be present at the War Memorial in Mougins Village on Friday 11th November at 11h15 in order to sing the American, Canadian and British national anthems. It is a privilege to participate in this Ceremony and our thanks to both the students and the Music Department for their musical prowess.

Another musical celebration occurred during the Harvest Festival when the Primary School Choir, accompanied by Ms Dixon and Mrs Martin, visited the Victoria Emera Senior Citizen residence which collaborates with the Sunnybank Association.

This group of enthusiastic musicians entertained the residents with a delightful selection of songs as well as a solo violin piece by Ella Hoang-Elcome and two piano pieces by Nadia Broadhead and Vasilisa Nazintseva . Their intervention brought a great deal of pleasure to the residents and the students enjoyed it in equal measure.

A Season for Giving
Time seems to pass more swiftly every year and we are now approaching the season of goodwill. For several years the Primary School has offered gifts to children who have to spend the festive season in the Lenval Hospital in Nice and this gesture has always been much appreciated. We would like to continue the custom this year and ask Primary School children to suggest to their parents that they have one less gift and offer something appropriate to a child in hospital. The collection will commence on Monday 5th December and any donations brought to School will be kept in classrooms until they are delivered on Wednesday 14th December. All gifts should be new and in their original wrapping.

I would like to thank all those of you who make a donation, your generosity will bring a smile to the face of a sick child.

PTA News

Welcome back, we hope, you have enjoyed the break. The Car Boot sale was a huge success. All stalls were sold out, the sun was shining and we had a large number of visitors. Thank you so much to all the parents, who volunteered during the day and to Myriam for organising the event. We raised over 2000€.

The hot chocolate sale is on every Friday during the cold season. The children loves this little Friday treat. The first sale is a charity sale going towards the Lifeboats in Antibes. Thank you to Moya and her team for taking up the challenge once again and don't forget to give your child 1 €uro to school the following Fridays for a warm treat. We are still in need off donations for the Christmas market, so if you have any kind of unwanted items, new or used, please bring it to Elisabeth's office.

Finally don't forget the next coffee club. Join us on Tuesday 15th November 9am at the Hotel de Mougins. Coffee and pastries for 5€. All parents welcome. RSVP by 11th November please. The next PTA meeting takes place in 'Cafe Des Amis' November 16 at 9:00 am. For more information regarding the PTA and the upcoming events please go to the PTA website and have a look.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Month Already Gone
This is the first newsletter of the school year, the start of which already seems in the distant past! It contains a mass of interesting and useful information. Please take the time to read it carefully.

Entrance and Exit Barriers
Please note carefully – the barriers which allow parents into the campus to park at the of the day(principally parents in Reception and Forms 1 & 2) open at the following times. (See Family Guide)

Please do not arrive before these times – you may be refused entry for security reasons.

Mondays and Fridays - 15h10
Tuesdays and Thursdays - 15h45
Wednesdays - 12h45

After School Pick Up
A large number of children are not being picked up after School, up to 1 or even 2 hours after the final bell. These children are not involved in after-school activities and although they are on the campus, they are not being supervised. For Secondary School students, parents may wish to come into the campus 15/20 minutes after the bell to avoid the traffic problem, however, students should not be left beyond that time. Primary School children should be picked up as soon as possible if they are not involved in an organised activity.

Examination Results
A full-break down of the June 2016 examination results and statistics can be found by downloading the newsletter. Congratulations to our students on their excellent results.

Higher Education Destinations of the Graduates 2016 (40 students)
The forty students, who graduated at the end of the last school year, have now either entered their universities world-wide or are involved in their gap year before continuing their education. You will see their destinations in the next newsletter.

Secondary Parent/Teacher Meetings for this term.
The four different parent/teacher meetings for secondary school students are also scheduled in this Newsletter. You will receive a letter with further details about the evening that concerns your child(ren) and an appointment sign up form nearer the time.

Half Term Break
We break up for half term in three weeks’ time on Friday 21st October at 15h30 and resume on Wednesday 2nd November. After seven weeks of hard work, enjoy the break!

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore

PTA News

A warm welcome to a new school year to both new and 'old' parents. We hope you all have enjoyed your summer holidays. The PTA are looking forward to sharing a lot of fun moments with you during the year and to welcoming new faces on board. If you are interested in taking part in a specific event or have something you want the PTA to discuss, do not hesitate to contact us by email or in person.

Our first coffee club of the year at Le Mas Candille was a huge success with over 60 parents attending. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Le Mas Candille for hosting this event. And we hope that many more parents will be able to join us for our next Coffee morning.

For more information about upcoming events and ways to get involved, please take a look at our new redesigned website or visit our Facebook page.

Secondary School Parents Evening

Autumn Term 2016

The following Parents' Evening will take place this term for students in Forms 7 to 13:

Monday 10th October Forms 9 & 13
Tuesday 18th October Form 11
Monday 7th November Forms 8 & 12
Tuesday 15th November Forms 7 & 10

All Parents' Evenings take place between 18h00 and 21h00 and are held in the Examination Room and the adjacent classrooms, upstairs in the Rosanna Building.
Parents will receive a letter and an appointment sign-up form prior to each Parents' Evening, where they are asked to indicate which teachers they would like to see. It is not obligatory to see all teachers.
Parents' Evenings are an opportunity to meet your children's teachers and to discuss pupil progress. All parents are encouraged to be present.

Examination Results

Summer 2016

There were 358 separate (I)GCSEs taken last summer. Grades A*, A, B & C are accepted by universities and are necessary for a student to continue a particular subject to AS and A level.

Results for (I)GCSEs are given for Form 11 only, including any subjects they took a year early in Form 10. The A*-C pass rate this year was an excellent – 95.8%. (UK 66.9%) Of the 41 students in Form 11, 100% achieved at least 5 (I)GCSEs with A*-C

Notable performances:
Nickolos Hunt (5xA*)(4xA)
Rachel Wood (5xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Jacob Wyborn (5xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Hector Jones (4xA*)(4xA)(1xB)
Emilie Quillet (4xA*)(2xA)(2xB)
Thomas Peacock (3xA*)(5xA)(2xB)
Mia Povall (2xA*)(5xA)(2xB)

Charlotte Emmott (1xA*)(8xA)
Margaux Demeester (1xA*)(7xA)(1xB)
Emily Mennacher (7xA)(2xB)
Katie Charlton (1xA*)(5xA)(3xB)
Emily Roberts (5xA)(3xB)(1xC)
Alexander MacFadyen (5xA)(4xB)
Britte Van Die (4xA)(5xB)
Skander Larfaoui (4xA)(5xB)(1xC)
And many more!

AS Levels
Students at Mougins School generally study between 4 and 6 AS levels. This year, 92 AS levels were taken. Grades A to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results are for Form 12 only, including any AS Levels they sat last year. The pass rate was 91.3%

Notable performances:
Chiara Hoppner AAAAAA
Nicolas Kobouloff AAAA
Maxim Hunt AAAB
Connor Rainey AAA
Vasily Pivovarov AABBC
Luc Tersiguel AABB
Elliot Poublan AABC
Niklas Warschkow AACCC
Semyon Zolotarev AABD
Max Sloyan AAE
Philip Sjunnesson ABBB
Isabella Kershaw ABBCC
Marine Guiglion ABBE
Chris Cembran ABCD

A Levels
Students generally take 3 or 4 A levels. This year 117 separate A levels were taken. Grades A* to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results for A Levels are for Form 13 only and include any A Levels they may have taken in Form 12. The pass rate was 93.2% this year.

Notable performances:
Nikita Jesaibegjan A*AAA
Darja Berga A*A*A
Fraser Douglas A*A*A
Laurence Kobrock A*A*A
Camille Penchart-Deny AAAC
Anastasia Vladimirov AABB
Charlotte Dean AABC
Ruchie Kawakita AACC
Said Akhmeev A*ABCE
Oliver Bennett AAB
Peter Maltzoff AAB

Environment and Upcycling

Environment and Upcycling – Environnement et Recycl’Art

The French Department at Mougins School is organising a cross-curriculum project whose specific objectives will be: to communicate in French, to become aware of environmental issues, to identify materials that can be recycled and to understand the benefits of reusing and upcycling. The final objective for the whole School is to create a recycled object with Nespresso capsules during workshops with a French artist. Our aim is to create the longest snake ever made in upcycling and we hope to enter the Guinness Book of Records. (coffee extracted from the capsules will be used to fertilise the vegetable garden).

Forms 1 and 2 will be creating upcycled decorations for Christmas. Forms 3 and 4 will be making bird feeders and bird houses from plastic bottles and cork. Forms 5 and 6 will be involved in the management and supervision of ‘the Serpent’.

Recycling is turning what we normally throw away into something we can use again, either in its current form or as something else. Upcycling is taking something we normally recycle and transforming it into something more valuable. Upcycling is a fun way to become aware of the amount of waste by doing something practical.
Secondary School students will be learning about the effect plastics

can have on the earth and sea. They will research about sea pollution and organise a display in the Library, identify materials that can be recycled and the benefits of reusing and upcycling and, eventually, create an upcycled object with a French artist.

From Form 10 and above there will be conferences and debates in French on water pollution and eating better for better health.

Start saving your Nespresso capsules now and send them in with your children in order that they can put them in the collection bin in the Office. Thank you.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Have a Great Summer
Today marks the end of the school year and beginning of our summer holidays. On behalf of all at Mougins School, we hope you will have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing the majority of you in September. To those leaving us, we wish you every success and happiness in the future and hope you will keep us up to date with your news. Amongst the staff, we are saying farewell and big thank you to Mel Nightingale (teaching assistant in Reception), Emma Warwick (KS1 teacher), who has decided not to return to school after her sabbatical year and Vicky Bryan (Secondary English teacher) who will be taking up a post in the UK from September. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Sophia Games (Jeux de Sophia)
Once again Mougins School has participated in the Sophia Games. This is an annual event during which around 300 companies, based on the high-technology park of Sophia Antipolis, participate in a multitude of sports/games, including archery, football, badminton, swimming, bowling, shooting, ultimate Frisbee and orienteering. Showing their usual enthusiasm and prowess, the Mougins School team of senior students and staff won the overall Trophy for the third time running.

This is an extraordinary feat in view of the fact that Amadeus, our major competitor who came sec-ond, has 4,000 employees. The icing on the cake was the fact that three of our staff came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Women’s Team. To Lois Downes, Michelle Johnson and Jo McDonnell hearty congratulations for an extraordinary effort and well done to all the team who carried off 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

Notable performances – and there were many, include:

Darja Berga 1st (out of 63)
Nikita Jesaibegjans 2nd male student (out of 187)

Ladies (in the top 20 – out of 584)
Lois Downes 1st
Michelle Johnson 2nd
Josephine McDonnell 3rd
Elisabeth Ward 16th

Men (in the top 50 – out of 2024)
Jérôme Hébant 26th
Jim Farrell 47th

Well done and thank you to all who took part in as many events as possible to place us on the top of the podium. A special thanks to Jérôme, who organised and motivated our team throughout the competition.

Sweeney Todd
Congratulations to the cast and crew of the recent production of Sweeney Todd. It was a challenging musical and a challenging story, excellently played. The staging, costumes and make-up were top class. A special bravo to Fraser Douglas, who’s interpretation of Sweeney Todd was outstanding – we will miss him next year! All of this, once again, under the expert direction of Margot Renssen – brava!

Dogs on Campus
It is extremely unpleasant for children in PE lessons, and at playtime, to be confronted with dog mess on the pitches, which is happening more and more frequently. The School maintenance team is constantly clearing up, too. In the interest of hygiene, therefore, we would ask you not to bring your dogs on to the school campus. Thank you for your consideration.

Examination Results
All students in Forms 11, 12 & 13, who have taken external examinations during May and June, have been issued with individual user- names and passwords to access their results online for both examination boards – CIE and Edexcel/Pearson.

The results will be available on the following dates:

Thursday 11th August 2016 All CIE examinations (IGCSE, AS and A Levels)
Thursday 18th August 2016 Edexcel / Pearson AS and A levels (including IAL)
Thursday 25th August 2016 Edex- cel / Pearson GCSE and IGCSE
The Next School Year

The Autumn Term 2016 will begin on Monday 5th September at 08h45. Between now and then – have a healthy, happy and safe summer.

Kindest regards,
Brian G. Hickmore Headmaster

From Sue Dunnachie

On the 23rd June Forms 1 and 2 were introduced to ‘Upcycling’ in a most original and amusing manner when Lawrence, a French echo-designer who works under the name ‘Lolabye’, organised workshops to show our students how materials, (in this case coffee capsules), can be used to create accessories. The workshops not only stimulate children’s creativity, but also incite them to look at objects which are part of their daily life and often discarded, with an inventive mind. Lawrence transmit- ted her passion with enthusiasm, encouraging students to create and recreate unique objects.

Another school year draws to an end and I would like to thank all parents who have contributed towards the wellbeing of our students, or our charitable and fund-raiding activities. To those of you to whom we bid farewell, I wish you happiness and success in the future, and to those who continue their journey at Mougins School, have a great summer and we look forward to welcoming you back with renewed energy.

PTA News

As we are all ready to move on to the holiday mode, the PTA wanted to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your support during the school year! All the events could not have happened without you kindly offering to help.
The last event the "Summer Fair " was a great success with very tasty foods, fun games for the young ones, artisan stands etc.... A huge thank you to all the parents who participated.

For the families who will be coming back to school in September, we wanted to present you the new PTA board who just got voted in during the last PTA meeting this Wednesday .

- Tanya Schmidiel will become the new PTA President as Devin Smith is stepping down .
- Line Wolff-Peterson will fill the Secretary position left by Diane Pinchart-Deny whose daughter is graduating
- Myriam Larfaoui is staying as Vice-President and Isabella Pedrazzi with Svetlana Pivovarova are also keeping their position as co-Treasurers .

Congratulations to the new team and best wishes!

If you are thinking of volunteering, we would love to have you; please email ei- ther one of us and we will contact you when school resumes.

The first Coffee Club next year will be:
Thursday 22nd September 9am at La Terrasse Pergola, Mas Candille in Mougins .
More information in September.
Thank you Cath for your wonderful work organizing each event !
We wish you all a fantastic , relaxing and fun holiday break with family and friends !

The PTA committee

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

An Excellent Performance National Championships for Orienteering
A team of four plus a student official took part in this three-day event from the 17th - 19th May near Mulhouse on the Swiss border. Erin Cooke (F9), Lucy Davenport (F10), Michael Kobouloff (F10) and Jules Ward (F10) represented the School and the Academie de Nice and achieved a very creditable 21st place out of the 44 teams in the competition. Our Jeune Officiel was Gaelic Jara (F9), who had to work hard and orienteer during the competition. Well done to all concerned and thanks to Jèrome for managing the team. This team looks good for the future!

Medical Forms
On entry into Mougins School, most parents provide a full medical history of their children using the medical form provided by the School. Some parents still need to do this for the wellbeing of their children.

Also every 2/3 years, a full physical examination, given by your doctor, is necessary to keep these records updated. This will ensure that any problems with vaccinations, hearing or eyesight are detected at an early stage. Nurse Marian will have sent out new forms to all concerned by the end of June. Please update and return the form in September 2016. Feel free to come and see Nurse Marian if you have any questions.

End of Year Prize Giving’s, Graduation and Farewell
It is our tradition to have Prize Giving Ceremonies for all sections of the School at the end of the school year. Some parents will be involved in more than one and you are all invited to the Graduation and Farewell Ceremony on the last day of term. To help you with your planning, here are the dates for all the Prize Giving’s in the last two weeks of term:

Tuesday 21st June
Forms 1 & 2 in the Hall at 09h15
Forms 3, 4, 5, 6 in the Hall at 11h00

Thursday 23rd June
Early Years & Reception in the Hall at 09h15

Friday 1st July
Forms 7 to 12 at 10h30 outside
Form 13 Graduation and Whole School Farewell at 18h30

End of Year Musical - Sweeney Todd
Our end of year musical, to be performed outside on the High Court, will be Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. There will be two performances Friday and Saturday 24th & 25th June at 20h00. Please be assured that whilst the story of Sweeney Todd is a little macabre, our production will be stylised and contain no gruesome scenes.

Book Return Day
All secondary school text books should be returned to the teachers who distributed them, on Tuesday 28th June. Students must make sure their subject teachers to avoid being charged for a replacement book cross off the number inside the book. Please do not hand books into the office.

The End of the Year
As mentioned above, the last day of term is Friday 1st July. School finishes at 12h00 (not forgetting the Graduation and Farewell Ceremony at 18h30). Students will receive their end of term reports on Friday morning. There will be a final Newsletter with the reports containing details for the start of next year, but just a reminder we come back on Monday 5th September at 08h45.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore


PTA News

We are fast approaching the end of the school year and your PTA board supported by its numerous committees is getting very busy with the planning of the last events for June.

Friday 27th to Friday 24th June at 15h30 Ice Cream stand
A nice treat of ice creams (without colorants) will be sold to students and families to end the week on a sweet and fresh note!

Friday 6th June -Battle of the Bands
The PTA refreshments team will be selling drinks during this school event. More details shortly.

Thursday 23rd June 9h00 at the Manoir de L'Etang
The last coffee club of the school year!
A warm thank you to Cath Roberts for having organized with great success these coffee mornings throughout the year! Come along and join us by rsvp to:

Saturday 18th June: Summer Fair at 15h00
Another fun way to get involved and help us making this event a success!†

There will be artisan stands, food stands (international, Italian/ Mediterranean, Russian, desserts, BBQ, Ice cream & refreshments bar), primary games and live music (please contact your childs’ music teacher Glen Horsfall if your child is interested in participating) .

If you or you know of someone who would love to hold an artisan stand, please contact us at

It is a great opportunity to celebrate the end of the school year, meet up with old friends and make some new ones!

A kind reminder:

Please don't forget to take a minute and "LIKE" Mougins School PTA on Facebook. It is the easiest and most effective way to communicate daily or weekly updates and you'll make sure you won't miss anything,

Warm thanks to all parents (mums and dads) who kindly dedicate a part of their busy lives to volunteer and support our School with the goal to make our children’s’ life more fun!

Lastly we wanted to give a warm thank you to Myriam Larfaoui for her great organization of the Carboot Sale (a sold out event) as well as to Brian Hickmore and Nigel Wright for coordinating and Christophe for his kind help . Beautiful weather attracted a great crowd and the refreshments stand stayed very busy, thanks to Isabella Pedrazzi, Svetlana Pivovarova, Oxana Kroll, Olga Kokota and all other parents who so kindly gave a bit of their precious time .We raised nearly 2000Ä. Bravo!

The PTA board is looking for someone interested in filling the position of Secretary which will become open at the start of the next school year.

Feel free to call or email us at the PTA board for more information.

We wish you all great success for the final and super busy weeks ahead!

The PTA Committee

Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Spring Break and Revision
Today is the start of our Spring Break. For 75% of the students and their parents, this means a two- week period where they can relax, get involved in activities and re-charge the batteries ready for the Summer Term. For the others, it is a time for solid revision in preparation for the external examinations, which begin shortly after the start of term. We trust that their revision will be thorough and wish them luck and success in their (I)GCSEs, AS and A Levels.

Spring Concert
The Spring Concert earlier this week, taking us back to the 1980s, provided a fantastic evening of entertainment. Well done and a big thank you to all the choirs, bands and soloists who contributed to the success of the Concert. A special thanks to Rick Preston, who co-ordinated all the bands and to Nicki Elcome, for all her hard work and dedication with the choirs and overall direction of the Concert.

LAMDA Musical Theatre
There will be a LAMDA Musical Theatre presentation on Friday 13th May at 18h30 in the Hall. Students who are preparing for their LAMDA examinations will be presenting their entries. Entrance is free and the evening is open to all.

The Last Pantomime
The recording of the winter production of Aladdin is now available on DVD (Blu -ray). You can get your copy from me for only 10€ - a great memory for all those students, parents and teachers who were in involved in the production.

National Championships for Cross Country
Congratulations to Alex MacFadyen, in Form 11, who competed in the French National Championships for Cross Country last month in Le Mans. Despite a fall and being trampled on by runners with spikes, Alex finished a very creditable 165th/400. The stitches, making it difficult to sit down, will
be a firm reminder of his performance for a while to come! Well done, Alex.

Last Years’ Prize Giving Winners – Vouchers
If your son/daughter won a book voucher in the Secondary Prize Giving at the end of June last year, you need to make a trip to the English Book Shop in Valbonne to choose your book, if you have not already done so. The vouchers will remain valid until 31st May 2016 after which they will have no value.

Dog Owners
Although I have mentioned this before, if you bring your dog onto campus, you need to keep a close eye on it and perhaps not let it roam on the artificial playing surfaces. Without going into graphic detail, cleaning dog mess off the artificial grass is virtually impossible, particularly if it has been trodden on – for offenders, a bucket of hot water and a scrubbing brush are available from the office. Thank you for your co-operation

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you all had a good half term break and your children have come back to School refreshed and ready to work hard.

Automatic Barriers – Entrance and Exit
Unfortunately, during the half term break, a delivery van hit and broke the new exit barrier, so we have had to wait before putting the system into action. However, all is back to normal and the barriers are now fully operational.

Before School: the barriers will be open before 08h00 every morning. They will close again at 09h15.

Early Years: The barriers will open between 11h45 and 12h15 to allow the Early Years children to be picked up and leave.

End of School: The barriers will open at the following times at the end of the day to allow parents to find a parking space before the final bell:
Monday 15h10
Tuesday 15h45
Wednesday 12h45
Thursday 15h45
Friday 15h10

Please do not come earlier than these times
If you are in the car park and the exit barrier is down, it will open automatically as you approach it SLOWLY!

If you come to the School at any other time, you will need to push the button on the post on the left as you enter and speak to the office, so they can open the barrier.

Regional Championships for Orienteering
This competition will take place next Wednesday 9th March in Mougins. Teams members will receive a separate letter.

Form 9 (I)GCSE Options Evening
This very important meeting, when the option blocks for next year will be available, is on Monday 14th March at 18h00 in the Rosanna Learning Centre (Examination Room)

Primary Sports Day (Forms 3 to 6)
The Primary Sports Day for these classes will be held at School on Friday 25th March in the Gymnasium and High Court. Details to follow for those classes.
The Juice Box
The Juice Box—producing fresh fruit and vegetable juices — will be on campus at lunchtime on Wednesday 30th March.

Students will be able to give it a try and buy healthy juices. The Juice Box truck is run by a nutritionist (and past Mougins School student). We will remind the pupils nearer the time.

Top skiers
Congratulations to Alexia Redding-Hoet (Form 5b) who achieved 1st place at the English Alpine Championships in Bormio, Italy, in the U10 Giant Slalom race. She also finished in an overall 5th position including the U12 girls. Sacha Redding-Hoet (Form 6b) and brother Jazz (9b) also achieved notable performances.
Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Thank you to everyone who donated their ‘Pièces Jaunes’ for the annual collection. The superb result was 88.439 kilos of coins, over twenty kilos more than last year. Every class is to be congratulated but there were two overall winners in Primary and Secondary. Mr Tebbett’s Form 6a collected 18.131 kilos and Mr Jones’ Form 11a collected 8.543 kilos. A wonderful effort which helps to bring care to children in hospital.

On Thursday 17th March our Librarian, Mrs Hallett, is organising a Book Fair. This gives our students, up to Form 8, the opportunity to purchase a variety of books and parents are welcome to peruse the selection at the end of the day, on display on the terrace outside the Office. We will also be hosting the author, Richard Platt. He is a British author who has published nearly 100 books. Most are illustrated information books but he has also written children’s stories and books for adults. In addition he has written TV scripts and appeared on TV and radio. Mr Platt will be talking to the students about his work and his books.

On Friday 12th February Mougins School flew the colours of the French flag for ‘la Journée Française’. Students and staff dressed as famous French personalities, red white and blue predominating. There was an exhibition in the library relating the history of France through the ages, together with displays of posters. A sale of croissants and pains au chocolat was organised during recreation and the benefits will go to a charitable cause. A typical French meal was served in the Café des Amis, quizzes were organised in Secondary classes and, on a sporting note, games of pétanque were played between Form 10 students and staff. Vive la France!

The Primary Student Council is an active and motivated group of students who organise events in order to raise money which will help to enhance students’ lives in the School. In the Autumn Term there was a table tennis tournament, in January there was a Pyjama Day at School and, on 8th February, they were tossing pancakes. 566 pancakes were sold, topped with lemon and sugar, with the support of an energetic group of members of the PTA. Money raised by the Council and the students has been used to purchase class games and organise class parties and the possibility of improving outdoor recreational areas is being studied. Thanks to these entrepreneurial students for their energy and imagination.

PTA News

Right off the top, the PTA would like to thank Moya Story and ALL of the moms and dads who braved the cold and served hot chocolate almost every Friday since mid-November. The kids loved it. Over €1,200 in funds were raised. Great job !!

There's been quite a bit of discussion during the previous two PTA meetings about how to spend PTA funds to best benefit the school. The discussion continues, and we welcome any comments from parents and teachers. You can best stay up to date on the conversation by joining the Mougins School PTA Facebook page.

Six light and sound projectors have been purchased for the Performance Hall. Two of these units are used. The total cost of €4,000 was split between the school and PTA.

The annual Staff Appreciation Lunch (SAL) will be Wednesday, April 6th. We always need a lot of volunteers to help with both organizing, and on the actual day of the event. If you have an hour or two to spare, please email

Want to make a difference ? The PTA's looking for a new Secretary. This is a board position, with responsibilities including PTA Meeting notes, draft of newsletter text, and communicating with the school for website updates. Its a great way to get involved in your school. You can email Devin at

Hey dads!! Want to join other dads for our 'Mens PTA Curry Club' dinners. These are not your typical PTA events (for sure). If you want to be on the mailing list, email Devin at

Thank you,
Mougins School PTA Board

Yoga Classes at Mougins School

In response to the success of the Tuesday yoga class for younger kids, there is now also yoga for older students. No previous yoga experience required.

The class takes place in the Exam room on Thursday from 16h15 to 17h15. A small charge of €5 is payable on the day.

Yogis should wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat if they have one. Some mats are available as well. The class closes with mindfulness and relaxation.

Here's a snapshot of some of the benefits of kids doing yoga:

• Develop body awareness
• Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
• Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
• Build concentration
• Increase their confidence and positive self-image

Headmaster’s Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Campus Security
We are nearing the end of the work to heighten the campus security. We are still reinforcing the wooden fence as a result of the additional weight of the “metal wave”. The sliding gate will be the last part to be installed, but requires considerable safety measures so that a child or adult cannot get trapped as the gate slides open.

Once the exit barrier is in place, I will send an e-mail to you all with the opening and closing times at the beginning and end of each day and around midday for Early Years. Please note that the barrier will not be opened in the afternoon before the stated time - so there is no point trying to come early to park and sit for half an hour in the car because, for obvious security reasons, you will not get in.

Last week, I noted many cars parked along the road again, at the end of School. When I checked the car park, it was half empty. This means either students, parents or both are just too lazy to walk!

Form 11 Post Mock Examinations and A Level Options Evening
There will be a parents/students/teachers meeting, to feed back after the mock (I)GCSE examinations, on Thursday 4th February at 18h00 in the Examination Room, at the top of the Rosanna Building.
There will also be a full explanation about the next step in Form 11 students’ education – the A Level programme in Forms 12 & 13.

Form 9 Information Evening for (I)GCSE Options
Parents, and students, currently in Form 9 are invited to attend an information evening regarding the next step in their child’s education – (I)GCSEs - on Monday 7th March at 18h00 in the Examination Room, in the Rosanna Building. We will introduce the subjects on offer and the option block system for next year. It is very important to attend this meeting, if possible.

Parenting Adolescents – for all Parents
As proposed at a PTA meeting earlier this year, Mr Robert Cooke, Subject Leader for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and I, will be holding an open meeting for parents with children of all ages, on Tuesday 9th February at 09h00 in the School Hall. Even if your children are not teenagers yet, they will be! Just a few ideas on how to deal with adolescence with the possibility of discussion and questions.

Congratulations to the cast and all involved with the production of the pantomime Aladdin. The first two nights were really special and we wish them good luck with their final performance tonight. Once again, thank you and congratulations to Margot Renssen, the director of the “panto”.

Dogs in Danger
We have noticed quite a few dogs running free in the car park. Judging by how some people drive there, this is probably not a safe practice.

Half Term Vacation
The half-term break is already just in front of us – in two weeks time. We break up on Friday 12th February at 15h30. Please note, and I am sure you already have, that we have just over one week for half term, not two weeks as in French Schools. School resumes for students on Tuesday 23rd February at normal start times. If you choose to leave early or come back late, please note that teachers will not re-teach the content of their lessons – your choice. Have an enjoyable break!

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

A final ‘thank you’ to all those parents who generously donated new toys for the Children in the Lenval Hospital in Nice at Christmas. The Hospital Director sent his personal thanks to you all for bringing joy to those who could not be at home to celebrate the festive season.

On Friday 12th February Mougins School campus will be festooned with the colours of the French flag as we celebrate a ‘Journée Française’. Throughout the day activities with a French theme will be organised, students will dress as famous French personalities, the day will commence with the sale of croissants and pain au chocolat (profits going to a charity), Form 10 students and some of the staff will participate in games of ‘pétanque’, a typical French meal will be served in the Café des Amis and there will be quizzes organised in Secondary School classes.

PTA News

The PTA would like to wish you and yours a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !

We are now well into the 2nd term with lots of exciting activities either underway or planned,

The Weekly Friday Hot Chocolate has restarted with continuing great success and will be held until mid-February. Students are very much looking forward to break time especially this month with the arrival of the cold weather .This wonderful group of parents has raised about 1100€ up to December 2015 during 5 'Hot Chocolate Fridays' .
A huge ‘Thank You’ for the volunteers' communicative enthusiasm and to Moya Story for organizing!
Any parents who would like to join the team and help out are more than welcome!

Coffee Club, Thursday 4th February, 9h00
The upcoming get-together will be held at L'Olivier which is located right across the school; very easy to just park at school and drop by for as long as you wish and enjoy a warm drink while spending some time with friends old and new. Everyone is welcome! Another big ‘Thank You’ to Cath for her continuing support in organizing this wonderful event!

Next PTA meeting Monday 8th February at 9h00
We look forward to seeing you at Le Café des Amis, the school cafeteria.

Staff Appreciation Lunch (SAL), Wednesday 6th April,
Planning lead by Tanya is very much underway for the annual lunch event prepared for the staff and school body and organized by the PTA to show the parents’ and students’ appreciation of everything that they do for our children.
We will be looking for a contribution to the lunch – a dish or dessert from your country of origin (preferably cold as we have limited resources to keep food warm), cheese selection, chocolates, wine, champagne, water, etc. and/or if you would be able to help out for a couple of hours on the day.

If you wish to get involved please contact Tanya....
A big ‘Thank You’ to Tanya for taking over the lead for this big event.

Car Boot Sale, Saturday 21st May, in the school car park .
More information will be provided in the next newsletters.