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Headmaster's Notes

Dear Parents and Students,

No School Tomorrow
Exceptionally, our newsletter is out on a Thursday, as tomorrow is a public holiday in France – Armistice or Remembrance Day. Enjoy the long weekend.

The Start of the Day
We live in an area where, at certain times of the day, the roads are saturated. Whilst the traffic at the end of the school day, is relatively fluid, the mornings are a problem. Our school day begins at 08h45 – all the children should be here by or before that time. Registration is from 08h45 to 08h55, when Primary School children start their lessons and Secondary School students move to their first

An increasing number of students are late on a regular basis, making the start of lessons difficult for teachers and the other students in the class. The tutorial time before 09h00, for secondary students, is used to give out essential information concerning examination entries, certificates, assemblies etc and many students are simply not there for this important time.

A large number of the late comers are the same students every day, which would suggest that you need to leave home earlier. Punctuality and attendance are important in life, not just at School. Let’s give our students good habits (even if yours are not).

Mougins School Race Track
But actually it is the school slip road! A number of cars are driving through the school car at an unacceptable speed. It is essential that we all drive through slowly. Thank you for your consideration.

Graduation Destinations
We intended to publish last year’s graduates’ destinations in the first newsletter, but didn’t manage it. However, you will find it in this edition. We have received feedback from quite a few of them and all seems to be going well.

Please note that Thursday and Friday 24th & 25th November are staff in-service training days and therefore there is no school for students on the those day.

Winter Assemblies and Concerts
We have a number of end of term events, so pleased make a note of the following dates:

Friday 2nd December Forms 4, 5 & 6 at 09h00
Thursday 8th December - Early Years and Reception at 09h00
Friday 9th December - Forms 1,2 & 3 at 09h00
Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th December - Secondary Winter Concert at 19h00

Parents are welcome to attend the morning Winter Assembles. Tickets for the Winter Concert will be available soon – watch out for more

Kindest regards,

Brian G. Hickmore