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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Educational Visits

At this time of year, a number of educational trips are organised, particularly for students in examination classes. Some visits are completed in a day, others are residential. Educational visits are great motivators and place students in the heart of their subjects, giving them the opportunity to experience the classroom theory in situ, first hand. This term amongst others:

Ile Ste Margeurite Form 7 - 5 days residential
BTec Music Trip to London Forms 12 & 13 - 3 days residential
London AS and A Level Art 4 days residential
Madrid - AS and A Level Spanish 4 days residential
CERN Switzerland AS and A Level Physics 2 day residential
Cinema – Grasse Form 3,4,5 & 6 French Classes day trip
Gallimard Perfumerie Form 10 GCSE Chemistry day trip

A big thank you to the teaching staff for organising and running these trips in addition to their normal teaching loads.

Regional Cross Country Championships

After a very successful Departmental Cross Country Championships this week in Cagnes sur Mer, a large number of students have qualified for the Regional Championships to be held at the Base Nature in Fréjus on Wednesday 6th December. We wish them every success and will bring you results in the newsletter at the end of term.

Winter Concert

This year’s Winter Concert is a little earlier in December than in previous years. The two performances will be on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December at 09h00. For details, see a full article in this newsletter.

International Speech Competition

This annual event involving students from Forms 7,8 & 9 will be held on Wednesday 13th December at the International School of Monaco.

Piaf Meets Piazzolla

If you are a fan of either of these performing artists, don’t miss the concert “Piaf Meets Piazzolla” in the School’s Performing Art Centre on Saturday 16th December at 19h00. Entrance is 10€ to include a drink and free for children under 12. See posters around the School

Teachers In-Service Training Days

Just a reminder that there will be no school for pupils next Thursday and Friday 23rd and 24th November. These two days are dedicated to teacher training time. Enjoy the long weekend.

Winter Assemblies

There will be three Winter Assemblies at the end of term that parents are invited to attend:

Friday 15th December - Early Years and Reception
Monday 18th December – Forms 1,2 & 3
Tuesday 19th December – Forms 4,5 & 6

All three assemblies start at 09h00.

Road in Front of the School and Bus Stop

For the parents who insist on parking on the pavement in front of the School, and even in the bus stop, you are very likely to receive a 135€ fine, if you actually leave your car (and rightly so).
If you are in the car, the police will ask you to move on, but if you leave it, they will fine you. It’s true you have to walk a little, but there are spaces in the big car park – especially if you don’t come too early.

End of Term

The day after the Winter Assemblies marks the end of the Autumn Term. We finish, therefore, on Wednesday 20th December at 12h00 and return on Monday 8th January 2018. There will be a newsletter on the last day of term, tucked inside the envelope with your child’s report (Secondary), or in their bag (Primary).

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Year 11 Art Students

Year 11 Art Students are attending extra lessons on Wednesday this term to develop their coursework. I am so impressed by their continued hard work and enthusiasm and am very inspired by them and the work they are producing. Here is some work by Harper Sloane.


She experimented with wet monoprinting using natural forms. The results are stunning. Year 11 is planning on hosting a couple of bake sales in order to help buy a printing press so that we can , with ease, create some high quality prints such as Harpers! Well done all of Year 11 Art! Sarah Kench

From Sue Dunnachie

This year we would like to make a concerted effort to eliminate single use plastic in School. This is a challenge which should be achievable. We would like to encourage parents to purchase individual washable, reusable water bottles for their children. When celebrating a birthday in School, please provide paper plates if these are necessary as well as wooden/compostable cutlery.

If you are providing drinks please purchase large glass bottled drinks or cans and paper cups and not individual cartons. We are looking at the possibility of installing a compost bin in the garden area which could then hold food compost resulting from children’s snacks, banana skins etc. This compost can then be used to fertilize the fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Please help us to create more awareness of the negative impact of plastic on our planet, in order that our children can learn to take more care of their environment.

On Friday 13th October the Primary School celebrated the Harvest Festival with a delightful Assembly which was well attended by parents. The students had obviously worked very hard on producing a thoughtful and enjoyable vision of what the harvest means to different people. We also appreciated a small selection of the songs which the Years 4, 5 and 6 Choir went on to sing at the senior citizen’s home,

the Victoria Emera in Mouans Sartoux. The residents were absolutely delighted to be entertained by our students and it was touching to see how much our presence meant to them. Heartfelt thanks to all our parents for their generous food donations, a bumper year. This was taken immediately to the Petites Soeurs des Pauvres in Nice where they run a charitable home for senior citizens with no financial means of support, as well as helping the homeless. Special thanks to Ms Dixon and Mrs Martin for producing a lovely musical interlude for the Victoria residents.

On Friday 13th October two football teams (girls and boys) from Forms 10-13 were selected to play against three international schools at the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice. The three schools were the International School of Nice, the International School of Monaco and the School of Monza (Italy). Our teams had a resounding success and both teams won their tournaments and returned with another Trophy to add to our collection of Sports Trophies. Well done to all those who participated and thank you to Mr Hébant for his organisation of this tournament.

As a special time of year approaches, we like to think of those less fortunate than ourselves, particularly children who will have little to celebrate or are in hospital. This year we would like to ask families if they could donate new or used, (in excellent condition please), toys which will be donated to Lenval Hospital for Children in Nice, the Restos des Coeurs and local families in need. Please bring any donations to the Office and thank you in advance for your generosity.

From the Music Department

The music department are now offering one to one recorder lessons with visiting music teacher Lizzy Parks.

A wonderful opportunity for your child to advance in practical music and music theory, with a view to encouraging younger students to develop on to more established instruments such as the Saxophone and Clarinet.

For more information please contact the head of music Nicki Elcome.

Winter Concert and BTEC Music 2017

Hi! We would like to introduce ourselves - the Year 12 BTEC Music students, Emma Ben and Vlada. We are promoting and organising the Winter Concert at Mougins School this year.

This year we will be dedicating the Winter Concert to the incredible Rick Preston who has given so much time, expertise and love to our students and the concerts at Mougins School over the years.

As many of you are aware Rick is currently battling cancer so he obviously cannot maintain his usual teaching schedule. The money raised from the sale of Concert tickets will be donated to Rick to help him through this difficult period.

The winter concert will take place on Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th ofDecember at 19h00 . Tickets priced at 5 €uros each will be available from Elisabeth’s office, starting on the 20th of November.

This year a seating chart will be put in place and tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis, so buy ‘em quick! Don’t forget for all participants there is an obligatory rehearsal on Sunday the 3rd of December from 9h30 to 14h00.

This concert will feature the exclusive talent of Mougins School’s bands, choirs and other musical performances in various styles. However this concert’s ultimate goal isn’t only to put on great performances but it is to promote the importance that music has in the students lives and the school as a whole.

Music encourages team work, perseverance and confidence; because this school starts music at an early age, students are able to master these skills and apply them throughout their school careers and further into their lives.

WWI Poetry with Form 7

In the Trenches

In the trenches dark and vile
You will never once see a smile
For this is war, my friend,
And hopefully we’ll see the end

Many dead all around
Good friends six feet under ground;
Guns fire, lead flies overhead
Brothers, sons and fathers drown in a sea of red.

The Great War rages on and on
For two years, dusk ‘til dawn,
Dawn ‘til dusk. Even if we win this fight,
Will all these wrongs make a right?

by Ford Shamlain

Peace at War

Months within this living hell,
deep inside the trench.
From above the sound of a distant bell,
Awakes us amid the stench.

The sky is bright this cold French day,
as we peak above the line
« A truce, a game », we hear them say,
in honour of Christmas time.

A ball is kicked from one to the other,
As laughter rings out.
Are we fighting enemy or brother,
we begin to doubt.

The light of day is falling,
Back down within our cells.
We await the morning’s calling,
Of guns and cannon shells.

by Ben McGuigan

The Soldiers Last March

In a blink of an eye, the guns will fire
As we climb trough France’s mountains, and paths of wire
Friends for the night, family forever
As we lay under stars, with fear together

Bored, But what for?
Sitting and waiting to end The Great War
BANG, men down, bloody hands held on hearts
With the few survivors falling apart

It is wrong to kill someone’s son?
Human to human, were on the run
The run for life, the run for death
For this may be my very last breath

Through toil and sweat, we will march on
For we will keep Great Britain strong

by Bella Ruddock

Let There be War No More

Sat together cold and drenched
Sharing smokes within a trench
Listening for the signal ‘fire’
To send us up and over wire
All around the battles roar
Let there be war no more

The enemy’s trenches are in my sight
I am fighting my fear with all my might
Bodies shattered on the ground
Young men crying to be found
All around is blood and gore
Let there be war no more

My friends are dead in No Man’s Land
There is no one left to hold my hand
For many took their dying breath
By walking on this field of death
Too young to knock on Heaven’s door
Let there be war no more.

By Caleb Bergström

Form 7—9 Students Art Work

Form 7—9 Students were challenged to create an ‘artist room’ for the Art homework last term. The ‘room’ had to reflect the style/lifestyle of an artist of their choice and all the staff have been amazed by their effort, time and imagination that has gone into these works. You can see a selection in this newsletter. Well done to all students for working so hard. A selection of the outcomes can be seen on display in the Sixth Form Art room.


Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

A Month Already
It seems incredible, but we have already been back at school for a month and the summer vacation seems something of the distant past. The School year has started well and the students have settled well into their subjects and timetable. The Form 7 students have just returned from their activity week on the Ile Ste Marguerite, in the Bay of Cannes, having had a great time and bonding at the beginning of their secondary school education. Thank you to all the staff who gave up their time and looked after the children for the five-day residential visit.

Café des Amis – New Chef
We are pleased to welcome our new chef – Ana Maria Cordido Gasperi. Ana is Venezuelan and apart from her excellent cooking skills, speaks English and French in addition to her native language. Students and staff have already noticed, and commented on the change, and we look forward to trying out some of her new ideas for the cafeteria over the coming months.

Security Barriers at the End of the Day
The entrance barrier at the end of the day is programmed to lift at specific times. Some parents are arriving 25 mins before that time, which is therefore 45 mins before the end of School. This presents a security issue. May I remind you that the barriers were installed as part of a number of security measures to increase the protection of your children at School. The barriers open 20 minutes before the end of the School day. Please do not arrive before.

If you have a driver or chauffeur, please make sure they understand the following times:

Mondays and Fridays 15h10 (end of School 15h30)
Tuesdays and Thursdays 15h50 (end of School 16h10)
Wednesdays 12h45 (end of School 13h05)

Secondary Sports Day
Our annual Secondary Sports Day takes place tomorrow – 29th September for all students from Forms 7 – 13 at the Stade Eric Estival in Mandelieu. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible to support the students on this exciting day.

School Photographer
The School photographer will be in School on Tuesday and Wednesday 17th & 18th October. He will take individual and class photographs of all students and classes, which will be prepared into packages for you to purchase.

External Examination Results and Graduate Destinations
Full details of both of these are to be found elsewhere in this newsletter. Please study them carefully – they are both excellent and we should be very proud of our students and their teachers. On our website, you will find the same details for the past five years or more so you can compare year on year. It is a better way to be informed than listening to over the dinner table inaccuracies.

Secondary Homework Timetables
The homework timetables for the secondary school will be posted on the school website from next week onwards. You will find them under the drop-down menu ‘Academic’.

Half Term Break
Already looming up is the half-term break. The last day of the half-term is Friday 20th October at 15h30. We return on Monday 30th October at normal start times. Please note that Wednesday 1st November is a national holiday. I strongly advise you not to extend your vacation by taking the Monday and Tuesday off. Teachers will teach throughout the two days and they will not be going over the work for students missing school.

Have a good month of October.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

Examination Results 2017

There were 370 separate (I)GCSEs taken last summer. Grades A*, A, B & C are accepted by universities and are necessary for a student to continue a particular subject to AS and A level.

Results for (I)GCSEs are given for Form 11 only. The A*-C pass rate this year was – 88.4%. (UK 66.3%) Of the 46 students in Form 11, 84.8% achieved at least 5 (I)GCSEs with A*-C

Notable performances:
Daria Baltag (9xA*)
Lucy Davenport (8xA*)(1xA)(1xB)
Alexia Netcu (8xA*)(2xA)
Léon Griffoul (7xA*)(2xA)(1xB)
Leo Dudley (7xA*)(1xA)(1xB)
Luca Goldig (5xA*)(3xA)(1xB)
Kamilla Sadekova (5xA*)(4xA)(1xC)
Rafael Clark (4xA*)(1xA)(3xB)
Keisuke Ito (4xA*)(3xA)(2xB)(1xC)
Keeley Smyth (4xA*)(2xA)(3xB)
Jiashan Ye (3xA*)(4xA)(2xB)
Anastasia Belenova (3xA*)(2xA)(4xB)(1xC)
Lisa Lombaard (3xA*)(2xA)(3xB)(1xC)
Sviatoslav Piskun (2xA*)(6xA)(1xB)(1xC)
Michele Pellegrino (2xA*) (5xA)(2xB)
Nina Gugerli (2xA*)(3xA)(2xB)(2xC)
And many more !!

AS Levels
Students at Mougins School generally study between 4 and 6 AS levels. This year, 95 AS levels were taken. Grades A to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results are for Form 12 only. The pass rate was 89.5%

NB There are no results for English as this is a linear course, examined at the end of Form 13. There are 11 students in the group.

Notable performances:
Hector Jones AAAA
Rachel Wood AAA
Emilie Quillet AAC
Rebecca Desbordes ABBC
Kit Derriman ABB
Charlotte Emmott ABB
David Hallett ABCC
Louise Dellerman ABCD
Emanuelle Rafferty ACCC
Liam Renar BCC

A Levels
Students generally take 3 or 4 A levels. This year 112 separate A levels were taken. Grades A* to E are pass grades and U is unclassified. The results for A Levels are for Form 13 only. The pass rate was 98.2% this year.

Notable performances:
Chiara Hoppner A*A*AAA
Maxim Hunt A*A*AAA
Simon Zolotarev A*AAB
Niklas Warschkow A*AAC
Connor Rainey AAA
Marine Guiglion AABD
Charlotte Wormser AAC
Max Sloyan AAE
Philip Sjunnsesson A*BB
Chris Cembran ABBC
Vasily Pivovarov ABBC
Nicolas Kobouloff ABB
Elliot Poublan ABB
Luc Tersiguel ABB

From Sue Dunnachie

You will find a School Calendar on the School website in which we endeavour to provide as much information as possible regarding key events in the School. Please take the time to consult this on a regular basis in order to stay informed. Secondary School Parents’ evenings are now confirmed and posted.

Apart from School stationery, equipment and Tee Shirts, I should like to remind you that you can also purchase a Mougins School umbrella, yes it does rain in the South of France, for 25€. This is an automatic golfing umbrella in black and silver, large enough to shelter the family. For those students who wish to put their work on a USB Key, this can be purchased from the office for 10€. Please note that, if you wish to print out anything using School printers, your work will need to be on one of these keys used uniquely for that purpose.

Following the catastrophic events in the Caribbean, inhabitants of those islands which have been severely affected are sorely in need of clothing and toiletry items. If you wish to donate any items, clean, suitable and in good condition, please bring them to my office and they will be dispatched for delivery to the Association Foyer, Social, Educatif working in conjunction with the Collège de l’Eganaude in Biot.

Please note that there will be a Meeting of the PTA on Thursday 12th October at 09h00 in the Café des Amis (School restaurant). The meeting will be chaired by the Headmaster and we hope to have nominees for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Should you be interested in filling any of these positions please pass your candidature to the Office. There is already a well organised team of sub-committees dealing with the majority of events organised by the PTA for both students and parents, and this will certainly ease the arrival of any new faces. The PTA has an important role in the preparation of social and fundraising events as well as supporting staff and students with various projects. This institution is invaluable as it will enhance both your children’s experience at school, as well as providing parents with a means of discovering the region and forging new friendships. It should not be an onerous task but an enjoyable way of integrating in the community. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

On Friday 13th October a group of Primary School Choir students will be entertaining senior residents of the Victoria Emera residential home in Mouans Sartoux as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations. This is the second time we have been to the home and for twenty years previously we visited the Foyer de Font de l’Orme in Mougins.

These visits are always enjoyed by both the residents and students and the bi-lingual community of the Victoria Emera are particularly appreciative of the songs that Ms Rosie Dixon prepares in English and French.

A REMINDER that on 29th October we revert to Daylight Saving Time and you will need to put your clocks back by one hour, a welcome extra hour in bed.

Secondary Parents’ Evenings

Secondary Parents’ Evenings—Autumn Term 2017

The following Parents’ Evenings will take place, this term, for students in Form 7—13.

  • Tuesday 3 October, Form 11
  • Tuesday 10 October, Form 9 & 13
  • Monday 16 October, Forms 8 & 12
  • Thursday 2 November, Forms 7 and 10

All Parents’ Evenings take place between 18h00 and 21h00 and are held in the Examination Room and adjacent classrooms upstairs in the Rosanna Building.

Nettoyons la Nature

Mougins Primary School made a great effort last week to clean up nature as part of Leclerc’s supermarket campaign ‘Nettoyons la Nature’. There was a special assembly to develop awareness about environmental issues and each child was provided with rubber gloves and a bib. They were encouraged to clean up the school campus and continue cleaning and recycling over the weekend and hopefully indefinitely!.
A very positive response!

University Places 2017

Julianna Achrenius - Westminster University, London Psychology.
Edward Dixon - Oxford Brookes, Foundation Engineering.
Marine Guiglion - Manchester University, Social Anthropology.
Chiara Hoppner - University College, London Liberal Arts.
Maxim Hunt - Imperial College, London, Design Engineering.
Isabella Kershaw - Sussex University, Arts and Humanities.
Matthew Maltzoff - Heriot Watt, Edinburgh, Business & Finance.
Serena Moretti - Kent University, Literature & Hispanic Studies.
Natalia Papalamprou -Edge Hill University, Biotechnology.
Viviana Pedrazzi -Goldsmiths University, London, Business & Computing.
Vasily Pivovarov -Loughborough University , Electrical Engineering.
Elliot Poublan - Surrey University, Economics & Finance.
Connor Rainey - Leeds University, Mechatronics & Robotics.
Luc Tersiguel - Leeds University, Philosophy and Mathematics.
Charlotte Wormser - Manchester University, Chemistry.
Xiao Kang - Sheffield Hallam, Animation.
Simon Zolotarev - Kings College, London, Business Management.

Max Sloyan - University of Monaco, Business.
Jean Moreau - Skema Business School, Sophia Antipolis.
Polina Osipova - Skema Business School, Sophia Antipolis.
Daria Zorich - Cours Florent, Paris, Acting for Cinema.

Sofia Pimenova - University of Calgary.

Niklas Warschkow - Technical University of Munich.

Michel Waldhof - Madrid.

Anna Yaroshuk - ISHM, Neuchatel, Hotel Management.

Maya Janin - Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania.

Olivia Bernard Turion
Jade Martin Blunier
Chris Cembran
Joseph Halab
James Harrison
Nicolas Kobouloff
Alexander Mazanov
Isidore Partouche
Philip Sjunnesson
Eva Soutoul

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The End of the Academic Year
We are now on the final run-down to the end of the school year – indeed after this long weekend (no School tomorrow and Friday) there are only five weeks remaining. As always, the time will go very quickly and is packed with lots of events involving lots of pupils, teachers and parents. Please keep an eye on the calendar regularly to ensure you miss nothing!

Staff Changes for Next Year – 2017/2018
This year, after 34 years at Mougins School, Ms Jane Hart will be leaving to enjoy a well-earned retirement. In September, Ms Sarah Kench will arrive to take over as the Secondary Art Teacher.

After six years of teaching Business Studies to IGCSE, AS and A Level, Mrs Neelam Makkar will be returning with her family to the UK. Mr Glenn Horsfall, who holds a Masters degree in Business, will take over the Business Studies from September.

It goes without saying that we are sorry to see these two superb teachers leave us and sincerely thank them for all their hard work and dedication during their time at the School.

Mrs Tania Marcanik will be reducing her teaching hours with Form 2 next year and will be joined to job share with Mrs Vicky Maycroft from September

Summer Fair
Make sure you have all arranged to be free on 9th June from 15h30 to come and join in the PTA Summer Fair. Lots of fun and food – check the PTA newsletter for details. Thanks to the PTA in advance for all their hard work for this special evening.

This year, for our end of year entertainment, we are presenting “Nostalgia” bringing together scenes and songs from some of the many musicals we have performed over the years. The two performances will be on Thursday 22nd June and Saturday 24th June, both performances at 20h00. Please note, then, there is no performance of Friday 23rd June.

Returning Secondary School Text Books
Just a reminder that all text books from all subjects in the Secondary School must be returned before the end of the school year. Students in Forms 11, 12 and 13 may bring their books in once they have finished their examination. Books must be taken to the subject teachers and not dumped in the School office – they need to be marked off by the teacher who distributed them and who has a note of the book numbers.

The Last Week of Term
The annual Prize Givings for each section of the School are as follows:

Early Years and Reception Monday 26th June at 09h00
Forms 1,2 & 3 Tuesday 27th June at 09h00
Forms 4,5 & 6 Tuesday 27th June at 11h00
Forms 7 – 12 Friday 30th June at 10h30

The Form 13 Graduation Ceremony and Farewell to all members of our community is on Friday 30th June at 18h30. All families are invited to this special occasion.

Medical Forms
On entry into Mougins School, most parents provide a full medical history of their children using the medical form provided by the school. Some parents still need to do this for the welfare of their own children. Every 2/3 years, a full physical examination given by your doctor is necessary to keep these records up-dated. This will ensure that any problems with vaccinations, hearing or eyesight are detected at an early stage. Nurse Marian will have sent out new forms to all concerned by the end of June.
Please update and return the form for September

End of Term
School officially finishes on Friday 30th June at 12h00. Your child's reports and the final newsletter of the year will be given to them on the final morning. Please avoid leaving early – you have had a year to organise flights and there are nine weeks of vacation to follow. The new School year begins on Monday 4th September 2017.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

The invitation to the Mougins School Graduation Ceremony, which you will find in this Newsletter, is addressed to all our parents. The Ceremony is a celebration for our senior students leaving School and going forward to further education, as well as an opportunity to say farewell to parting friends.

For those of you who saw the Spring Concert and would like a lasting memory, or those who missed it, it is now available on USB Key. Please see Anabela in the School Office if you would care to purchase one, the price is 10€

Riviera International Singers

Will perform their Summer Concert on Saturday 10th June in the Anglican Church of Cannes (Rue Branly) and on Sunday 11th June at Mougins School. Both concerts start at 20h00. The programme includes a light-hearted mixture of songs by Joseph Haydn, some Scottish ballads and medleys of songs by the Andrews Sisters and from Disney Movies.

Entry 10 €uros for Adults and 5 €uros for Children under 12 years old.

For more info call 06 17 81 15 08 or 06 14 95 71 27 or visit our website

Race for Life

The Race for Life 2017 is taking place on Sunday 11th June at 8h30 at Parc de L'Etang de Fontmerle, 06250 Mougins – open to men, women and children – they just have to wear something pink – entry is €20 or £15 – free refreshments – fantastic raffle prizes. For more information go to our website: or
contact Sarah Green on 0622565218

Head Master's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,
Our Spring Break followed by External Examinations
The school year is flying by and we are already at the Spring break. The period that follows, until the end of the year, is very intense and busy, particularly for our older students who will be involved in external examinations that will be important for their futures. We trust they will use of the break for intense revision, as some examinations start the week after our return to School. We wish them every success and are looking forward to some top grades.

Spring Concert
I am sure that those of you who attended the annual Spring Concert would want to join, with me, in congratulating all the participants involved. It was an evening of excellence where students from across the secondary school shared their musical talents through voice, individual instruments and in bands. A huge thank you and well done to the Music Department teachers – Mr Glenn Horsfall, Mrs Rosie Dixon and the Music subject leader, Mrs Nicki Elcome, who directed the concert.

Car Park Courtesy
Although this is a subject I have written about before, it was once again on the PTA agenda at their last meeting. Clearly a large number of parents are still very upset and offended by the poor behaviour of parents/chauffeurs in the car park.

There are still cars parked on the roundabout (unless I stand there) and cars parked across spaces for three cars, stopping anyone using the other two spaces in the new car park (which would also seem to be too far to walk for some parents!)

If you park behind the staff cars – YOU CAN NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR. Staff make their appointments outside of school time and may need to leave immediately after school.

Finally, some of our parents need to check out the rules for handicap spaces in France.

Please – as I’ve said before – show your children a good example. Thank you for your consideration for the school community as a whole.

The Summer Term
We return to school, after the break, on Monday 24th April at the normal start time. During the term, there are several short holidays – Monday 1st May, Monday 8th May, Thursday & Friday 25th and 26th May and Monday 5th June. Please note, there may be external examinations on these dates.

For the rest of the time, children should be in School. The end of the school year is on Friday 30th June at 12h00 with our Graduation and Farewell Ceremony at 18h30. As there are nine weeks of vacation in the summer, please do not take your children out of School early at the end of June.

Have an excellent Spring break.

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

Our sincere congratulations to Chiara Goldig in Form 8b and Erle Lunde in Form 7b who participated in the International Schools’ Speech Contest which took place at CIV on 1st February. Ten students from the four ASEICA Schools, ISN, ISM and Mougins School competed, our reserve student was Alexandra Savelyeva. Five students were eliminated after the first round and Chiara then went through to the final round, which gave us an opportunity to hear her brilliant speech about the animal she would wish to be, an inspired desire to be a chameleon. She was awarded a well-deserved joint fourth place. Well done Chiara and thanks to the English Department for their support.

Madame Paris in the French Department is inspiring her students to be aware of our environment and the need to recyle/upcycle and has now presented them with a new challenge, that of entering the Guinness Book of Records by creating the longest serpent made of coffee capsules. Hopefully the vast amounts of coffee we have all been drinking will have a positive result!! The beautiful bird houses and birds, made by her students out of recycled materials went on display at the Ecoparc in Mougins during the International Competition/Exhibition organised by the Atelier d’Art Floral de Mougins on Saturday 25th March and Florence will be present at the Fête Eden in Mougins on Saturday 20th May.

A very big thank you to those of you who so kindly donated warm clothing and sleeping bags for the refugees in Italy and to Hanna Schaer for taking charge of the collection of these items. The response from our community is always so heart-warming.

On Friday 24th March students and staff of Mougins School once again participated in Red Nose Day organised bi-annually by Comic Relief. The campus was awash with wonderful red outfits and, of course, the Noses of choice this year. The money raised by the sale of the Noses (1,200€) goes directly to England to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate in both Britain and Africa. Money raised from a cake sale organised by the Student Council will go to the Kenyankids Association which was created by Julie Hellon Cupples to bring aid to vulnerable girls in Kenya by providing a safe home, schooling, clothing and food, together with money raised by the raffle of a superb cake and the efforts of a mega aerobics class organised by Michelle Johnson. The sum raised, together with 248,10€ already collected at a previous cake sale organised by the Student Council, is 1.500€, a much appreciated gift to Kenion Kids. The School has also donated enough of our original green tee shirts to clothe all the girls who receive aid.

The Sport Department

On Wednesday 8th February the PE Department took 8 boys teams from forms 4,5,6,7, & 8 to play football against teams from EBICA school in Sophia Antipolis. All teams thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were pleased with their success. The event was well organised and the code of conduct of all boys who played was excellent. Although there was a competitive element, the games were played in a friendly and fun atmosphere with all boys shaking hands and congratulating each other on their performances at the end of matches. As a result of this success we hope to invite EBICA school here to play football and possibly other sports in the near future. Well done to all the students who played.

The Primary Student Council have been very active since January and enjoy meeting every week on Friday lunchtimes. They organised a ‘Buddy Bench’ every lunch break for children looking to make a new friend and have already hosted 2 fun days this term. On 10th February we enjoyed ‘A favourite Colour Day’ which involved dressing up in your favourite colour and entering a colouring competition. Every entry was amazing and are all on display in the Primary building. The lucky winner was Hugo in Reception. On 10th March an inter house quiz took place during assembly. Each team rose to the challenge but the Red Team ‘Picasso’ won outright. Well done to all the participants.

The Book Fair

The Book Fair this year was once again a great opportunity for the children to meet a "real" writer, the author Jane Clarke, and to look at the hundreds of new books available to purchase during and after the school day. The primary children had the opportunity to learn some of Jane's tips on how to write an interesting story during special workshops and everyone could purchase some books amongst hundreds on offer. Here are some of the bookmark competition winners with their chosen prizes.

Riviera Amateur Dramatic Association

Riviera Amateur Dramatic Association presents:

‘Cemetery Club’ by Ivan Menchell - a hilarious comedy-drama set in New York

At: Mougins school, 615 Av Dr Maurice Donat, 06252 Mougins
On: 25th, 26th, 27th May at 8pm

Bookings: or 07 83 53 76 20

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

Happy NewYear
Just in time to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year 2017. I hope you had an enjoyable break and your new year has started well.

Form 11 Mock Examinations
The two-week mock examination period is over. We would like to congratulate Form 11 for their hard work, commitment and excellent behaviour throughout the sessions. The results will soon be sent to the families concerned and there will be a feedback Parents’ Evening on Thursday 2nd February at 18h00 in the Examination Room in the Rosanna Learning Centre. Details of the meeting will be included with the results.

Punctuality a Serious Issue

All the children in the School have an assembly once a week in the Hall. For the Primary School, it is on Fridays, for Forms 7,8 & 9, Tuesdays and the older students on Mondays. Recently, a student was giving a presentation to all the middle school students and she was constantly interrupted by a trail of latecomers. It’s hard enough for a student to be giving a speech to 100 other students without adding further difficulties. Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

Children should be in School BY 08h45. Assemblies never start until 5/10 minutes after that. Students write “traffic” as the reason they are late in the late book as if it’s a new thing. The roads in this area have been saturated for the past ten years – leave earlier!
After 09h00, the office staff are blocked in their seats for a further 15 minutes, constantly have their ears bent by the buzzer and pressing the button to open the gate to latecomers.
Of course there are unavoidable situations, but the large majority of children who are late to school are regularly late. Please give your children a good start to the day – get them to School before 08h45. Thank you.

A Traditional Pantomime
This year’s “panto” is Snow White. For those of you who are unfamiliar with pantomime, a somewhat larger than life style of comedy , why not come along and have a fun evening on one of the three nights of the show – Thursday, Friday or Saturday 9th, 10th and 11th February at 19h30 in the Hall. Those of you who are familiar are bound to be there! Tickets are available from the office at 10€ for adults and 5€ for students. See you there!

Half Term Break
It seem strange to be saying welcome back and have a good half-term break in the same newsletter,

but in only three weeks we will break for half-term. The holiday begins at 15h30 on Friday 17th February and we return on Tuesday 28th February (Monday is a staff INSET day) at 08h45. This is a very busy academic time for your children. I strongly recommend you keep to the holiday dates. Extending your time off disadvantages your children. If they miss three double Maths or Science lessons, for example, those lessons will not be re-taught, so good luck with that!

USB Keys (8gb) with the Mougins School logo are now for sale (10€) in the Office. These should be used exclusively for school work and the School will not print out work from any other keys, to avoid the risk of transmitting viruses. They will also be used instead of a CD should you wish to have a copy of School concerts or musicals, just buy the key from the Office and we will put the appropriate item on it for you. Please mark the key with your name or put a personal key ring on it in case of loss.

Have an enjoyable half-term – let’s try to keep down the number of children on crutches when we return

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore

From Sue Dunnachie

The Directeur Général of the Lenval Foundation has addressed a letter to our parents thanking them for their gifts of new toys which were delivered for the festive season. He was most touched by your generosity and thanks you sincerely for this gesture.

I would also like to thank parents who responded to my request for specific articles of clothing to help some local families in need. It is always heart-warming to see how rapidly and generously our parents donate to the various organisations we continue to support.

You will see, below, that Sunny Bank Association is looking for a Treasurer. This is an Association, affiliated with the Victoria Emera senior citizen home in Mouans Sartoux which, essentially, provides financial aid to anglophiles in need of assistance and not able to use the French social services. Should you know of any such individuals, do not hesitate to contact the Association: or 04 93 47 94 20.

On Wednesday 1st February at 18h00 three of our students will be representing Mougins School in the International Speech Competition which will be held at CIV. Other schools competing are the International School of Monaco, the International School of Nice and EBICA. The subject of the speech this year is ‘A Hero for Today’s Generation’ and, presenting their subject will be Erle Lunde in 7b, Chiara Goldig in 8b and Alexandra Savelyeva in 9b. We wish all three of them the very best of luck and parents and students from the School are more than welcome to go along and offer their support.

Should you have any warm clothing you would care to donate to those refugees who are now trying to survive in winter conditions, please bring ONLY the following to the Office before Friday 17th February and it will be delivered to the camp in Italy: jeans/track suit bottoms jumpers / sweat shirts, T –shirts, warm jackets, gloves, hats, underwear/socks, sports shoes for men and women - NO CHILDREN’S CLOTHES - sleeping bags and sheets before Friday 17th. Any articles which are not required in Italy will go to another charitable cause. Thanking you in advance.

Would you like to be Sunny Bank’s new Treasurer?

Sunny Bank exists to provide help and support for elderly English speaking residents on the Cote D'Azur. It has a history of over 100 years providing this kind of assistance.

Sunny Bank supports people in their own homes, as well as the residents of Victoria, a nursing home, and Albert, apartments for independent living, all on the same site as our headquarters at the Grange in Mouans-Sartoux. Sunny Bank has an Executive Committee, and is currently in need of a Treasurer to join the Team.

The Treasurer will need to provide management accounts for the Committee, as well as liaising with the French accountant to complete annual accounts. If you have working French and English language skills, and you would like to take this opportunity to join us, then contact Brian Woolf - President

PTA News

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and are ready for a new term.

Firstly a very big 'thank you' to all the parents who helped out in 2016, it was overwhelming how many parents offered their precious time and shared their ideas. We truly appreciated it and hope that all of you and many more will help out during the new year, so that great events will take place in favour of our children, the teachers and parents.

As many of you already know.... hot chocolate sale is back on. Every Friday a lot of brave volunteers serve a hot treat for the children, so please remember to give them a €uro. Thank you to Moya and all her helpers for taking up the challenge once again.

For more information about upcoming events and ways to get involved , please take a look at our website or visit our Facebook page and don't forget to read the PTA newsletter which is sent out every Friday.

BTEC Concert

The BTEC Music students are organising a concert to support the music and arts department. We would be happy if Form 7 and up decided to join us with their parents on the 24th March at 19h30. The concert will involve a variety of bands and a DJ at the end.
Keep an eye out for ticket availability.

Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

The Winter Break
After a long term, we have arrived at our Winter break. It has been an excellent term with many events and activities across the whole School both within the curriculum and beyond. Thank you all for your contributions and support for all that we undertake at Mougins School.

In Front of the School Issues
I am delighted to announce, after much lobbying and correspondence with the authorities, that we have now two “educative radars” on the approach to the school from both Mougins and Sophia Antipolis. These radars pick up the speed of approaching cars and indicate if they are under or over the speed limit, which is currently 50 km. You may have noticed that they do not seem to be functioning correctly at the moment, but they will.

Slip Road and Car Park
Unfortunately, I seem to be receiving more and more complaints from parents, students and staff about the behaviour of some drivers in the car park. I will be sending an e-mail to you all in the New Year, in several languages, in an attempt to return to the correct use of the bus stop, slip road and car park and demonstrate the respectful behaviour that we would like our children to witness.

For your information, the School has the legal obligation to provide parking for the staff and students (yes, even the motorised sewing machines). Parents with children up to Form 2 have the right to park and drop off and then leave. All other parents have no legal right to park.

Primary Winter Assemblies
The three Primary Winter Concerts – firstly Forms 4,5,&6, followed by the Early Years and Reception and ending with Forms 1,2 & 3 were an absolute delight. Well done to all the children for their performances. Thank you to the class teachers, who worked extremely hard to produce such smooth running and enjoyable shows and a special thanks to the Music teachers for their commitment and expertise.

Secondary Winter Concert

Once again, the Winter Concert performed last Monday and Tuesday was of an amazing standard. This annual event, which involved nearly one third of the Secondary School students and many staff members, contained excellent performances from individuals, choirs and bands in a non-stop festival of music. Bravo and thank you to our three music teachers – Mrs Rosie Dixon, Mr Glenn Horsfall and the overall Music Coordinator, Nicki Elcome.

Regional Cross Country Championships
On 7th December, 46 students from Mougins School competed in the above championships at the ‘Base Nature’ in Fréjus. The competition involves the best teams from the Alpes Maritime and Var and the races are tough. We had a total of 8 teams (4 girls and 4 boys) across the secondary age range. An outstanding performance came from Zara Blakey in the Benjamines age group. Zara was at the top of the podium – 1st out of 308 runners – exceptional (see photo in this newsletter). The teams’ results were as follows:

Benjamines (girls) - 32nd/47
Benjamins (boys) 32nd/46

In the Minimes races, whilst the girls ran separately from the boys, the results were obtained by mixing the results – five runners to count (2 boys / 3 girls or 3 boys / 2 girls)
Minimes Team 1 - 37th/63
Minimes Team 2 - 54th/63

In the Lycée section, teams had to be a mixture of ‘Cadet(te)s’ and ‘Juniors’ students:

Lycée Filles - 6th/12
Lycée Garçons - 6th/14

Well done to all the runners for their commitment and determination to do their best.
Have a Great Break
On behalf of my colleagues, I wish you a great Winter vacation, and if you celebrate Christmas, have a merry one. A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2017 to you all – we’ll see you on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at the normal start time of 08h45.

From Sue Dunnachie

I would like to thank all parents and students who generously donated a gift for a child in the Lenval Hospital during the festive season. We have been collaborating with the wonderful octogenarian, Madame Gentil, who has organised this for several years, and it was a joy to see how the Primary students welcomed her on Wednesday and how touched she was by your kindness.

Madame Gentil also assists families in need and she has asked if our parents would be able to donate any of the following:
Clothing for a boy of eight
Clothing for a woman size 40 – 44 or 44-46 and shoes size 38
Child’s car seat

Should you have any of these articles please bring them to the office in January. were delighted to receive several bags of unsold green Mougins School T-shirts and sweatshirts and we are thrilled that this small gesture will bring such joy to children who, in many cases, have never received a new article of clothing.
May I take this opportunity to wish all of you a peaceful and serene end to what has been a somewhat turbulent year with regard to world events, and may you face 2017 with renewed energy and optimism.

UNNS Volleyball Competition

On Wednesday 30th November 2 teams (a girls’ Form 7 & 8 mixed & a boys’ Form 8) went to play in round one of the UNSS volleyball competition in Cannes La Bocca. My team consisted of me, Jules-Amir Margot, Oscar Partouche and Ghislain Demeester. The other team consisted of Aurora Pedrazzi, Amalie-Rose, Sarah Baird, Aalisha Byles and Anastasia Dubovik. The competition consisted of 4 pools. The girls and boys were placed into 2 different pools and there were 4 teams in both. It was a really great day and ended with both of our teams emerging victorious having won all of our games. After Xmas we will play in round 2.

Ateliers de Recycl’art

Form 3 & 4 November 2016
« Learning by doing » : two up’cycling workshops in French provided both a context for learning the language and an opportunity to become aware of the amount of waste by doing something practical.
Our birdhouses and birdfeeders look so « sweet » that some of them are currently exhibited in the library.

Merci to all those who helped us to collect the « materials » for our workshops and enabled us to start our « grand serpent » (an « ongoing « activity every Monday lunchtime

We should now have enough capsules and suspend collecting materials in general by the end of term.

Madrid Trip 2016

On Wednesday the 23rd of November we arrived in Madrid. We were a group of eight Spanish students and our teacher, Carmen. In the evening, we met the families that would host us during this trip. My friend and I were delighted to be allocated to a very friendly mom and her daughter. The two lived in an apartment only a few minutes away from the city center.

The next morning, the students from Mougins School reunited in the Estudio Sampere Spanish school. There we participated in a three hour Spanish class. Afterwards, we picnicked in the beautiful El Retiro park. In the afternoon we visited the Museo Reina Sofía. It was very impressive to see Picasso’s masterpiece, the “Guernica“.

The next day, we took part in our second Spanish class. After exploring the city center and eating some delicious churros with hot chocolate, we were guided through the Museo del Prado. The highlight of the evening was to see the huge golden Christmas tree and the colorful lights that illuminated the city’s main square.

We spent our final day in Spain in the ancient city of Toledo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a guide we walked through the medieval streets of the city and visited its most important historical monuments. That evening, our host family even organized a little pizza/goodbye party for us. I was quite sad when we had to leave our new Spanish friends the next day.

We all had an amazing time in Spain. It was great that we were able to practice our Spanish with native speakers. Living with extremely hospitable and kind local families was my favorite part of the trip. ¡Hasta pronto Madrid!

Marathon Relay Results

Marathon Relay Results
The last column indicates the overall times and the overall positions out of 416 of men/women or mixed teams
The boys came 11th out of 42 all men’s teams.
The Ladies came 2nd out of 44 all ladies’ teams.
The Men came 13th out of 42 all men’s teams.
The girls came 22 out of 44 all ladies’ teams.
All four of our Mougins School teams performed incredibly well. It may well be easier for some of us ‘seasonal’ runners to cover this distance ‘in a fashion’! However, for some of the students, this is the longest race and biggest event that they have ever taken part in, so to not only complete the distance but to run extremely competitive times was a fantastic achievement. We always enjoy our in house battle across the finish line which this year the student boys won!! beating the staff ladies by 5 minutes who narrowly beat the men’s staff by 2 minutes.
This year Mougins School were in partnership with the ‘Mimosa’ Cancer Charity. PE teacher, M. Kimberley-Johnson, coached runners for the 8 weeks prior to the race, including runners from the other 22 teams who participated for the Mimosa Charity. Mougins School are very proud to have forged this partnership with the local charity and are extremely grateful to everyone who sponsored, donated and bought cakes etc. All these contributions helped the team to raise in excess of 24.000 Euros.
Bravo tous!